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December 06, 2016, 04:09:51 am
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News: Ice Age blast 'ravaged America'
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 on: Yesterday at 09:12:58 pm 
Started by Fitcedric - Last post by Fitcedric
A look at the upcoming orbital observatory and what it will see in the depths of space.

 on: Yesterday at 09:12:16 pm 
Started by Fitcedric - Last post by Fitcedric
Top 10 facts about James Webb Telescope

 on: Yesterday at 09:10:37 pm 
Started by Fitcedric - Last post by Fitcedric

 on: Yesterday at 09:10:14 pm 
Started by Fitcedric - Last post by Fitcedric
Not my daughter
Posted on 12-2-2016 | Comment icon 3 comments

By: Jenny1983 | Location: Kansas USA

My husband and I both work graveyard shifts. So, about 3-4 months ago, he was at work and I was off that night. My oldest son was spending the night at his friend's so I had my three girls and my 3-year-old home with me. My 10-year-old was sleeping in bed with me along with my 3-year-old. My 3-year-old starts crying for milk so I get up and see the time that it's a little past 3:30 am.

I walk out to the living room and see my 8-year-old on the couch with my oldest daughter sleeping with the tv still on. I walk up to the couch and my oldest daughter is sleeping on one couch laying on her side with the blanket over her face and body and all I can see is her long black wavy hair hanging off the couch. I was going to pull the covers off her face and wake her up and send her and my 8-year-old to their room but decided not to wake them. I go to the kitchen grab milk and go back to bed. That morning my oldest daughter asked me why did I leave my 8-year-old sleeping on the couch by herself? I was confused for a second and told my daughter she wasn't alone and said "you slept on the couch with your sister".

My oldest said she was never on the couch and that she was in her bedroom the whole time FaceTiming her bff until 1 am and went to bed after that. I told my daughter don't be lying to me and she swore up and down that she never came out to the couch. I told her I saw her long black hair and my daughter reminded me that she never sleeps with her hair down. She gets hot easily and ALWAYS puts her hair up in a bun...I hought about it for a split second and she is right, she never sleeps with her hair down..if that wasn't her on the couch with her sister then who was that or what was that sleeping next to my daughter?!!!

 on: Yesterday at 09:09:03 pm 
Started by Fitcedric - Last post by Fitcedric

 on: Yesterday at 09:08:26 pm 
Started by Fitcedric - Last post by Fitcedric
Curious cat
Posted on 12-2-2016

By: BettyB00 | Location: Australia

I have been seeing things since I was a kid so this isn't a suprise. My partner and I moved into the house we bought and instantly knew something was different. Little things here and there happened but on this one night I had got up to go to the toilet and sat there doing my business with my head in my hands as I was so tired.

I looked up and sitting there at the corner of the hallway near the wall were these glowing eyes the same level a cat would be. I stared at it for a bit and it just got up, turned and walked away. I thought "well you're just weird Perly" (our cat). Then suddenly realised that our cat was in with my partner on our bed with the door shut. I felt a bit rattled thinking "wow I think I was just stalked by a ghost cat."

Not knowing its intentions I finished up, took the bolt to our room accidentally slamming the door waking my partner up. He said "what is going on?" I filled him in on what happened. As I was explaining, Perly our cat was sitting at the end of the bed staring at the bottom of the door. We thought "wow that was just out there."

Tonight, two months later, I was sitting in the lounge watching tv and not paying much attention and I saw a tail go past the other side of the coffee table. I got up to see if Perly was at the front door looking out and she was in our room with my partner asleep.

 on: December 03, 2016, 06:57:02 pm 
Started by War God of the Deep - Last post by War God of the Deep

Mysterious pyramids found in Antarctica
Are 'snow pyramids' evidence of ancient human civilisation?
By Ruth Doherty  Nov 23, 2016
Updated: Nov 24th 2016 10:20 AM

Google Earth images of Antarctica have revealed what look like pyramids - prompting conspiracy theorists to suggest they were created by anything from lost civilisations to aliens.

The 'snow pyramids' have the internet abuzz with the idea there was an ancient human civilisation that once lived in Antarctica.

See also: Is this an alien's undersea pyramid visible on Google Earth?

