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October 06, 2015, 09:26:50 pm
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News: Ice Age blast 'ravaged America'
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 on: Today at 03:48:22 am 
Started by Bianca Markos - Last post by Bianca Markos
Combined with the fact that the Auga dos Cebros petroglyph represents the only such depiction of this type of seafaring vessel in the Atlantic/European region characteristic to the Bronze Age time period, the researchers posit that the Auga dos Cebros boat likely traveled from a Mediterranean point of origin, suggesting contact or trade with Atlantic cultures as much as 4,000 years ago.

More about this important discovery, including images, can be found in the Dig Ventures article by Maiya Pina-Dacier.




Read more in-depth articles about archaeology with a premium subscription to Popular Archaeology Magazine.

In addition, the latest Popular Archaeology ebook is now available.

 on: Today at 03:47:51 am 
Started by Bianca Markos - Last post by Bianca Markos

 Above: A graphic representation of the Auga dos Cebros petroglyph, showing the obvious boat feature at the bottom. This image is a screenshot of the same as depicted in the YouTube video (see below

 on: Today at 03:47:24 am 
Started by Bianca Markos - Last post by Bianca Markos

Petroglyph in Spain Marks when Atlantic and Mediterranean Cultures Met

Mon, Oct 05, 2015

Bronze Age rock carving depicts a Mediterranean style boat.
Petroglyph in Spain Marks when Atlantic and Mediterranean Cultures Met

A unique petroglyph discovered near the Atlantic coast of northern Spain has provided evidence that contacts between ancient Atlantic cultures and contemporaneous cultures of the Mediterranean were earlier and perhaps more intense than previously thought.

The rock art panel, located in the Costa dos Castros region and known as Auga dos Cebros, depicts a boat with a structure, including a combination of oars and sails, that match the general design and concept of seafaring vessels of Mediterranean cultures roughly 4,000 years ago. The typical Atlantic equivalent boats of the time were known to feature primarily oar-propelled boats without sails, with a different overall form.

When first encountered, the petroglyph piqued the interest of researcher Javier Costas Goberna, who first began searching for comparable evidence and renderings in the archaeological record throughout Europe. Coming up empty, he turned his attention to researching the Mediterranean regions. His search here proved fruitful, discovering evidence of very similarly designed vessels as evidenced by a variety of archaeological finds. In fact, fellow researcher María Ruiz-Gálvez Priego identified the Auga dos Cebros boat as being remarkably similar to Aegean model vessels of approximately 2000 B.C., particularly as they were depicted on ancient Cretan stamps. Like the Auga dos Cebros boat, those vessels featured outwardly-opened bows and sterns, masts and rigging that held sails as the primary means of propulsion, and lines that are interpreted to represent oars and/or oarsmen for secondary, additional propulsion.


 on: Today at 02:38:11 am 
Started by Victoria Liss - Last post by Victoria Liss







October 5, 2015


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 on: Yesterday at 03:04:17 pm 
Started by Hermocrates - Last post by parta
no sock puppets here. just registered voters. are you inspired? yes by a chemical imbalance is my guess.

simple geopolitics. greeks and egyptians against the persians. as it was in platos time, solons time and in the age of the var-i yim kard. inspired by simple logic.

 on: Yesterday at 01:01:19 pm 
Started by Hermocrates - Last post by Hermocrates
Do you see the tallest myth-tree in the oblivious distance?

There are shade and gentle breezes, and grass on which we may either sit or lie down.

I should like to know from those that know, whether Atlantis is not somewhere here, and which bear any truth to Plato's truth?

What is the tradition, by which we discern truth?

And is this the exact spot that all are pointing to? The tale is delightfully clear and bright; I can fancy that there might be Nereids playing near.

I believe that the spot is not exactly here, but the capital is about 9,000 miles away from where you cross to the temple of Neith, and there is, I think, some sort of an altar of truth at the place.

No one has ever noticed it; but insults will not beseech me to tell of it. Do I believe this tale?  The wise are doubtful, and I should not be singular if, like them, I too doubted. But I might have a rational explanation that Plato was playing with prophecy, when the great man gave the account of Atlantis.

