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News: Satellite images 'show Atlantis'
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 on: Today at 05:41:38 pm 
Started by Gahlbeck - Last post by Gahlbeck
Evidence of 'special site' for Bronze Age burials near Loch Ness
By Steven McKenzie BBC Scotland Highlands and Islands reporter

    14 December 2017

Image copyright AOC Archaeology
Image caption The latest grave to be found is pictured before and after soil was removed from inside it

Archaeologists say they are finding increasing evidence that a site near Loch Ness was important for burials in the Bronze Age.

A second 4,000-year-old grave has been located in an area being developed in Drumnadrochit where a stone-lined grave known as a cist was found in 2015.

The discovery two years ago included human remains.

The latest grave had filled with soil causing degradation to the pit, but a single Beaker pot was found.

Archaeologists said the decorated pot may have held an offering to the person who was buried in the cist.

The first grave was discovered during work constructing the new Drumnadrochit Medical Centre and excavated by AOC Archaeology Group.
Image caption The Beaker pot that was found in the second grave

Earlier this year, AOC archaeologists were called back to the area by Compass Building and Construction Services and Loch Ness Homes, who are building a mix of affordable and private housing on land near the medical centre.

Mary Peteranna, operations Manager for AOC Archaeology's Inverness office, said: "The discovery of a second Bronze Age cist on the site provides increasing evidence for the special selection of this site in the prehistoric landscape as a location for ceremonial funerary activity.

"This cist, along with the medical centre cist and a second burial pit, is generating much more information about the prehistory of Glen Urquhart.

"Historically, there was a large cairn shown on maps of the area but you can imagine that centuries of ploughing in these fields have removed any upstanding reminders of prehistoric occupation."

The archaeologist added: "During the work, we actually found a displaced capstone from another grave that either has not survived or has not yet been discovered.

"So it's quite likely that these graves were covered by stone cairns or mounds, long-since ploughed out."
Image caption Archaeologists were called back to the site in Drumnadrochit earlier this year

Beaker pots, with their distinctive flared necks and geometric patterns, have frequently been found at Bronze Age burial sites along with other artefacts, such as arrowheads, wristguards and copper knives.

Archaeologists described the new Drumnadrochit pot as a small Beaker with "simple incised decoration" similar to other Scottish examples dating to between 2200-1900 BC.

It is similar in size to one found on the medical centre site in 2015, but with a less ornate design.

Archaeologists said future analysis would confirm if, like the medical centre Beaker, it contained an offering at the time of burial.

Important Bronze Age finds have been made across the Scottish Highlands.

They include the remains of a woman known to archaeologists as Ava, an abbreviation of Achavanich where her bones were discovered in 1987.

Last year, a facial reconstruction of her face was made by forensic artist Hew Morrison, a graduate of the University of Dundee.

 on: Today at 01:50:02 pm 
Started by nikas - Last post by Oliver

My dear Critias, you still owe me an apology. But besides that, I felt that since no one seems to be interested in your posting of Nikas' colossal, and "groundbreaking" article, I would also give you the chance of making another apology. This one though, would be an apology to all those on this site who had, or still have an interest in Plato's Atlantis. And which this general apology would be for your posting of such nonsense that Nikas is renowned for in many of the forums that discuss/discussed Atlantis. This article link you posted on behalf of your old friend and Joker merits only an apology from you. You would understand what I mean, if only you had some real understanding of Plato's work.

