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 on: Yesterday at 06:22:35 am 
Started by Bianca - Last post by senator Bam
I have just realised a better solution. I'm not sure if it means all what i wrote in last post is wrong or not. I'm abit short of time so this is just very quick.
It seems that a number of cultures had similar exagerated dates which indicates some sort of universal calendar (and it makes sense that there must have been some such), and it seems that that calendar must be above ("as above, so below") like maybe the Zodiacal/precessional Great year. It has already been shown that lots of cultures myths have zodiacal numbers encoded in them (72, 36, 2160, etc) Several have 12000/11000/10000 yrs/bc close to half a great year (13000 yrs). 9000/8000 yrs/bc is also common to a few, and in some is 3 cycles/ages/houses/signs. Many cultures around world had 4 world ages [and the zodiac has 4 quarter division].

Egypt: 11542 bc calendar coincides with Mexican/Assyrian/Indian; 11340 yrs Menes - Seti; Denderah calendar date between 10950 to 8800 bc; 9000/8000 yrs Atlantis.

Assyria: 11542 bc calendar coincides with Mexican/Egyptian/Indian.

Iran: 12000 yrs (4 x 3000 yrs) world; 9660 bc; 9000 yrs (3 x 3000 yrs) Ahriman; Zoroaster 5500 yrs before.

India: 11652/11500 bc / 12000 yrs; 8550 yrs (3 x 2850 yrs); 3102 bc; 2850 yrs cycle [2160 yrs zodical house?].

China: ....

Mayan/Aztec/[Mu]/[Otto Muck]: 11653 bc; 8238 bc; 8280 yrs (3 x 2760 y); 5125 yrs; 3373/3113 bc; 2760 yrs cycle [2160 yrs zodical sign?]; 751 bc [cf Numa/Hezekiah/Olympiad]. 4 suns [ages/cycles].

Tiahuanaco: "9550 bc"?

(Thats just a quick list of a few from A Tomas and from a few other refs, excluding many more need to add.)

The solution must be in this/that/there, but i not sure yet what the exact solution is, maybe one of you will solve it.
Some zodiacal or other possibilities for the 9000 yrs could be: 9000y ~ 3 cycles/houses? 9 milleniums ~ 9 ages/cycles/houses? 9 Patriarchs/ages?

more from the last 12+ hours:

The zodiac is Mazzaroth in Hebrew.

The zodiacal calendar is often said to start and/or end in Leo/Cancer (fire) and/or Aquarius/Capricorn (flood).

Leo to Aries would be either the 11000/12000 yrs (Daniel said Babel was lion/gold head) or the 8000/9000 yrs (Phaethon?). Atlantis sinking or war or founding 9000/8000 yrs would be either about a few houses before Aries & about 1 after Leo/Cancer, or else be Leo/Cancer.

{26000/25920/25800/24000yrs 360degree 72duodecan 36decan 27nakshatras 12houses 6sextants 4qua 3trine? 2oppositions 1greatyear}
{12960yrs 180deg 36duodecans 18decans 6houses 3sextants 2qua 1opposition 1/2grtyr}
{8640yrs 120deg 4houses 1trine? 1/3grtyr}
{6480yrs 90deg 3houses 1/4grtyr}
{4320yrs 3600mins 60deg 2houses 1sextant 1/6grtyr}
{2160/2000yrs 30deg 12subperiods/dwadasamsa 9subperiods/navamsa 3decans 1house/sign/age 1/12grtyr}
{1080yrs 15degs 1/2house}
{960yrs 13degs20mins 1nakshatra}
{720yrs 10deg 2duodecans 1decan}
{360yrs 5deg 1duodecan}
{1 subperiod/dwadasamsa}
{3600secs 72yrs 60mins 1degree}
{60secs 1.2yrs 1minute}
{52wks~50secs 1yr}

longer alternative:
36525/36000y 1grtyear
100y 1deg

shorter alternative:
666y 1decan
66y 1degree

Age of Leo 10750/10500/10006-8600/8006/8000
Age of Cancer 8600/8006-6450/6006
Age of Gemini 6450/6006-4300/4006
Age of Taurus 4300/4525/4006 bc - 2150/2006/1875 bc
Age of Aries ca 2150/2006/2000/1875 bc - 6bc/1 ad/100ad
Age of Pisces(-Virgo) 100/90bc / 6bc/ 1 ad/498ad -  1989/1994/2000/2012/2150/2654/2680/2817.
Age or Aquarius(-Leo) 1994/2000/2012/2062/2150/2595/2600/2680/2691/2700/2720 - 4000.

I do not believe the ages are literal dates. The earliest post-Flood age in [Egyptian,] Sumerian and Indian is said to be Taurus. So there is still some decoding of zodiacal to equivalent real times to solve.