Science and history both say that there is a discrepancy, however, about the locality and time. But according to me, and I have it from a very reliable source, there is another version of the story, the only logical one, I'm told, which places Atlantis in the future, and not the past. Most say the tale is only allegorical for making a philosophical statement, and not a real place. Now I quite acknowledge that these allegories are very nice, but he is not to be envied who has to invent them; much labor and ingenuity will be required of him; and when he has once begun, he must go on and rehabilitate Hippocentaurs and chimeras dire. Gorgons and winged steeds flow in apace, and numberless other inconceivable and portentous natures. And if he is skeptical about them, and would fain reduce them one after another to the rules of probability, this sort of crude philosophy will take up a great deal of time. Now I have no leisure for such inquiries; shall I tell you why? I must first know myself, as the Delphian inscription says; to be curious about that which is not my concern, while I am still in ignorance of my own self, would be ridiculous. And therefore I bid farewell to all this; the common opinion is enough for me. For, as I was saying, I want to know not about this, but about myself: am I a monster more complicated and swollen with passion than the serpent Typho, or a creature of a gentler and simpler sort, to whom Nature has given a diviner and lowlier destiny? But let me ask you, friends: have we not reached the myth-tree to which the imaginative many are conducting us?  All their theories and speculations are founded on a foundation laid on quicksand.

By Apollo, a fair resting-place, all their explanations of what Plato wanted to tell us, as their accounts are full of summer sounds and scents. Here is this lofty and spreading Myth-tree, and the agnus cast us high and clustering, in the fullest blossom and the greatest fragrance; and the stream which flows around the Myth-tree is deliciously cold to the feet. Judging from the ornaments and images, this must be the very spot sacred to Poseidon and Cleito. How delightful is the northern breeze:-so very sweet; and there is a sound in the air shrill and summerlike which makes answer to the chorus of the cicadae declaring their find. But the greatest charm of all is the tall grass of the beautiful and rich plain, like a pillow gently sloping to the head, and allowing us to continue our slumber and pleasant dream. My dear seekers of Atlantis, past and present, you have been admirable guides, in leading us around and around in the great circular ditch. Plato not only got it wrong on the 900/9000, according to some, but my source said that the great ditch was not 100 feet deep, but what Plato meant was that it was a river 10,000 feet deep. The error; apparently too many zeros for him to count.

What an incomprehensible being this Plato. Here he was, considered as an expert of experts in many a circle of experts, and could not even distinguish 900 from 9,000. Although he could perceive infinity he apparently had a problem with small numbers. These idiots that hold these ideas of Plato, must think our ancient genius as being “far-sighted” when it came to math, apparently. When you are in a different country, as we say, you really are like some stranger who is led about by a guide. Solon, a stranger in a strange land, had guides; the Egyptian priests verbally verified it. Did Plato ever cross the border? The border of reason, I mean. I rather think that he never ventured outside of logic. But all seekers of Atlantis plainly do that, and often! 

I hope that you will excuse me when you hear the reason, which is, that I am a lover of knowledge, and the men who dwell on the city of Atlantis are my teachers, and not some mythical characters. Though I do indeed believe that they have found a spell with which to draw me out from a logical position, like a hungry cow before whom a bough or a bunch of fruit is waved. For only hold up before me in like manner a book, and you may lead me all round this site, and over the wide world searching for Atlantis. And now having arrived on this site, I intend to lie down, and do you choose any posture in which you can read best what I intend to relate. 

Now listen. You know how matters stand with me; and how, as I conceive, this affair may be arranged for the advantage of all of us. And I maintain that I ought not to fail in my suit. Further, I say that you are likely to be improved by me, whereas the other seekers will spoil you. For they praise your words and actions in a wrong way; partly, because they are afraid of offending you, and also, their judgment is weakened by passion. Such are the feats which Atlantis seekers exhibit; they make things painful to the disappointed which give no pain to others; they compel praise when we ought not to give them this pleasure, and therefore they are to be pitied rather than envied. But if you listen to me, in the first place, I, in my intercourse with you, shall not merely regard present enjoyment, but also future advantage, being not mastered by the passion that effects all those physical searchers, as my own master is Plato himself, in his entirety.  Nor for small causes taking violent dislikes to some claims and theories, but even when the cause is great, slowly laying up little wrath-unintentional offenses I shall forgive, and intentional ones I shall try to prevent; and these are the marks of a friendship which will last.

