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Solar System Is Egg-Shaped, Scientists Find

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Author Topic: Solar System Is Egg-Shaped, Scientists Find  (Read 68 times)
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« on: July 02, 2008, 08:32:38 pm »

                                        Solar System is egg-shaped, scientists find

Wed Jul 2, 1:38 PM ET

 PARIS (AFP) - Millions of textbooks depicting our Solar System as spherical have got it all wrong, according to studies of data sent back from deep space by NASA's venerable probe, Voyager 2.
The Sun's zone of influence -- called the heliosphere -- turns out to be seriously asymmetrical, not round, they say.

The heliosphere comprises space dominated by the solar winds, or particles blasted out by the Sun. It goes way beyond the orbit of Pluto, which circles the Sun at a distance of nearly six billion kilometers (four billion miles).

Launched in 1977 on a historic trek of the outer planets, Voyager 2 has now crossed the turbulent boundary, known as the "termination shock," where the heliosphere yields to interstellar space.

Its twin probe Voyager 1, crossed the same threshold four years earlier at a different spot some 1.5 billion kilometres (one billion miles) farther from the Sun.

This difference proves that the heliosphere is not even close to perfectly round, but is oblong, like an egg, according to the studies, released by the British journal Nature on Wednesday.

The "bottom" of the egg is flattened by a permanent clash of particles, as the outbound solar wind smashes into atomic debris hurtling in from interstellar space, the scientists theorise.

Voyager 2 also crossed the "termination shock" several times within the space of a single day, showing that the boundary is in perpetual flux, like the ebb-and-flow of a tide.

University of Arizona astronomer Randy Jokipii paid tribute to the two Voyagers, which have been operating faithfully since their launch in 1977.

Crossing the heliosphere "opens a new age of exploration," said Jokipii.

"The stream of in situ and remote data from the outer reaches of the heliosphere has revolutionized our view of how the Sun interacts with the Galaxy."

For decades to come, the two spacecraft -- speeding outward at more than 17 kilometers per second (38,000 miles per hour) -- will be the only source of local observations of the far limits of our Solar System.

The probes were originally sent to fly by and observe Jupiter and Saturn, which they did with thrilling results, including the discovery of active volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io, and unknown intricacies in Saturn's rings.

After that their mission was reconfigured to explore space beyond the Solar System's planets.

They became the first man-made objects to enter these cold, dark reaches, powered by long-life nuclear batteries in the absence of solar energy.

The spacecraft are so distant that commands from Earth, travelling at light speed, take more than a dozen hours to reach them. Each Voyager logs approximately 1.6 million kilometres (one million miles) per day.

Should they ever encounter extraterrestrial intelligence, the two probes each carry a time
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.

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no thing
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« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2008, 03:06:27 pm »


There are so many topics on this site that it is difficult to know where to post something. At least this area is about the universe, and this particular thread is about the solar system, AND you said that you were an astrologer….so here are a couple of things I would love to have your slant on. They are both related to possible 2012 problems.

I began looking into the planet-X / Nibiru information on the web a while back. Not sure what to think, but I have an ‘accept everything, believe nothing’ philosophy (actually, a Toltec philosophy). I would be a little more receptive if everyone was not trying to sell a book on most of the sites. Still, a rouge brown dwarf entering the proximity of our solar system would cause a great deal of problems.

In addition, a friend recommend the book “The Ark of Millions of Years: Volume Three” to me and it presents a different scenario for 2012. In this book, they address the 26,000 year procession and how the solar system and the earth in particular, will be coming into contact with the energy being ejected by the major black hole in the center of our galaxy.

Whether either of these possible scenarios are valid is certainly up in the air (no pun intended), there does seem to be a lot of pointers to the year 2012 from many different directions (in terms of ancient writings).

What are your thoughts on the year 2012 as it relates to the 26,000 procession? Thanks.


no thing
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« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2008, 05:44:37 pm »


"Whether either of these possible scenarios are valid is certainly up in the air (no pun intended)"

ROTFLMAO!  I have a peculiar sense of humour and THAT really set it off........

2012 ?

The general consensus among Astrologers and 'sensitives'  (psychics) is that there will be a
'change of consciousness'.  I am sure you have heard the same thing from your own sources.......

As a student of Astrology, the configuration of the planets for December (there are various dates
given) 2012 - on or about the 21st day, are pretty ominous....

Black Holes' effects  are still being studied, as they are rather 'new'.  Still, they too are rather
ominous, so far....

As for the planet-X / Nibiru, I don't know anything about it. 

Frankly, I consciously started refraining from delving into prognostication since my first great-
grandchild was born in 2001.  Worrying like I am prone to do is not going to help my health.....

I confess that even before that, 'voices' have been warning me that "Things have gone
too far......"  And they still, persistently, shout in my ears even though I try not to listen.

I believe Precessions definitely have to do with the coming 'changes'.

I believe that Atlantis DID  exist.

I have been an Edgar Cayce 'devotee' (except for his religious affiliation) for the last forty or so years.
I firmly believe in his description of Atlantis.  Others, like T.L Rampa echo him.

In astrological calculations Atlantis disappeared during the Age of Leo.

Most Astrologers know that the Solar Year is split in two six-months periods, beginning with Aries
on or about the 21st day of March.  What is begun during the first half will have results six months
later.  e.g.:  What began in Aries will have results in Libra, what began in Taurus will have results
in Scorpio - and so on around the Zodiac.

I personally - nobody else has said so, to my knowledge - believe that we will have the results of
the Atlantis Event in the Age of Aquarius.  In Precession, the Ages move BACKWARD on the

Also, most Astrologers will argue that the Age of Aquarius will not happen for a few hundred years.

Personally, I believe it began with the Industrial Revolution.

As for not knowing where to post, the best place for these discussion would be in


Much as we may not like the term NEW AGE, it is almost universally understood as a 'modern' way.

Go ahead and post there, AO is certainly NOt a judgemental place, unless 'gutter language' is used,
as happened recently on one of the more serious posts.  You are more than welcome to start any
new topics as you like.

I am looking forward to more interesting discussions with you.

Love and Peace,
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Your mind understands what you have been taught; your heart what is true.
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