Ladies and gentlemen of the "JURY", will no one dare to come forth and give a verdict on this "Capital" accomplishment, a crime, by our old friend Nikas? And I'm taking a liberty in using the term, "old friend", loosely. But, since there has been zero activity on this post by Nikas' accomplice, Critias, as far as anyone providing comments about the article, should we not use this opportunity Critias (Nikas) has so graciously given us with this "unique" Maltese news, to put some life back in this thread? After all, let us not debase the importance of this extraordinarily, breaking news, and unique archeological find by our outstanding "Indiana Jones", and his new adventure of; "The Enigmatic Temples of Atlantis." It seems that Nikas has put "out" so much in getting his "article" printed by this "colossal" news source, and it has been almost a month since he posted the link, but no one has taken the "bait." The search is over, and Atlantis will be raised from the depths of the Maltese territorial waters, but only if the Maltese government will believe, yet, another Atlantis-is-Malta claim. Redirecting my attention from Critias to my dear Nikas, the author, I ask,  don't you see that the Maltese De Salle Student Council has already made you the star of their PLAY? Or shall I address you directly as, my dear Milo? And you can respond with your usual profanity, if you care to respond at all. We missed you around here, Nikas! With all the bad news Trump generates, we could use a few laughs, which you usually provided us with, especially when you vaunted your Etruscan language skills. Well, at least you made me laugh, without speaking for the others. But I'm digressing, and so, back to Milo. Nikas, are you going to be receiving royalties from the proceeds of the play which the Maltese university is staging? After all it's only fair that you would be compenseted, since it seems that they are using your real life-self, in modeling the character, Milo? Did you know about it, and if you did, did you give your consent to them? After all, the character and the plot fits you to the "T", even though it is a very heavy caricature. But, perhaps you have little legal basis for claiming royalties, as both the character and plot resemble you only in your own imagination of grandiosity. See for yourself what this Lasallian Nights for 2017 is all about.

Lasallian Nights is an annual production solely put up by the De La Salle Student Council with the help of the LN Committee. The show comprises of a Scripted Play together with a number of Items (Dances, Songs and Sketches). Approximate running time is 3 hours. Meet Milo Thatch, the famous linguist of ancient languages; obsessed with trying to find the Lost City of Atlantis. Milo is trying to appeal to the De La Salle University (DLSU) board to fund his expedition through which he hopes to find this legendary and extraordinary city, but nobody will listen to him. Well, who would blame them? Something just seems so darn off typical about him! So how is he going to get there? How is he going to prove them wrong as he seeks to uncover all the evidence that the Lost City of Atlantis truly exists? The answer: Indiana Jones, the celebrated archaeologist. After a great amount of convincing (some would readily say pestering) from Milo, they both set sail in search of the fabled Lost City of Atlantis. But does it really exist? And if it does, will they be able to find it? Will things be just as they expected them to be? On your part, are you keen to find out what will happen to Milo and Indiana through this journey? Then we invite you to come and join us for an evening of adventure, talent and excitement. This year's Lasallian Nights will seek to uncover the truth about The Lost City of Atlantis! We assure you a real "whale" of a time!

And may I add that this would be a great time to discuss Atlantis and Malta, since our great head-librarian of Atlantipedia, and Atlantis expertise galore, Mr. O'Connell, as we are told, happens to be vacationing in Malta with his partner at this very time period. Somebody on good speaking terms with Tony O'Connell should tell him to take his partner out to dinner and a show. Lasallian Nights anyone? Why! we could also ask Tony to verify why the Maltese government is not taking Nikas' claims seriously? And Tony, as the Atlantis expert and consultant extraordinaire, could also visit the editor of that news source that "published" Nikas' story, and ask why the editor did not edit out all the nonsense and noncompliance to Plato's story, which Nikas' "article" contained? Or rather, ask why the editor printed the article at all, since everyone on Malta already knows that Plato meant Malta as Atlantis? We know that travel agencies use Atlantis as a coy and, apparently, the Maltese government's Tourism office approves of the use of Atlantis to entice tourism. Why! even hotels in Malta, and the Maltese airline use this "little known" fact in advertising their hotels, to aid in the attracting of guests, and passengers. And the name of "Atlantis" is all over the island, such as at tiny museums, hotels, businesses, etc.

