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News: Remains of ancient civilisation discovered on the bottom of a lake
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 on: Today at 05:03:03 pm 
Started by Hermocrates - Last post by senator Bam
But I'm referring to his claim that he, of all human beings, past and present, alone can understand and interpret, correctly, Plato's ancient Greek. What a fantastic claim! What of all those really great scholars that have given us Plato's translations/interpretations through the ages?

Yes that thought has occured to me too. But the problem is that there are cases of where original languages texts have long been misinterpreted/mistranslated/misunderstood, a case in example is the bible verses on the crucifiction week where the English translation of the Greek is inadequite/incorrect. (Moreover the reason why the NT was written in Greek seems to be because of its "complex" conveyance?) So how do we know for sure his is not right? From the bits he has posted they seem/feel right.
His translation(s) could possibly be wrong, they could well be right, but either way i am totally confident that our find is right.

The fact is that i have had the same problem with orthodox academics. The fact is they trash anyone who supposedly doesn't understand the original languages, linguistics, "basics", etc. Look at my "(King) Arthur's" 12 battles discovered posts/paper and see how the orthodox academics raised similar linguistics issues that i had to answer/address eg "castellum means fortlet not fort", ostium/aber can mean either mouth or confluence, etc. None of the critical points ended up dis/proving anything against our discovery/thesis, but it gets darn annoying/burdensome/bogged-down having to re-write everything and all the massive time and effort it takes. Orthodox academics/linguists think they are all-right "proper scholarship"/"science"/etc and others are just all-wrong "pseudo"/"fringe"/"nonsense"/etc, and they think that they can dis/prove thinks only on one or a few difficult/disputible things like linguistics. Same thing happened with Joseph in Egypt, they dismiss all the evidences just because of phonetics assertions.

Did you not note how this same Nikas, the one wanting respect and recognition for his claim, just brushed your claims aside? Did you not notice his hypocrisy in standards when assessing your claim?

Well, to be fair in the last 2-8 years practically everyone (including you) has and does mostly dismiss/ignore all my discoveries and evidences. The problem is its "all or nothing" and our papers are "never good enough", and orthodox academics/linguists have tons of established criticisms about linguistics, "suspect" sources ("textual criticism"), etc.

Now, do you really think that if someone, a serious scholar or/and adventurer, searching for Atlantis becomes 100% certain of this find, would be on the web, bragging and clamoring for recognition, while at the same time wanting secrecy for fear of plagiarism of his find?

Perhaps it is understandible? I half-wish i had not given away all of my discoveries for free since this corporatist/capitalist & "academic" western world and establishment is so mean and cruel.

But, at the same time,  I have to restate to you, in a polite manner, that I'm not convinced that you have located Atlantis, either. 

Well, what would convince you? I have already said/shown many times that we have stark matches for most all the details of the Account including: the hill [=Akapana], the concentric circles, the size of the palace/temple, the distance to the sea, the large plain (& ditch & channels), the Atlas pillar motif, the 2 crops a year, the [conduits], the bulls (&) sacrifice, the largeness of the whole island, the high mountains on sea side, the mid point of the island, the (violent) quakes, etc. Pick one.  (And what is your own theory?)

Atlantis in pictures:

This Peruvian/Andean mask has the Atlas pillar rising from the 2/3 circles city;topic=33831.0;attach=281;image

This Peruvian/Andean picture has the 3 circles, twins?;topic=33831.0;attach=282;image

This diagram/map of Tiahuanaco from Posnansky has
1/2 circle/s, the hill [Akapana], the palace/temple, canal/river?;topic=33831.0;attach=284;image;topic=33831.0;attach=287;image

