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Author Topic: THE REAL TOP GUN  (Read 238 times)
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« on: July 03, 2008, 08:00:02 am »

As you can see, the Obama campaign has been recently testing the waters to see if this subject is ‘damaging’ or ‘out of bounds’ for the American public, before engaging in it too deeply towards November. This allows their camp to respond rapidly if there is outrage or maintain the pressure if people don’t care. Up until now, many people have thankfully responded negatively, which explains why he felt the need to “reject” Clark’s statements in his recent “patriotism speech”.

What is ironic about this whole dynamic is that the reason people are not responding to his attacks in the same way that many Americans did when Republicans attacked Kerry on “similar grounds”, is because Obama HAS NEVER even served a day in the military, nor has he ever been NEAR combat (Harvard is a pretty relaxing place!). This fact alone  (his lack of service) makes him look like a pompous and arrogant politician when he is all too willing to attack a man like John McCain, who was tortured for the simple crime of being an American soldier.

For the sake of fairness, let’s make these Liberal talking points easier to understand for the American people and clearly digest them for those of you who may still be “confused”. Their argument is, that a man who decides to serve his Nation by joining the military, who was then shot down, captured, and tortured physically and psychologically because of his refusal to go home and leave his fellow soldiers behind, is now being branded as someone who does not cross the “Liberal threshold” to become Commander in Chief. Instead, we are told, being of the ‘correct historic ethnicity’, serving a few years in the Senate, and openly befriending terrorists and racist, is the perfect qualification to lead the free world and solve our biggest problems.

But the sleaze and fear of the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party does not end at alluding to McCain’s ‘war hero’ liability. There have been rumors around the internet that the Democrats are even planing their own “swift boating” campaign against McCain, on the particular issue of being supposedly “broken” by the VietCong under torture (I have already seen their very silly and cheap production videos). Apparently, these potential 527’s think that by highlighting the idea that McCain MIGHT have given the VietCong any information during their 5 year torture marathon of him, it somehow proves that McCain is in fact ‘less of a hero’ than most people think. This sort of childish and immature mentality clearly explains why Liberals have always been mocked for their lack of Military understanding and cowardly perspectives. Would George Soros, or any of these other arm-chair Socialists, ever survive a day of VietCong “treatment” without ’spilling their guts’ about their own family members and personal associates? The stupidity of these strategies are somewhat mind-boggling but nonetheless repulsive.

But, even if this LIE about John McCain were true and widely disseminated (i.e. that he caved in after prolonged torture), it does not diminish his service at all and will instead end up highlighting it. For most Americans, the idea of “giving in” a few times in 5 years, after getting your arms pulled out of socket hundreds of times, getting burned with cigarettes on your genitals on a daily basis, and getting constantly drowned in buckets of soiled water, is quite understandable (to say the least!).

It is for these, and many other indirect reasons, that these Obama blunders have thus been very helpful to McCain, since he has been able to simply point out the ludicrousness of these surrogate’s statements, while remaining ‘above the fray’. After all, these are DEMOCRATS insulting REPUBLICANS on the issue of Military service and patriotism!

Of course, this is not to say that Republicans have a monopoly on these issues, they clearly do not, but it is well known that the Democratic Party has historically shot themselves on the foot on these particular core American values. This year, they are already reinforcing these ‘cliches’ by nominating a man like Barack Hussein Obama, who will clearly keep said perspective attached to the Democratic Party for many years to come, and who has less character in his entire body than Mr. McCain’s middle finger.

All of this nonsense reminds me of an expression that my grandmother used to say about similar circumstances (and I am translating): “It is like watching ducks shooting at the rifles!”

©2008 J.Cifre, J.D., of
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