See also: Scientists discover cavities in Great Pyramid

Three pyramids have been found, with two of them 10 miles inland and the third near the coastline. They have four sides, prompting comparisons to the Egyptian pyramids of Giza.

Some scientists suggest humans could once have lived in the frozen area as it may once have been a lot warmer, perhaps even up to 20C.

Speaking to The Sun, Dr Vanessa Bowman, of the British Antarctic Survey, once said: "Go back 100 million years ago and Antarctica was covered in lush rainforests similar to those that exist in New Zealand today."

Others suggestion are that the pyramids are the remnants of the lost civilisation of Atlantis, or that they were built with the help of aliens.

The Daily Star suggests that if the structures are found to be man-made, it could change our understanding of human history.

However, the Inquisitr reports that a geological explanation of the pyramids has also been put forward, "suggesting pyramid-like formations could be extended rocky peaks known as "nunatak," which are protrusions through ice or glacial crust of the peaks of mountains or rocks that stand higher than the terrain around it."

The site added: "Of course, the four sides of the pyramid, though seemingly artificial, are the results of natural erosive forces over millions of years."

What do you think the pyramids are? Leave a comment below.

 on: December 02, 2016, 12:19:33 pm 
Started by senator Bam - Last post by senator Bam

"...Graham Phillips re: his recent article. GP says the area in Shropshire where he believes the historical Arthur (Bear in Brythonic) may be buried is today called The Berth which contains Berth Hill & Berth Pool. It may be obvious to GP but in case not, 'berth' is Anglo-Saxon for 'to bear', from 'beren'. Hence their may be a previous Brythonic name indicating 'bear' for the site that was anglicized. Also he says that according to the 'Song of Llywarch' the 1st king of Powys was buried at "Trafael's Acre". There is a 4 ft. 'Trafael's Stone" in Pembrokeshire, Wales ( could be a tomb capstone & is 'cupmarked' & believed to be very ancient. One of the Welsh translations of 'Trafael' is 'iron blade'. So if you have a hillock that was once an island, & possibly an ancient burial site in the area you have narrowed it down & in reference to it you have names that refer to the word 'bear' & also to a sword or iron blade (Excalibur?)...."

I just tried to join the Atlantis Rising forum (again, as i was member of the old forum years ago when i first was invited by Kronos to join this forum) to comment on this, but i am blocked by the broadband fibreoptics and windows 7/8/10 forced campaigns (I only have dialup and xp).

The berth connects with Baschurch (where Arthur said to repose), and both connect with Bassas and Reculver monastery-church.
The hall on the island of Affalach (Avalon) connects Afarnach's Hall of Pa Gur which matches Bassas and Reculver monastery-church. (Avalon in North Sea in Irish according to Spanuth.)
The mysterious body of the Levitating Altar of the Wonders of Britain is thought to possibly be "Arthur", and this Levitating Altar certainly seems to match Reculver Cross.

See the Bassas/Reculver table at:
or at

Fluoridated water ("kool-aid", wormwood) harms disadvantaged peoples (like i am) lives/health/ability.

 on: December 02, 2016, 07:11:09 am 
Started by senator Bam - Last post by senator Bam
Thanks Crimson, i agree/appreciate what you say, except that i don't quite wholly agree with the one "converts" bit. It is an academic discovery with evidences, not a religious belief theory. The truth is the truth. All we wanted was some people to appreciate our discovery evidences and few years hard work. It is not right that some people in this world get all the credit for things (eg "Richard the 3rd battle site found") and others don't get anything for their hard work. I was not seeking converts/followers, fame, money, just wanted at the least a few positive words appreciation and just for once in my life for some people to stop thinking i am wrong about everything. I am no better than anyone else. I suppose posting on forums is not the right way to get a thesis accepted by establishment, but it takes alot of time and effor tot write an academic paper that academia will read and accept. Anyway i have now quit the 12 battles campaign as i have other things i need & want to do rather than wasting (more of) my "life" on this. I hope some people like the discovery or theory connections.

We have posted another table in the page that link given in first post. (It is a pity that i couldn't post the tables here.)

Fluoridated water ("kool-aid", wormwood) harms disadvantaged peoples (like i am) lives/health/ability. 

 on: November 29, 2016, 11:56:50 pm 
Started by Psycho - Last post by Norman Pounders
I for one look forward to the resumption of torture of America's enemies, as well as some of our friends.

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