This Peruvian [Pumapunku?] picture from Jim Allen's site has the circles city:;topic=33831.0;attach=288;image

this Sillustani Stone inscription has concentric circles, cliff?;topic=33831.0;attach=290;image

this Inca picture from the Coricancha picture has the
circles, plain & ditch & channels, Poseidon & Clito (or parents of Clito or twins), the hill [Akapana], cliff/s, sea [Titicaca], canal/river, 2 crops a year ["sun/stars & moon/clouds = summer and winter"], etc;topic=33831.0;attach=277;image

 on: Today at 03:35:27 am 
Started by Rebelitarian - Last post by Robert0326
So are you saying the Pope is an alien because he wears the ridiculous hat? So Adamski wrote a book about aliens.  So what. Doesn't make it true without evidence. That would be like saying Harry Potter is real because there are books about him. The Vatican has its own bank because it is a corrupt evil institution, based one greed and lies. And the skulls that you are referring to have been explained.  The natives formed their children's heads like that at birth, I believe for ceremonial purposes. THEY ARE NOT FRIGGIN' ALIENS.

 on: Today at 01:16:19 am 
Started by nikas - Last post by senator Bam

Here (below) are my evidences for outside Mediterranean (includes evidences on size larger than Mediterranean, others may seem unrelated but i have commented how/why relates to inside or outside Mediterranean). The English translations may not all be correct. I am finding high respect for your translations, though it is a real issue in having to see what the new translations really mean. However, nothing changes the stark matches/evidences with Tiahuanaco/America, just alters the details/worldview a little bit. I not longer say inside/outside pillars here now, but inside/outside Mediterranean.

"great deluge of all / greatest of all destructions by water" Timaeus 23d
[This indicates a very great catastrophe not just one the size of Sicily/Mediterranean.]

"under the face of heaven" Tim 23d
[just included as perhaps indicating whole World scale/extent view not just local/regional?]

"great/mighty power" Tim 25a
[Even if people claim this is just their empire/sphere it still indicates a city/island large enough to control so large.]

"against the whole of Europe & Asia" Tim 25a
[Maybe indicates Atlantis not Europe or Asia. May also indicate Atlantis parallel with Libya/Africa.]

"from its base in the Atlantic / this power came forth out of the Atlantic ocean" / "outside they came from the sea of Atlas" / ["in a distant point in the Atlantic ocean"?] Tim 25a
[1. If we go by the usual translations (Atlantis outside, Athens inside) : This better fits beyond Gibraltar, doesn't as/very well fit West Mediterranean.
2. See below on Nikas translation.
The pelagos/sea of Atlas could be either west Mediterranean, Caribbean, (South) Atlantic, and/or *Titicaca*. Pelagos was also used in panpelagos.
"Distant" means not too near/close?]

"in front of / opposite the straits which you call Pillars of Hercules" Tim 25a
[The (facing/front/opposite the) mouth/entrance/straits/pillars better fits Gibraltar/Gades/Tartessos than Messena.
There were 12 pillars of Hercules. There were pillars of Hercules/Melkarth at Gibraltar/Gades/Tartessos/Huelva. The pillars were there from at least time of Herodotus. Hercules had 2 sons Iber and Celtus.]

"larger than Libya &/or Asia together/combined" Tim 25a
[Too large for inside W Mediterranean / Malta.
Some say it is "between" not "larger than" but majority of translations/interpretations agree with larger than. Herodotus said Europe was larger than Asia & Libya/Africa. Meropis was larger than Europe & Asia & Libya/Africa.
A few say "or" rather than "and", but is still large.
Some say this is just empire/sphere not Atlantis island, but other details of Atlantis account comfirm Atlantis was a large island. Plus is larger than what one small city/island can control.]

"... way to other islands, and from the islands...." Tim 25a
[Better fits outside Gibraltar than inside.]

"this sea which is within Pillars of Hercules is only a harbour having a narrow entrance, but that other is a real sea." Tim 25b
[In consideration with other parts of all the rest of the Account it is clear Atlantis was not inside the pillars & inner sea but was outside pillars in modern ocean. The enterance & sea better fits Gibraltar & Mediterranean than Sicily area & W Mediterranean ("then"). Geopolitics of Haushofer & MacKinder also says about small indentation seas.
The sea could alternatively/also be Titicaca.]

"on/in this/the island was a great & wonderful empire ... over the whole island" Tim 25b
[This surely implies large island rather than just a empire/sphere. "Whole island" would be meanlingless for only a small ca 22 km size island.]

