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June 05, 2020, 08:55:24 am
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Author Topic: Isostasy  (Read 583 times)
Mark of Australia
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« on: May 03, 2007, 11:29:47 pm »

Great topic ,Great posts Stacy

I have always been puzzled by how isostasy relates to Atlantis .Those common statements about how we have mapped the Atlantic ocean floor and there is no missing continent so there is no Atlantis.. Firstly ,any Atlantologist worth her salt knows Atlantis is NOT a continent.Secondly ,the mid-Atlantic ridge looks like a sunken continent if a portion of it were to be raised in the North Atlantic,so to me there does appear to be a sunken continent in the Atlantic! I guess they say there isn't one because of there initial bias against Atlantis.

I guess they mean that there is no neatly outlined sunken landmass at a uniform depth and in high-relief from the surrounding sea floor. Oh how convenient if it were that easy .

But then ,there is one ,the Great Meteor Seamount which is in a location matching Plato's description ,it appears like a sunken land even though it is not the size of a continent.

I think isostasy is the key ,if Atlantis was a 'large island'  and it sank ,why should it conveniently stick out like a sore thumb just for us ?
I reckon that it would sink to a depth where it would be in equilibrium like the surrounding ocean floor, so it would be flush with the surrounding crust.,,But since Atlantis is described as having a mountain range ,those mountains should be expected to exist now at depth .so there may be some dispacement of the 'Atlantis plate',a few hundred meters perhaps?

So I think we are looking for a region of Seamounts in the North Atlantic that appear to rise from the abyssal plain not some convenient terrace of crust in the outline of a large separate slab.

I guess the best candidates are the mid-Atlantic ridge and the Azores. My personal choice is the Horseshoe Seamount chain.

As Stacy quotes, they think that all isostatic rebound is gradual ,I think that is just their dogma at work . Plato's account of Atlantis describes a geological movement that would involve isostasy at a catastrophic pace. 

Ok so what causes an isostatic imbalance that behaves so violently ?  Well I don't know !!  Lips sealed   But maybe like how Stacy mentions the Himalayas being out of equilibrium so that they are raised up by another force,they could then be suddenly brought back to equilibrium if that pressure was to cease. The entire Himalaya sinking several kilometers ?

Maybe Plato did make it all up and we are wasting our time. None of us would be here if we really believed that .

I think we are in a Catch-22 situation -  'They' wont consider large-scale,sudden,recent movements of the crust unless there is evidence (ruined buildings on the ocean floor at great depth)  ,and they wont consider Atlantis because there is no evidence of the required fast geological movement.

I think only man-made ruins at great depth will do the trick because of the nature of geological evidence ,rocks and sediment can be interpreted to say whatever they want it to say. We need a discovery so astounding that it forces an immediate reassessment of geological theory.

I think it's fair to say that everyone here is struck by how coherent and detailed Platos account of Atlantis is ,and that is why we consider it to be real history of a real place. We only have his description to work with ,but I think it points the way to a discovery whose implications will ultimately destroy the paradigm of geology. Not to mention starting in earnest the study of an amazing civilisation.

Oh ,I got a bit carried away there.  Smiley
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