Perhaps you will ask me whether I propose that you should indulge every Atlantis theory? To which I reply that not even Plato himself would advise you to indulge all the speculations out there, for the indiscriminate favor is less esteemed by the rational recipient, and less easily hidden by him who would escape the censure of the world. Now the truth ought to be for the advantage of both parties, and for the injury of neither. So take no offense at truth, if truth is truth and your theories are false, or grossly distorted and entangled with absurdities, and out of this world nonsense.
Now some, the uninitiated in Plato's inner circles, ask me to not talk in that way. But ask me to let them have my real opinion; I adjure you, by Zeus, the god of friendship, to tell me whether you think that any Atlantis seeker could have said more or spoken better on the same subject than Plato himself stated?  Plato laid down the conditions, terms, and timeline for the greatest tale ever told, apparently. Otherwise would it still be lingering around for these many centuries? It is not just children that enjoy the tale, but grown men and women of no mean intelligence. Just look at who is who in the realm of Atlantis literature, and to what financial extent some well respected men of science and financial entrepreneurs are willing to venture, not mention the sleeping psychic and his institution, just for starters, all in hope of proving Plato's tale as no mere tale, but one of truth, but with a twist of their own.

Well, but are you and I expected to praise the sentiments of the author, or only the clearness, and roundness, and finish, and tournure of the language? As to the first I willingly submit to your better judgment, for I am not worthy to form an opinion, having only attended to the rhetorical manner; and I was doubting whether this could have been defended even by Plato himself; I thought, though I speak under correction, that he repeated himself two or three times, either from want of words or from want of pains; and also, he appeared to me ostentatiously to exult in showing how well he could say the same thing in two or three ways. What I mean by this is that, within the tale of Atlantis, there are check and balances similar to what we know as the “rule of nines.” More on this latter point at another episode.

And anyone is a dear golden ass if they suppose me to mean that Plato has altogether missed the mark of truth, and that I can make a speech from which all his arguments are to be excluded because of the apparent inconsistencies and contradictions to nature and history, contained in the two dialogues dealing with Atlantis. The worst of authors will say something which is to the point.

But what of these seekers' theories? Who could speak on a thesis of theirs without praising themselves on accomplishments without allowing external discretion and assessment by the appropriate, and knowledgeable lovers of Plato? These are the commonplaces of the subject which must come in (for what else is there to be said?) and must be allowed and excused; the only merit is in the arrangement of them, for there can be none in the invention; but when you leave the commonplaces, then there may be some originality. How profoundly in earnest is the seeker of Atlantis, because to tease them, I lay a finger upon their beloved pet theory? And so, many really imagine that I am insulting their ingenuity, where they truly believe that they have solved the riddle.

You see how matters stand; and therefore let there be no more pretenses; for, indeed, I know the words that are irresistible, to most here, “Atlantis found at last.”

However, I have veiled my “face” and galloped through the discourse as fast as I could, for I see that many cannot hold their attention span too long, especially when someone is alluding to “religion” as the “sacred” ground on which Plato laid Atlantis. And I shall feel ashamed if I cannot know what to say, or how, or when to say it, in this respect. Therefore, I need divine help with the tale, since it is a divine account that Plato gives us, but for which my good friend here desires me not to rehearse, due to his repulsive sentiment for heavenly matters, and in order that his friends whom he always deemed wise may seem to him to be wiser than ever.

All good counsel begins in the same way; a man should know what he is advising about, or his counsel will all come to naught. But people imagine that they know about the nature of things, when they don't know about them, and, not having come to an understanding at first because they think that they know, they end, as might be expected, in contradicting one another and themselves. Now, in order to get a hold on truth, you and I must not be guilty of this fundamental error which we condemn in others. After all, Plato's works, together, and collectively wants to lead us to the ultimate Good, the One and Only Beauty; the Ultimate Truth in very Essence, and the Reason why there is Existence, versus non-existence. God, the Father and Creator of the sensible universe. Plato could not have been anymore clearer on this, as Atlantis is an integral part of the Timaeus. In turn, the Timaeus is all about God, the Father and Creator of us all. Therefore it is only logical to search for Atlantis on those terms; God's terms.