"and besides these, they subjected the parts of Libya within the strait/Pillars of Hercules" Tim 25b
[The English translations clearly seem to imply Atlantis was outside and conquered inside. Of course people can play clever linguistic games to say how it could be within W Mediterranean, but surley the more simple/straight-forward is more sound.]

"vast power" Tim 25c
[Indicates a large world/regional/continental scale. This could be either/both large island and/or larger empire/sphere/zone. One small island/city can't control such large.

"to subdue ... and the whole of the land which is within the strait/straits" Tim 25c
[Again, the English translations clearly seem to imply Atlantis was outside and conquered inside. Of course people claim the straits was at Sicily, but the entrance and sea better fits Gibraltar & Mediterranean than Sicily & W Meidterranean.]

"among all mankind" Tim 25c
[Maybe indicates a whole world/continental scale/view??]

"invaders" Tim 25d
[One of the meanings of Kittim in bible is also "invaders, westerners". Surely invaders better fits invaders from Atlantic ocean/America/Western hemisphere invading Mediterranean/Old World, than fits just from W Mediterranean.]

"liberated all the others within the limits of Hercules"  Tim 25d
[Again, the English translations seem to imply Atlantis was outside pillars/Mediterranean. Again, the limits/mouth/entrance and sea better fits Gibraltar and Mediterranean. The Greek world extended at least to Massila, South Italy. Some suggest Hercules &/or Odysseus visted Germania &/or Scotland. Again, Hercules had 2 sons Celtus & Iber. Hercules/Melkarth at Gades/Tartessos/Huelva. Hercules went as far as Hesperides / Atlas / Erythrea.]

"quakes of extraordinary violence" Tim 25d
[This indicates a world/regional/continental scale catastrophe, either/both continental shift &/or Earth crust displacement. (Such quakes evidences are found in Tiahuanaco/Peru/Andes.)]

"[vast] quantity of mud" Tim 25e (& Critias 109a).
[Sure there is alot of shoals near Malta, but my reading of the English versions of the Account suggest a vast quantity?]

"war ... between all who dwelt outside the Pillars of Herucles and those who dwelt within" Critias 108e
[1. If we go by the usual translations : Again the English versions imply Atlantis was outside and invaded inside. Again, pillars better fit Gibraltar/Gades/Huelva than Sicily.
2. If we accept Nikas' translation (Atlantis inside, Athens outside) which does seems convincing/convicting/right : Dis/proof based only on one or a few very disputible/uncertain/difficult things esp like "linguistics" arguments is fallible, I am sick of orthodox academic linguists who think they are so all-right and we are all-wrong asserting that their very uncertain linguistics overrules all the other quality and qauntity evidences. The liniguistics arguments can still fit our thesis, it is just difficult to see the correct answer/match (and linguists refuse to acknowledge that their asserted interpretation is still difficult/uncertain). People refuse to consider all our other evidences, some of which are far more stark/certain than their one/few difficult/uncertain linguistics arguments. Can you not see that even if Atlantis was "inside" and Athens was "outside"! that that is incredibly uncertain as any dis/proof? This can still fit our thesis/discovery/scenario better than Mediterranean/Malta. It still doesn't prove where the pillars were, and thus where outside and inside are (which ever way around). There were 12 Pillars of Hercules. We know that the Atlas world pillar/tree/moiuntain motif is found prominently in Peru. We know there were pillars at Ogygia/Calypso which might be Azores. We know Egyptian had world pillar at 9th/10th bow/arc. The Account says pillars near Gadeira [perhaps Gadeira ~ Kaptara "where pole star stands at zenith"??] Perhaps there were pillars at the ancient version of Panama? (The Atlas pillar motif is also found in Mexico and Easter island though not as prominiently. Ru "Atlas" in Polynesian.)
The pelagos/sea of Atlas could be either west Mediterranean, Caribbean, (South) Atlantic, and/or Titicaca.]

(See the Atlas [Hercules?] pillar rising from the 3 circles city in this Peruvian/Andean picture here:;topic=33831.0;attach=281;image )

"extent greater than Libya and/or Asia" Crit 109a
[This could just be empire/sphere rather than large island, but even so implies more than what one small city/island can control/project. Was Malta ever the centre of greater than Libya &/or Asia (as opposed to a part/colony of a greater power)?]

