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1976-Canary Island Alien Sphere

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Author Topic: 1976-Canary Island Alien Sphere  (Read 94 times)
Jennie McGrath
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« on: May 28, 2007, 03:51:46 pm »

1976-Canary Island Alien Sphere
From Billy Booth,

Summary of Events: In 1976 on the Spanish Canary Island an extremely intensive wave of UFO sightings began. The case file is filled with multiple witness sightings, agreeing in great detail as to what was seen over the island. This highly unusual event actually began on the night of June, 22. Residents of Tenerife, La Palma, and La Gomera began reporting unusual lights in the sky almost simultaneously. The Canary Island investigation would also include a rarity-the credibility of testimony of eyewitnesses was based on social status: that is, a report by an engineer would be of more value than that of a laborer.
Yellow-Blue Lights: An armed Navy escort ship, the "Atrevida" would make the very first report of unusual activity in the skies. The ship was three and one-half miles off the coast of Fuerteventura Island. At 9:27 PM, the crew observed an extremely intense yellow-blue light which was coming from the shore of the island out to sea. The captain of the vessel made a detailed report of the sighting in the ship's log. The UFO was also seen and reported by residents of the island, with three villages-Galdar, Las Rosas, and Agaete making the heaviest reports.
Detailed Investigation: An Investigator Adjutant would do a thorough search through military and civilian air logs, and state that there were not any aerial flights, or exercises which might account for the reports. The Spanish Air Force would conduct an extremely detailed account of all of the sightings. Their report listed fourteen different, "highly credible" witness statements. The glowing object was also photographed by several different witnesses, from different locations and angles.
Most Dramatic Account: The most dramatic account of the Canary Island sightings comes from a physician, Doctor Francisco Padron Leon, who was traveling in a cab at the time, making a house call, arriving at the patient's house, he and the cab driver saw an incredible sight, a large, glowing sphere of blue. The doctor watched the sphere long enough to make a very detailed report on the anomalous object. He described the sphere as having a radius of 100 feet, with the lower part of the inside of the orb having a platform made of an aluminum-like material.
Descriptions of the Aliens: Two tall alien beings, 8-10 feet in height, manned the platform, or control center for the sphere, one on one side, one on the other. The aliens were wearing clothes of a red color, and they always looked directly at each other while performing their duties. The beings were humanoid shaped, with heads disproportionately large for the rest of their bodies. They wore a helmet. The doctor was able to glean such a good description of the beings and platform because the sphere was totally transparent. He could see stars through the sphere.
The Orb Moves Away: As he watched the enigmatic sphere, it began to grow larger and larger as it began to move away from the island toward the town of Tenerfie. After reaching its ultimate size, it then dissolved into a small size before disappearing. A neighbor who lived near the doctor's patient, was watching television at the time, when the screen went blank, and her dogs began to bark loudly outside her home. She ran to a window to check on what the dogs were barking at, and saw the doctor's cab, and the alien sphere. She reported seeing two figures in the sphere.
Conclusions: Throughout the remainder of the year, various and sundry reports were made of similar objects over Canary. An official governmental report would be released, but it was ambiguous at best. They accepted the reports of the UFOs as valid, but would not accept the alien presence. This was done to allow the possibility that the UFOs could be an unknown Air Force exercise. Giving credence to the reports of alien beings would necessitate accepting an extraterrestrial explanation for the entire event. The Canary Island alien sphere event is considered legitimate by many investigators.

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