And now, dear Parta/Rennes or whomever else you impersonate, I shall pause for an instant to ask whether you do not think me, as I appear to myself, inspired?

Thus, my friend, we have declared and defined the nature of the subject. Keeping the definition in view, let us now inquire what advantage or disadvantage is likely to ensue from the religious perspective or the non-religious, to him who accepts their advances. Do stop believing that one is more profitable than the other, and consider only the difficulty that either poses.

They who are the victims of their passions and the slaves of pleasure will of course desire to make their beloved pet theory as agreeable to themselves as possible. Now to them who have a mind diseased anything is agreeable which is not opposed to them, but that which is equal or superior is hateful to them, and therefore the lover will not endure any superiority or equality on the part of others' pets; they are always employed in reducing them to inferiority. And the ignorant is the inferior of the wise, the coward of the brave, the slow of speech of the speaker, the dull of the clever. These, and not these only, are the mental defects of the Atlantis seekers;-defects which, when implanted by nature, are necessarily a delight to their followers, and when not implanted, they must contrive to implant them in anyone that they think inferior of understanding their theory, if they would not be deprived of their fleeting joy. And therefore they cannot help being jealous, and will debar the opponents from the advantages of society which would make heroes of them, and especially from that society which would have given him wisdom, and thereby they cannot fail to do them great harm. That is to say, in their excessive fear lest they should come to be despised in the eyes of their, seemingly, experts in Atlantis matters, and they will be compelled to banish anyone that tries to convey divine philosophy on the tale; and there is no greater injury which they can inflict upon those than this. They will contrive that their beloved followers of their pet theory shall be wholly ignorant, and in everything they, then, will look to them for the “expert” advice; they are to be the delight of their followers' hearts, and a curse to the non-supporters. Verily, any Seekers of Atlantis and their theories are not profitable guardians and associates for those that want to understand Plato in all that relates to his mind.

Now I am a diviner, though not a very good one, but I have enough religion for my own use, as you might say of a bad writer-his writing is good enough for him; and I am beginning to see that I was in error. O my friends, how prophetic is the human soul! At the time I had a sort of misgiving, and, like Ibycus, "I was troubled; I feared that I might be buying honor from men at the price of sinning against the gods." Now I recognize my error. There are those that will not have it any other way, but their own. They are so infatuated with the tale, like children and Santa Clause, that they never want to grow up, so as to having to give up their jolly Santa.  And I do not mean to say that it is the same thing to give up Atlantis. What I mean is that anyone really wanting to find Atlantis has to grow up from their belief that Atlantis must be raised from the abyss to touch it, stand on it, and live in the citadel centered on that glorious plain! Plato himself would say; “False is that word of mine-the truth is that thou didst not sink, nor sail in triremes, nor ever existed in 11,500 BC; but true nonetheless, as I came to my senses from a bout of divine madness.

I'm intent on reaching the wiser, and not the opposite, as the latter is only what I have managed so far. Now, madness is considered to be an impediment in understanding reason, since the two, reason and madness are antonyms. Therefore madness is not thought of as something useful in a person who is trying to find Plato's Atlantis. And it might be so if madness were simply an evil; but there is also a madness which is a divine gift, and the source of the chiefest blessings granted to men. For prophecy is a madness, and the prophetess at Delphi and the priestesses at Dodona when out of their senses have conferred great benefits on many, both in public and private life, but when in their senses few or none. And I might also tell you how the Sibyl and other inspired persons have given to many an one many an intimation of the future which has saved them from falling. But it would be tedious to speak of what every one knows. But the point I'm trying to make is clear enough. And so is Plato on this matter. Only a “crazy” person is ever going to find Atlantis. Therefore put no faith in anyone that seems to be, reasonably, searching for Atlantis. But trust the one who is suffering, or has suffered, at one point or another, from divine madness. 