"from hence to the ocean/sea [beyond]" Crit 109a
[I think/feel this better fits Gibraltar and Mediterranean (or America/Atlantis and Pacific) than Sicily and W Mediterranean.]

"remaining in small islets" Crit 111c.
[Atlantis was not one, Malta may be?]

"gods ... distributed the whole earth .... Poseidon receiving for his lot Atlantis [Poseidonis]" (Crit 109b-109d, &) Crit 113c-113d.
[traditions say either the whole earth was divided into 3 large islands (Zeus/Jupiter/Ammon, Poseidonis/Atlantis, Hades/Pluto) & 7 small isls (Persephone/Properine), or else the Western sea/ocean had 3 large and 7 small islands. And, the Old World (Gaia?) maybe also was divided between the 3 (which means Poseidon/Atlantis was comparible size to the 3 parts of Old World?) The Atlantis account clearly says/implies Poseidon's Atlantis was large not just small.]

"a part/particular-district of it/the-island" Crit 113d
[Surely better fits a large island than a small one.]

"in/at the center of the (whole) island" Crit 113d
[More meaningful with a large island than a small one. Peru is roughly in north-south centre of S America.]

"fairest of all plains" Crit 113d
[I.e. this Plain was fairest of all plains in the world. How many / not many plains in the world match the size etc of the Atlantis one?]

"dividing the island of Atlantis into 10 portions/parts" Crit 114a
[The Enlgish clealy implies Atlantis island had 10 regions, not just that their empire/sphere did. This also matches the 9/10 arcs/bows of the world in Egyptian, and/or matches the 12 parts of Urani/Amenti/Tuat/Pet/Aaru. 10 horns beast in bible. 10 countries Mu. 10 kings Mayas. 10 kings [Azores or Canaries]. 10 curiae Rome.]

"his mothers home-district/dwelling & the surrounding allotment/land, which was the largest" Crit 114b
[Enlgish implies Atlas portion/province of the island of Atlantis was large.]

"gave them ... a large territory" Crit 114b
[Enlgish implies Atlantis island had 10 large provinces.]

"the whole island and the surrounding ocean" Crit 114b
[The "whole island" makes more sense with large island than small one. The surrounding ocean better fits Atlantic/Pacific than W Mediterranean.]

"the extremity/furthest-part of the island towards the pillars of Hercules, as-far-as/and-facing the country which is still/now called the region of  Gades in that part of the world" Crit 114c
[English imlpies Atlantis had 10 large provinces/parts, with Gadeirus' one at extremity being nearest/towards/opposite/facing Pillars and Gades or Agadir. Atlas in farthest west North Africa is analogous/parallel/mirror to Andes in South America/Atlantis; Gades in s.w. Spain may be analogous to Central America? Strabo's sacred promonitory? Opposite/facing Gades/Tartessos/Huelva would be south-west. "In that part of the World better fits beyond Gibraltar than Sicily. Necho's fleet went from Gadeira to Ethiopia/India. (Necho same dynasty as Amasis 2). Tartessos was 700/"7000" years old. Pillars/Hercules better fit "Gibraltar" than Sicily as we have already said above. There is a Cadira in Venezuela; Cati/Cates in Azores?]

"divers/many-other islands in the open-sea/ocean;" Crit 114d
[Better fits Atlantic/Pacific than W Mediterranean.]
 "and also ... in the other direction over the country within the pillars / on this side of the straits as far as Egypt and Tyrrhenia" Crit 114d
[English implies Atlantis was outside pillars/Mediterranean. Pillars/straits/mouth better fits "Gibraltar" and Mediterranean than Sicily and W Mediterranean. They invaded inside pillars/Mediterrean/Europe/Libya as far as Tyrrhenia and Libya or Egypt , which implies and better fits invaded from west of Italy/Libya/Malta and outside "Gibraltar". Some may have come indirectly via Caphtor/Heligoland? Ancient history atlas maps confirm all Western Mediterranean.
The translation "from next Libya to Egypt" and "from Europe to Tyrrhenia" if it is correct doesn't actually dis/prove anything because that reading can still be seen to fit with the traditional reading &/or with our thesis anyway.]

