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Pangea And Where Atlantis Fits In - ORIGINAL

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Author Topic: Pangea And Where Atlantis Fits In - ORIGINAL  (Read 5115 times)
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« Reply #30 on: September 17, 2010, 02:56:28 am »

Very interesting graphic, Mario, but cutting and pasting an enlarged image of Greenland and pasting it in the middle of the Atlantic (at an angle!), proves what? The island of Greenland did not swim through the Eurasia tectonic plate, and across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to get to its current location.

If such a geological process existed, it would certainly have left physical marks (damage) on the existing plates (sea floor). No such skid marks show in any data I've ever seen.

On the subject of Pangaea and Atlantis, I think the original question is entirely moot. Why? Atlantis, if it existed where Plato said it did, would not have swum through oceanic plate to get there. A remnant continental fragment would require a ridge (spreading center) to give it distance from the continental margins. The magnetic striping on the ocean floor shows that the region of Atlantis extends from several million years old to several dozen million years old. Likely Atlantis would have been formed in situ from something like subduction or convergent compression. I invite all to take a look at my recent video on the Geology of Atlantis, This gives one plausible method for the geological creation and destruction of such a landform.

We also have proof of an Atlantis-like event occurring about 9620 BC. For more on that, I invite you to check out, Three items of scientific evidence, each from a different discipline, show that something big happened on that date. Though they don't prove Atlantis, directly, they are the closest thing we have to a "smoking gun" in the death of Atlantis.

Rod Martin, Jr.

 Smiley I came to this same conclusion about this idea. However, an island-continent with a mountain and the other geologic features that Plato describes is also not turning up anywhere in the great Atlantic. However, there is global evidence that people from around the world at around the time of the end of the last ice age was able to exchange ideas. There is still alot of unresolved mysteries surrounding this. It's as if they were able to exchange information globally.
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