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Pangea And Where Atlantis Fits In - ORIGINAL

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Author Topic: Pangea And Where Atlantis Fits In - ORIGINAL  (Read 4893 times)
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A logical possibility that has not still been considered is that Atlantis has been able to be the own America, and then there would not be any incoherence with the Pangea’s theory.

Since it began to have conscience that America was a new continent, and not the Oriental Indies as Columbus had supposed, it ended up thinking that America could be Atlantis, but the retarded and savage appearance of their autochthonous cultures, practitioners of religions of human sacrifices, as well as of not being after the last five centuries ruins or vestiges of a civilization so developed as the one mentioned by Plato, it has stayed to discarded America of that possibility.

However the ruins of the Atlantis have been consumed by those cultures of human sacrifices, among other things to make their own constructions, a sample of we can see it in the reference that makes Orion von Koch in this forum: "T. C. Overstreet and other historical researchers have pointed out, time after time, that enormous, thick sheets of mica were found by archaeologists on the fifth level of the Sun Pyramid in mid 1900s.

Later, at 400 meters down from the Sun Pyramid, reported by the Viking Foundation, another mica slab was found of considerable size: some 27.5 meters square (92 feet square) near the Avenue of the Dead. To the astonishment of all archaeologists, it was identified as a type of mica that is found in South America, and nowhere else.

This begs the question of why was this particular type of mica removed and transported some 3218.6 kilometers (2000 miles) to be incorporated into the building site at Teotihuacan? How could something this large be transported in a Stone Age period of history?

It is also to be noted that similar finds of South American mica were discovered in certain Olmec sites."

My opinion is that America (= Atlantis) it was flooded about 14 thousand years ago, at the beginning
of the big cataclysms that marked the end of the Pleistocene, and the time that remained flooded it was geology insignificant, but enough so that it was uninhabited, being begun to populate again for
the Asian man through the strait of Bering.

Meanwhile the survivors from the Atlantis that reached to arrive Africa, with the time built a new world civilization again, with their main metropolis in the high Nile, as I induce of Charles H Hapgood’s investigation, presented in their book "Maps of the ancient sea kings."

At the end of the glaciation, the white or European man that had remained caught in the low countries, it could begin to move toward the Mediterranean. The Nile’s atlantean have been amaze by this new race that had remained cloistered by the glaciers during about a hundred thousand years without having contact with the rest of the human races, and the same as the atlantean, it had a very reduced population compared with the Asian and African races, some to have remained confined by the nature, and others for the flood of their continent.

It was as well as the Nile’s atlantean decided to impel a new historical cycle starting from their scientific and religious knowledge, with the purpose of counteracting the disproportion of the racial populations, as well as of stimulating the development of the new race integrating it to their bigger sisters and exercising the power on them to end up learning how to use it correctly.

For that which they had to have created the old religions of human sacrifices, diffusing them in an encircling one geographical of the expansion of the new race, and leaving their prints from Stonehenge until the European coast of the Mediterranean, in The India, the Middle East and the same Egypt.

Such religions were the antecedent of the Christianity whose main character is also sacrificed for the salvation of the world.

Finally they returned to America, their original continent, to impose the religions of human offerings
here also and to wait the arrival of the western culture.


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