"both in city and country" Crit 114e
[English maybe implies Atlantis island not just empire/sphere?]

"many things where brought to them from foreign countries, & the island itself provided much" Crit 114e
[The island was large, it was pretty self-sufficient. "Foreign countries" may imply foreign to region? Many things may imply regional/continental/global scale.]

"a-number-of/many parts/localities of/in the island" Crit 115a
[English implies the island was large and had many parts.]

"every kind of animal tame and wild" Crit 115a
[Indicates a continent size island.]

"great number of elephants" Crit 115a
[Indicates a large size island/continent.]

"lakes & marshes/swamp & rivers, and ... mountains and on plains" Crit 115a
[The English versions imply it means a large island of Atlantis not just a sphere/empire.]

"in that land" Crit 115b?
[Maybe further indication refering to one island/land/landmass/continent?]

"all these that sacred island" Crit 115c
[English implies all been refering to one large island of Atlantis.]

"all the 10 portions/provinces" Crit 116d
[With other parts of all the rest of the Account it is clear Atlantis was large island with 10 large provinces. See above on 9/10 arcs/bows, 12 parts Amenti.]

"the foreign cities over which they held sway. Crit 117a
[This may be the empire/sphere but might also be other cities in the large island. Foregin might possibly be foreign to region? Indicates a very large empire/sphere; can one small island/city control all that?]

"the greatness of the kingdom" Crit 117b

"horses and cattle" Crit 117c
[Horses (and cattle) may imply a large island / landmass/continent/"new world"? Prehistoric Americas had horses.]

"the rest of the country. The whole country was described as being very lofty and precipitous on the side of the sea" Crit 118a-118b
["Rest of the country" implies a large island of Atlantis. "Whole country" in some places (though maybe not here) is more meaningful with a large island than a small one. "Very lofty" best fits a large island than a small one. (One the side of the sea matches South America / Peru / Andes. Not many places in the world fit this. Titicaca was an inland sea and is on the side too.) Side & sea doesn't as well fit Malta & W Mediterranean.]

"surrounding the city was a level plain , itself surrounded by mountains which descended towards the sea ... 3000 stadia ... from the sea through the center of the island 2000 stadia; the whole region of the island...." Crit 118b
[Such a large plain and such high/lofty mountains indicates a large island. "Center of the island" and "whole region of the island" better fits large island than small one. The sea better fits Pacific/Titicaca than Mediterranean.]

"It received the streams which came down from the mountains, & winding round the plain, & touching the city at various points, was there let of into the sea. From above... toward the sea ... wood from the mountains...." Crit 118d-118e
[See last comment just above on plain and mountains, and on the sea. "Various points" confirms same island/province.]

"the surrounding mountains celebrated for their number and size ... exceed all that are now to be seen anywhere; having in them also many wealthy inhabited villages, & rivers & lakes, & meadows supplying food enough for every animal, wild or tame...." Crit 118c.
[Such high/etc mountains (and many villages/rivers/lakes (and every animal)) implies a large island/landmass/continent. Not many places in the world have such mountains ((&) on sea side of island/continent). "Hermocrates" also pointed this out.]

"And of the inhabitants of the mountains and of the rest of the country there was also a vast multitude" Crit 119b
[Surely the English is correct in implying that the mountains and rest of the country and vast multiude are the same one island not the empire/sphere.]

"other 9 governments.... Each of the 10 kings, in his own division" Crit 119c & Crit 119d.
[The other references  to the 10 kings/provinces imply Atlantis was large island with 10 large provinces, not just empire/spehere of 10.]

"in the middle of the island" Crit 119d
[More sense with a large island than a small one.]

"if any one city" Crit 120d
[Atlantis account implies Atlantis island had more than one city, not just the empire/sphere had more than one.]

"vast/extent-of power which the god settled in the lost island" Crit 120e
[The "in the lost island" seems to me to imply in a large island (and empire/sphere) of Atlantis, rather than a small island in a large empire/sphere.]