There will be more reason in appealing to the ancient inventors of names, who would never have connected prophecy (mantike) which foretells the future and is the noblest of arts, with madness (manike), or called them both by the same name, if they had deemed madness to be a disgrace or dishonor;-they must have thought that there was an inspired madness which was a noble thing; for the two words, mantike and manike, are really the same, and the letter t is only a modern and tasteless insertion. And this is confirmed by the name which was given by them to the rational investigation of futurity, whether made by the help of birds or of other signs-this, for as much as it is an art which supplies from the reasoning faculty mind (nous) and information (istoria) to human thought (oiesis) they originally termed oionoistike, but the word has been lately altered and made sonorous by the modern introduction of the letter Omega (oionoistike and oionistike), and in proportion prophecy (mantike) is more perfect and august than augury, both in name and fact, in the same proportion, as the ancients testify, is madness superior to a sane mind (sophrosune) for the one is only of human, but the other of divine origin. Again, where plagues and mightiest woes have bred in certain families, owing to some ancient blood-guiltiness, there madness has entered with holy prayers and rites, and by inspired utterances found a way of deliverance for those who are in need; and he who has part in this gift, and is truly possessed and duly out of his mind, is by the use of purifications and mysteries made whole and except from evil, future as well as present, and has a release from the calamity which was afflicting him. The third kind is the madness of those who are possessed by the Muses; which taking hold of a delicate and virgin soul, and there inspiring frenzy, awakens lyrical and all other numbers; with these adorning the myriad actions of ancient heroes for the instruction of posterity. But he who, having no touch of the Muses' madness in his soul, comes to the door and thinks that he will get into the temple by the help of art-he, I say, and his poetry are not admitted; the sane man disappears and is nowhere when he enters into rivalry with the madman.

I might tell of many other noble deeds which have sprung from inspired madness. And therefore, let no one frighten or flutter us by saying that the temperate, reasonable, and scientific friend is to be chosen for leading us to the “promised” land of “Atlantis,”rather than the inspired, but let him further show that love is not sent by God for any good to lover or beloved; if he can do so we will allow him to carry off the palm. And we, on our part, will prove in answer to him that the madness of love is the greatest of heaven's blessings, and the proof shall be one which the wise will receive, and the witling disbelieve. But first of all, let us view the affections and actions of the soul divine and human, and try to ascertain the truth about them. The beginning of our proof is as follows:-

The soul through all her being is immortal, for that which is ever in motion is immortal; but that which moves another and is moved by another, in ceasing to move ceases also to live. Only the self-moving, never leaving self, never ceases to move, and is the fountain and beginning of motion to all that moves besides. Now, the beginning is unbegotten, for that which is begotten has a beginning; but the beginning is begotten of nothing, for if it were begotten of something, then the begotten would not come from a beginning. But if unbegotten, it must also be indestructible; for if beginning were destroyed, there could be no beginning out of anything, nor anything out of a beginning; and all things must have a beginning. And therefore the self-moving is the beginning of motion; and this can neither be destroyed nor begotten, else the whole heavens and all creation would collapse and stand still, and never again have motion or birth. But if the self-moving is proved to be immortal, he who affirms that self-motion is the very idea and essence of the soul will not be put to confusion. For the body which is moved from without is soulless; but that which is moved from within has a soul, for such is the nature of the soul. But if this be true, must not the soul be the self-moving, and therefore of necessity unbegotten and immortal? Enough of the soul's immortality.

        ------------------------------------------To be continued next week, same time, same "bat" channel------------------------------------------------------------------------

 on: Yesterday at 11:35:27 am 
Started by Hermocrates - Last post by parta
so you say science will never find atlantis and you are sure you can prove it with poorly executed poetry.  do you not see the disconnect? can you talk about science at all? pindar is only irrelevant if science says he is wrong and that isn't happening lately.

 on: Yesterday at 11:16:42 am 
Started by Hermocrates - Last post by Hermocrates
No poet of the older generation
Would win from us such keen cooperation
In speaking for him in a comic play
As the young man for whom we speak today,
Our poet's worthy of this honor great;
He speaks the truth, he hates the men you hate,
He does not shy from danger like a child
But dares the storm and braves the whirlwind wild.
He says that he's been asked on every side
The reason why he's not till now applied
To have a chorus of his own and seek
Crowns for himself; on this he bid us speak.
He says he wasn't stupid, but he thought!
This job was with more difficulties fraught
Than any other job that mortals do:
Though many court the Muse, she yields to few.
He knew your favorite was a fickle fade;
Look at what old Pindar had to bear of late
When stern imbeciles his noble odes belate.
Flowed o'er the plains in a great flood of praise
Of himself did he praise, chucked others off the stage
And in his mighty uprooting every olive tree,
Pillars, plain, competitors, swirled out to sea.
Such was he when he bloomed. Now, shame on you!
He in his dotage babbles around this site,
But on his misery you take no pity.
Do your duty then and speak to him,
Those whom Pindar understand, please tell him,
Those Herculean pillars on Morocco and Gibraltar stand! 