Sorry i forgot one other thing:
9 x 1000 yrs Atlantis could alternatively/also possibly connect with 9/10 worlds/world-trees/trees Eddaic, 9/10 avataras Vishnu, 9/10 suns Yi (Chinese), 9/10 bows/arcs world Egyptian?

 on: Yesterday at 02:39:51 am 
Started by SETI - Last post by Iron Lotus
2000 years from now "the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy" will probably be the equivalent of what the bible is today and people will still be waiting and watching for nuumber 42 to come from the skies! Nah personally i believe what comes from space in the form of meteorites is much higher threat than the chance aliens would encounter us ! I am not saying there are no aliens, i just dont think were that special to them for them too spent the time and effort

 on: Yesterday at 02:36:56 am 
Started by SETI - Last post by the Joker
I talk to E.T`s all the time on Facebook ! im sure of it ! Shirley !

 on: Yesterday at 02:18:32 am 
Started by Obsidian - Last post by the Call of Chthulu
Shoggoth.. :nw:

 on: Yesterday at 02:16:44 am 
Started by Obsidian - Last post by PrisonerX
More like an egg sac. I wonder if it was colossal or giant squid.

 on: Yesterday at 02:15:03 am 
Started by Obsidian - Last post by Lovecraft
When I read the title and saw the pic I was expecting something alien or belonging to a sea monster.

 on: Yesterday at 02:13:30 am 
Started by Obsidian - Last post by She-ra, Princess of Power
Thank you, this is great!

 on: Yesterday at 02:11:16 am 
Started by Obsidian - Last post by Zodiac
Damn, damn, damn, my hopes dashed AGAIN by these tantalizing story titles that turn out to have mundane explanations!! I was hoping it was a wormhole left by some aliens indicating that they have accepted us into their federation of planets and will now give us superpowers and turn the world into a paradise.

 on: Yesterday at 02:05:34 am 
Started by Bianca - Last post by 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse
Perhaps the numbers were misinterpreted. This gives a pretty comprehensive breakdown of the Greek numbers, bearing in mind that the Greeks did not imagine as many numbers as we do today:

Greek Numbers and Arithmetic

The earliest numerical notation used by the Greeks was the Attic system. It employed the vertical stroke for a one, and symbols for ``5", ``10", ``100", ``1000", and ``10,000". Though there was some steamlining of its use, these symbols were used in a similar way to the Egyptian system, being that symbols were used repeatedly as needed and the system was non positional. By the Alexandrian Age, the Greek Attic system of enumeration was being replaced by the Ionian or alphabetic numerals. This is the system we discuss.

The (Ionian) Greek system of enumeration was a little more sophisticated than the Egyptian though it was non-positional. Like the Attic and Egyptian systems it was also decimal. Its distinguishing feature is that it was alphabetical and required the use of more than 27 different symbols for numbers plus a couple of other symbols for meaning. This made the system somewhat cumbersome to use. However, calculation lends itself to a great deal of skill within almost any system, the Greek system being no exception.

Greek Enumeration
Basic Number Formation

First, we note that the number symbols were the same as the letters of the Greek alphabet.

where three additional characters, the (digamma), the(koppa), and the(sampi) are used. Hence, (sampi) are used. Hence,

 Larger Numbers

Larger numbers were also available. The thousands, 1000 to 9000, were represented by placing and apostrophe  '  before a unit. Thus

The letter M was used to represent numbers from 10,000 on up. Thus

Alternatively, depending on the history one reads

 As should be evident this system does not allow very large numbers to be expressed. Archimedes extended the system in his book The Sand Reckoner where he computed the number of grains of sand to fill the universe (of Aristarchus).


The Greeks used fractions, as did earlier civilizations. Their notation, however, was ambiguous and context was crucial for the correct reading a fraction. A diacritical mark was placed after the denominator of the (unit) fraction. So,

but this latter example could also mean

More complex fractions could be written as well, with context again being important. The numerator was written with an overbar, the denominator with the diacritical mark. Thus,

 Numerous, similar, representations also have been used, with increasing sophistication with time. Indeed, Diophantus (who came along very late in Greek mathematics) uses a fractional form identical to ours but with the numerator and denominator in reversed positions.


The arithmetic operations are complex in that so many symbols are used. Multiplication was carried out using the distributive law. For example:

 Remarkably, division was performed in essentially the same way as we do it today.

Don Allen
Mon Feb 10 08:30:20 CST 1997

 on: Yesterday at 01:52:32 am 
Started by Obsidian - Last post by Obsidian

A diver touching the squid egg mass. Small dots are eggs, while larger structures in the egg mass have not been identified.

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