"Atlanteans were unmixed with other mortal stock" Crit 121.
[Indicates far/farthest west/south location like Peru.]


[Indicates sea/ocean/water location. Western hemisphere more water than eastern; southern more water than northern; south-west quadrant more than other quadrants.]

Sailors/fleet/ships. Crit 117/119.
[Best fits ocean/sea location.]

Climate. Crit 115, Crit 118.
[Not Mediterranean climate. Fits Peru climate (then).]

a "great river". Crit 118a?
[If translation is right, and if Atlantis island includes river not just the royal island, then fits large island not small island. Is also similar to the Amazon.]


Kirchir's spurious map.
[His "Atlantis" looks like one of the Americas closer closer to Old World than the other (i.e. one of the Americas between the other and the Old World). His Atlantis matches/resembles South America not North America. (South America is centred further east than North America.)]

"not far to the west of Europe ... memory of a larger island" Proclus.
"the external sea" - Proclus.
"... seven islands ... and three others of great size ... a thousand stadia in area...." Proclus.
Three large islands in the western sea/ocean (one is Poseidonis). - Proclus or another source i can't find.
[The English summaries of Proclus imply Atlantis was: outside, west of Europe, large/great island, not too far. At least one Classical source said Atlantis / 3 large islands in Western sea/ocean.]

"in the Atlantic sea, on the coast of Europe" - Marcellinus.
"a large island was swallowed up" Marcellinus.
[Marcellinus confirms Atlantis was: in Atlantic, on coast of Europe, a large island.]

"island equal in size to Libya or Asia" Tertullian.
[Tertullian confirms Atlantis was large size, an "island".]

"a remote land in the middle of the ocean" - Timagenes.
[Atlantis was remote, in (middle of) ocean, a land.]

"in the ocean" Dio Sic 3:56.
"at the ends of the earth", "remotest" Dio Sic 3:56.
Atlantis island was # days sail from coast of [west] Africa/'Libya'. - Diodorus Siculus.
Extremely good climate. - Dio Sic 5:9.
[Dio Sic confirms Atlantis was off coast of [n.w.] Africa/'Libya', # days sail duration/distance. (Atlas/Africa parallel to Andes/SouthAmerica/Atlantis.)]

Atlantic, Pillars, Tartessos in Herodotus.

Atlas mountains are in farthest west North Africa.

Strabo's "sacred promonitory" of Spain.

The continent Maurigosima (& king Peiru-un) of Chinese?
[Peiru-un ~ Peru/Pirua (Atlantis)? King ~ Atlas? (Continent ~ large island?)]

The 2 continents/landmasses/islands Kusa & Pushkara, or Vishnukranta of Indian?

Tarshish (&/or) Kittim "invaders, westerners" - Genesis 10.
[The meanings of Tarshish &/or Kittim in bible certainly match Atlantis/Atlanteans/oreichalc & Americas, and match Heliolithic (which included Peru). Tartessos was after Moses. Caphtor(im) may be Heligoland.]

Co-caine and tobacco in new kingdom mummies.

South American fan palm in Assyrian depictions of Toakkari sea peoples.

The statue of man on horse pointing [?south-]west with word/name cati/cates "this way" (Quechua) in Azores.

Egyptian accounts of north 'sea peoples' say "from the ends of the world/earth", "great darkness", "9th bow/arc", "the isles and mainland of the outer circle of water".

Amenti/Urani/Aaru/Pet/Tuat "land of setting sun" seems to match Atlantis (- Egyptian).

Hrozny gave pictures/descriptions of Indus Valley seals etc with 2 steps/feet & a boat.