 on: Yesterday at 01:35:10 am 
Started by Thanh Duoung - Last post by Thanh Duoung
First ever private moon landing set for 2017
Posted on Friday, 2 October, 2015

Private companies could soon be heading to the moon. Image Credit: NASA / Sean Smith
A company in California is hoping to become to the first private venture to land a probe on the moon.
Moon Express, which ultimately aims to fly commercial missions to the moon, could soon be set to claim Google's coveted 'Lunar X Prize' - a reward of $30 million to be given to the first privately funded mission to successfully land a robotic spacecraft on the surface of the moon.

To help make it happen, Moon Express has signed a five-year deal with New Zealand-based launch company Rocket Lab which will be providing its Electron carbon composite rocket to launch the new lunar probes in to space.

"The holy grail of our company is to provide, to prove, a full-services capability - not just landing, but coming back from the moon," said Moon Express co-founder and CEO Bob Richards.

The first probe, which is called MX-1, will attempt to land on the lunar surface as a test run with even more complex trips planned for the near future including a possible sample-return mission.

The decision to sign with Rocket Lab could help to make the journey more cost-effective in addition to being more widely accessible, especially given that a typical launch will cost $4.9 million as oppose to the more hefty $60 million that it would cost to launch with a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

"Rocket Lab is pleased to begin working with Moon Express to launch its spacecraft and to provide support to such an ambitious mission," said Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck. "We think the collapse of the price to get to the moon is going to enable a whole new market."

With the first launch scheduled for 2017 we won't have long to wait to see how things go.

 on: Yesterday at 01:29:58 am 
Started by Desiree - Last post by Desiree
Update: August 2011: Pre-Ice Age Complex Found Off Bahama Coast

For some years A.R.E. members and the organization itself have conducted expeditions in search of ruins or any remains of the lost continent of Atlantis. According to Cayce, Atlantis—located from the Gulf of Mexico to Gibraltar—was destroyed in a final catastrophic event circa 10,000 B.C. The focus of A.R.E. efforts has been in the Bimini area, however, other related locations have also been investigated. Research on the so-called Bimini Road has been hampered as researchers are split on the origin of the structure: some believe it is a manmade road or foundation while others assert it is natural beach rock, which fractured in place. However, a seldom-discussed fact is that a portion of the Bimini Road was removed after a hurricane in 1926.

Before the end of the last Ice Age (12,000-years ago) the ocean levels were at least 300 feet below their current levels. A vast "island" was in the area in those remote times rather than chains of islands. Edgar Cayce referred to Bimini as one of the mountaintops of ancient Atlantis. While few would consider the island a mountain, 12,000-years ago it was one of the highest points on the vast land formation in the region. Bimini and Andros Island, lying about 100 miles to the east of Bimini, were a part of the same island in 10,000 B.C.—called "Poseidia" by Cayce. Cayce related that a Hall of Records containing the records of Atlantis was constructed somewhere in the region. The Hall of Records was in a temple which sunk in 10,000 B.C. and is, according to Cayce, covered by "the slime of ages." This record hall is identical to the one in Egypt under the Sphinx.

Archaeologists have countered that the remains of civilization in the region only go back 7,000 years—or perhaps even less. They have asserted that if a major civilization existed in the area, some of its remains would be found on current land. That assertion has a fundamental flaw. Ancient maritime civilizations typically built their cities and ports on the ocean shores. As related in prior issues of Ancient Mysteries, archaeologists working in South America, the Pacific coast of North America, India, and elsewhere in the world have been discovering the remains of underwater ruins. These ancient maritime civilizations built their cities and ports on coastlines—all of which have been covered by the rising oceans. Given the recent changes in North and South American archaeology—taking the history of habitation in the Americas to 50,000-years ago—it seems likely that ruins would lie in the shallow waters around Bimini.

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