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In the name of Stalin Google Obama !!!

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Author Topic: In the name of Stalin Google Obama !!!  (Read 54 times)
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« on: October 14, 2008, 01:17:50 pm »

In the name of Stalin Google Obama !!!

Monday, October 13, 2008 ( the date for Sane-- )

In the name of Stalin Google Obama

Such a cheery place Google has become in consistently logging out my account here in harassment by their Obama moles that it just begs another blog pointing out the Obama thugs at Google and what this entire election is about in Stalin Obama set loose on the virgin daughter of America.

God indeed does put forward tests for nations in who the people are. God created this wonderful land for a chosen people in which He would bless the entire world with in standards of morality, virtue and charity.
Before Americans, wars were waged with ****, looting and murder. That is what Eurasians did. That is why the UN Europeans are raping children as peacekeepers, why Russians are still doing it in Chechnya, why Muslims are doing it in the Middle East and why Chinese massacre their own people. It is who the world is and how it works without American civility.

Of course even God states He has enough of immoral people in America when He reveals even He will set the course in telling prophets and leaders the things they want to hear just so God can determine in justice a people's actions which define their punishment.

America is on such a coarse with Barack Obama. If Americans choose this horrid individual who today stated he wants to draft all girls in the military which means Barack Obama just stated today that he wants America's next generation to be slaughtered, because when one puts women in mass in armies and they die, it kills your entire offspring producing capability.
That is why even uncivilized nations figured out that they never ever allow their women into combat, as women are the vital role in keeping a nation alive for each generation.

Barack Obama just declared genocide on America in he will kill off our only means of reproducing America.

Obama is nothing but thug politics. His people stalk, harass, intimidate and gather information on all people "not of them" in this jihad.
His entire purpose in life was to make America pay by stealing her wealth and giving it to people around the world who will not work and forcing Americans to be criminals for not producing enough to feed the Obama dictatorship. Now though, Barack Obama has declared genocide on the entire American people.
There are not going to be any skin color restrictions for Obama's butchery of infanticide or the military slaughter of women. There will just be the common color of blood in Obama policy as the only people left in America will be all those Latinos imported as slave labor.

Do you understand the face of America 50 years from now in an Obama gulag?

Black, White, Oriental, Indian, Latino American women will be dead, because in the Obama wars he is talking about nuclear strikes which means enemy nations who all have nuclear, biological and chemical weapons will use them on US Soldiers murdering them in the tens of thousands at a salvo.
Our women will be rotting on the Asian steppes, with an older population mandated to work only for housing and medical benefits to pay for the wars, the entitlements and the programs for the slave labor force of Latino imports while the Buffett's, Soros', Obama's, Rockefellers live in their compounds as billionaires directing something which will look like Escape from New York.

That is the 3rd world serfdom which Barack Obama policy will create. These patricians just in fascism took over the banking structure of the world and all that is left is health care to enslave all as they have all your worth on their owning your home now.

People have been witnessed to on this often enough and those with God in their lives recognize at least the whisper of how bad this all is.

Barack Obama told the world today he will commit genocide on America in wiping out the next generation and enslave this one. This is akin to the Assyrians conquering Samaria and replacing the entire north of Israel with an imported population to work the fields for the masters in Nineveh.
That is why in the Bible the term Samaritan always was with disdain as they were squatters who were not the real people of the land. America is about to be held by captive old people and squatters called Americans.

If you think you can be immune to this in it will not happen to your family, just be reminded Obama said he was going to criminalize all parents over health care. You are not going to get a deferment for your little girls and boys from being drafted. Your children are going to the slaughter, because if armies have too many soldiers they will always use them as they are cheaper than million dollar missiles.

You have been warned America. Either vote for John McCain and save your birthright or Barack Obama is going to enslave and murder 99.7% of the American population as he installs the last vestiges of FDR's fascism turned to absolute Marxism.

Ask the 40 million dead Ukrainians how fun Marxist Stalin was. Ask the dead in Cambodia how much fun Marxism is. Ask the people of Venezuela how much fun Chavez Marxism is or just visit the dead hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Iran how much fund Islamocommunism is.

Stalin Obama is a thug. His minions are blasphemous thugs and from infanticide to genocide he has told America what his pay grade is in this little corporal and his punishment is corporal in the execution of the American people
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Empire of the Sun
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« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2008, 01:44:34 pm »

Volitzer, your post is a perfect example of why people don't need to "google Obama."
The interenet is polluted with so many lies about this man, all perepetuated/originated/propagated by racists that it is useless to use it as a source of information (unless you get that information from a reliable news source).

Glad that you buy into it all so gullibly, I have a bridge in New York I'd like to see you next.   Roll Eyes
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Jeremy Dokken
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« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2008, 03:13:07 pm »

People will invent whatever bs excuse they can find to keep voting against their own economic best interest.  Bottom line for a lot of these people is that he is black, and, for some of them, it is a really big deal.
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Tom Hebert
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« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2008, 03:14:15 pm »


You have really gone off the deep end.  Please try to control yourself!  Thanks.

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Colleen Gallion
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« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2008, 01:54:53 am »

This is complete rubbish, and whoever wrote it is a nutjob.

On one hand you have a guy who has said he wants to bring the troops home from Iraq and concentrate on matters at home (Obama) and he is made out to be the one in this who wants wars.

On the other hand, you have another guy (McCain) who sings songs about bombing Iran, says he wants to obliterate North Korea and stay in Iraq for a 100 years and he is given  a free pass.

The right wingers must think that everyone is stupid!! Maybe their friends are.
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"Our challenges may be new. The instruments with which we meet them may be new. But those values upon which our success depends honesty and hard work, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism these things are old. These things are true."  President Obama
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« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2008, 04:19:26 am »

Try anti-Globalist who knows really where the candidates stand !!!

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