Scheria/Phaeacia was like Atlantis said to be "no contact with other people" (Od 6:205), uncommonly favourable climate & west wind (Od 7:119f), best "sailor folk" & fastest ships "that carry them across the far-flung seas of Poseidon"; "in the ocean" (Od 4:568, 5:275, 12:1); in the north; "at the end of the world", "remotest" (Od 6:23, 6:205, 6:280); a great river (Od 5:440f).

 on: Yesterday at 10:40:13 pm 
Started by nikas - Last post by Hermocrates
Nikas, you are just talking from the side of your mouth. You keep on telling others that we do not know how long a stadia is, and you give a possible range of from 10 to 200 meters in one instance, and from 50 to 200 meters in another. Ok, we will play along either way, but now explain your other words: "No, you do need a submersible for certain parts. The important ones are deep. I found the old cost (50 stadia from the outer circle)"  So what's your excuse for this lie? How can you possible locate anything to a specific location by a measurement that is unknown, as you also say? I would say it's more like you are talking through both sides of your mouth. You, so conveniently make match to Plato's words.  Elsewhere you claim to have found/located the concentric circles, and give us the stadia as 55 meters or so. More bull****. You know, in old North American Indian language, the Indians would say that, "you talk with forked tongue", Greek or no Greek.   

I'm not going to waste anymore time proving that you have no sense whatsoever, by pinpointing all your illogical and clear lies. I think that it's very evident what you are, and it's nothing to brag about. You are receiving your just, and due credit already from me, what need do you have of others'?

 on: Yesterday at 08:47:00 pm 
Started by Hermocrates - Last post by Hermocrates
Hermocrates: i don't think you should use words like dumb, idiot, clown, child/swadling, bull, lies, gibberish, fool, ignornat, etc in refering to people and/or their theories. This is the same sort of thing i dislike about orthodox academics lyingly calling us/ours things like pseudo, nonsense, not know basics, etc. Nikas has still found something interesting there, and he has some good Greek translation points. At least Nikas is one of the only people to have replied to me on my thesis.

It is said; "give credit where due," and, "always tell the truth." I was only retaliating, in most cases. Also, it's always good to tell what you think. Like cures like! With certain people, after they wear out your patience, it just comes natural to address them in those terms, as they do not understand good manners, nor logic. Besides, it's criminal like, and totally insulting to anyone's intelligence, if one has any, when someone makes such an incredible claim, and expects to be taken seriously. I do not mean a claim to have found Atlantis, as that can be eventually verified, if it is true. But I'm referring to his claim that he, of all human beings, past and present, alone can understand and interpret, correctly, Plato's ancient Greek. What a fantastic claim! What of all those really great scholars that have given us Plato's translations/interpretations through the ages? Especially when we are told by real experts, that Plato, actually, is credited with creating and using some new terminology, to express his philosophical and novel ideas, for which until then the language had no terms to express them, and this was classified as a beginning of modern Greek, at that time. Ancient Greek had three major dialects. Anyway, Plato and other classic Athenian writers wrote in the Attic sub dialect of the Ionic dialect, one of the major three. in fact, all Classical Literature that survived is written in Attic Greek, this includes extant text of Plato and Aristotle. Ironic is it not? And what of Plato's own disciples? Were they just as stupid as the moderns in understanding their master's dialect and thoughts? What audacity, for someone to make such a claim, and require to be taken seriously, and not expect a few words of appropriate "praise" in return! But that is not the point, is it? The point is how to deal with such idiocy, or intentional pranking, whichever it may be, as it is childish either way.

Did you not note how this same Nikas, the one wanting respect and recognition for his claim, just brushed your claims aside? Did you not notice his hypocrisy in standards when assessing your claim? Did you notice his childish challenge to you? What else do we need to tell this person what we really think?

Now, do you really think that if someone, a serious scholar or/and adventurer, searching for Atlantis becomes 100% certain of this find, would be on the web, bragging and clamoring for recognition, while at the same time wanting secrecy for fear of plagiarism of his find? No way! It seems, as I noticed of Nikas' history of postings here, that he has been at this for about 5 years with his Malta claim. Now he claims he can't divulge anything, as it's a secret until his negotiations with the Maltese government officials has provided a deal for him.  What a crack of "dung", if you understand my slang. 

I wish you well with your thesis. But, at the same time,  I have to restate to you, in a polite manner, that I'm not convinced that you have located Atlantis, either. 

 on: Yesterday at 05:56:45 pm 
Started by Hermocrates - Last post by senator Bam
Hermocrates: i don't think you should use words like dumb, idiot, clown, child/swadling, bull, lies, gibberish, fool, ignornat, etc in refering to people and/or their theories. This is the same sort of thing i dislike about orthodox academics lyingly calling us/ours things like pseudo, nonsense, not know basics, etc. Nikas has still found something interesting there, and he has some good Greek translation points. At least Nikas is one of the only people to have replied to me on my thesis.

Others: i also think you have been abit unkind to Hermocrates too. I haven't seen Hermocrates mention anything much about the bible. (Besides which Atlantis is found in the bible as we have tried to show (Moses wrote long before Solon, in fact they found Deuteronomy in the kings/chronicles before Amasis 2).)
Sean Bam.

 on: Yesterday at 05:38:16 pm 
Started by Hermocrates - Last post by nikas

Anyone else need anymore proof that this poster resorts to  juvenile insults each time he begins losing debates?  He is right about one thing, the forum is filled with professional researchers. Unfortunately, he is not one of them, though. He is here, though, to spread his religious ideology and desperately loses composure each time he gets humiliated during debates. Sad, really.

It doesn't mater if members of this forum are or aren't professional researchers we are all Atlantis enthusiasts. Even if you don't believe in this story you have the right to state your opinion; we live in a free world after all. When one resorts in insults and name calling there is no point in debating with that person. I didn't have any prior debate with this person and his first words towards me were idiot and stuff. the only way to deal with him is to ignore his comments. I am not replying to him nor reading his comments anymore.

Only to you. Nikas has long been a visitor to Atlantis forums and been a researcher in the field  He even had his own forum based on Atlantis once. Even if we might not share all his beliefs, we know him to be a serious and respected researcher on this subject.  Who are you? Just a bitter windbag who goes around insulting everyone each time he gets embarrassed in a debate.

exactly the point. We are here to debate so we can, hopefully, find what we're looking for - the truth.

]You are simply a sad little man who believes the Bible and Plato have some correlation and run around insulting others when they don't share your strange beliefs. You are in dire need of some therapy, pal. I am telling you that for your own good. Sad

I know a lot about this subject, Plato, indeed doesn't have anything to do with the bible, as "they" are separated by at least 4-5 centuries, but Atlantis does. What I have discovered in Malta shows that the bible is nothing more than a religious continuation of that civilization. It has been corrupted and altered with the time of course, and a lot of facts and dates have been changed with generations, nevertheless, the core of the middle eastern  faith is a faded mirrored image of the Atlantis believe. I am going to give you one aspect of it. In Malta I found the most important number for the last 12 thousands years, number 40. Look at the bible and the quran, that number is the most used and the most common for almost everything. 40 years in the desert, moses 40 years old. Noah, 40 nights and days in the sea..... e.t.c. I can't tell you what exactly it was used for in the Atlantic city, but it was a "thing" near the central island!!!

Renes, don't worry about him, Roll Eyes

regards, Nikas

 on: Yesterday at 03:37:30 pm 
Started by julietta - Last post by julietta
 Smiley On cyclades ıslands...İts clear and visible,23.1104106,7.5z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x135b4ac711716c63:0x363a1775dc9a2d1d

 on: Yesterday at 01:56:11 pm 
Started by Rebelitarian - Last post by Rebelitarian
Adamski wrote a book about the Nefilim from 4 very distinct cultures.....  The Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, and the Akkadians.

Nefilim skulls have been found all over the world.... labeled as Homo Capensis... Boskop Men etc.

The Globalists act very Anunnaki-ish with their de-population and city-states agenda for humanity....

Karen Hudes showed that the Nefilim are operating out of the Vatican and living underground

-Why do they wear those mitres ?   - To hind their enlarged craniums...

-Why does the Vatican have its own bank ?  -  You don't think the Nefilim and their globalist minions are going to suffer the results of the engineered depression they made for the rest of Europe do you ?


Or at least try to if you have only been government educated with Rothchild/Rockefeller workers not thinkers agenda.

 on: Yesterday at 01:30:30 pm 
Started by Jeanetta Clash - Last post by Rebelitarian
He along with Michael Jackson were knocked off by the NWO....

Along with Elvis, MLK, JFK, RFK, Malcom X, and Frank Zappa.....

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