I have listed a few links that shows how Atlantis, and the name of Atlantis, is used for commercial purpose. And for a couple of the links I have also posted some of the contents of the link, once it is opened. Therefore we have much to discuss, if anyone wants to give Nikas the time-of-day he craves. Let us give Nikas the Third Degree, as from the cradle he has been "putting on" those that are not really familiar with Plato and his work. Therefore, I say that, if the supposed article by Nikas was not just an advertisement spot purchased by him, then, it must just be another Maltese small-town paper trying to attract another tourist or two, to help the Maltese economy. Because any serious newspaper, one that should be knowledgeable enough in their small country's history, and how it got its modern name of Malta, should have never printed that junk and bulls**t, about Malta being spelled backwards to arrive at the name Atlas, and which Plato, intentionally, used the name Atlas so that, one day, our genius, language expert, and google-earth expert seer, Nikas, would be able to find Atlantis for us all. That alone should have raised a big RED flag, to indicate that Nikas does not know the difference between Etruscan holes in the ground, and ones in those megalithic stones, which he, as it states: "Furthermore, when asked about the small dots, or depreciation holes, decorating facades at Hagar Qim I was told that it was a type of calendar. I tried to explain to them that they're placeholders for small flashy metal which Greeks called Orichalcum to make the wall shine like fire. They didn't want to listen to me. There was no point in telling them what Orichalcum really was."

Well said Nikas! And I say, as Hermocrates did, "There is no point in, again, telling Nikas that he is just a JOKER, and that he does not know how to "reason" himself out of a paper bag, should he be really serious about it."

Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta added 2 new photos.
November 19, 2015 ·


Lost City of Atlantis

Legend has it that Malta has been a true location for Atlantis. Malta has incredible ancient structures that are now over 9000 years old and according to an orthodox archaeologist potentially be the oldest stone ruins in the world. Malta once had huge animals resembling elephants. This shows evidence of having been destroyed in a huge cataclysmic wave. Author Joseph Ellul and others have proposed that Malta was part of a great civilization of the past, possibly Atlantis. Malta was probably connected to other parts of the Mediterranean when a huge wave from the Atlantic filled the Mediterranean. The island is far too small now to have been Atlantis, but it shows that the Mediterranean was a very different place 12,000 years ago

10 Facts Everyone Should Know Before Visiting Malta

2. Some believe that Malta was part of the Lost City of Atlantis

Over the years, people have suggested dozens of possible locations for the legendary city of Atlantis. Check out this Times of Malta article that discusses the theory.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006, 00:00 by Joseph Serracino
Is Malta really part of Atlantis?

It is said that thousands of years ago a sequential number of cataclysmic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions crushed a chain of mountains that once joined Europe and Africa together (Pillars of Herculis). The ocean water disintegrated the lower land that once existed under the Mediterranean Sea.

By time, the ocean water settled and the Mediterranean Sea was created. Obviously, the higher land survived the floods and several islands were formed. Thus, this new basin which came into being and which separated the two great continents became an arena of warfare and conflicts among the powerful maritime nations.

This great catastrophe separated Malta and Gozo from the mainland and, thus, the Maltese islands were formed. Now, according to Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, another catastrophic eruption occurred and the island of Atlantikos (the mother land) was submerged under the sea in the span of a single day and night.

From ancient times, several scholars have written about the existence of Atlantika but, unfortunately, never found its exact location. For the last two centuries this mysterious island confused hundreds of scientists and researchers through their findings. Evidently, these findings shaped new theories and pinpointed different sites around the world as the possible location of Atlantis. These theories hint at various locations in the Mediterranean Sea, such as Crete, Santorini, Cyprus, Malta, Sahara, Sardinia, the Middle East, Troy, the Canary Islands and Ireland in the Atlantic.

To my surprise I found that some of these theories also identify Atlantis in Central and Southern American countries (Bolivia and Peru) because the ruins of some ancient temples, to a certain extent, bear undeniable resemblance to that of Atlantis. Indonesia in the Pacific Ocean is also a possible site!

Unfortunately these assumptions have confused thousands of enthusiastic readers interested in this controversial subject. In Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias we find a clear description of what remained of Atlantika. It describes the remains of this once great city as the skeleton of a body due to its scattered remains on a number of small islands. Note that it only indicates a group of islands and not a part of a continent!

Everyone agrees that when Plato, together with Krantor, visited the temple of Neith at Sais, in Egypt, and saw the story of Atlantika engraved on the temple columns he located these remains in the western ocean (what is now referred to as the Mediterranean Sea). His visit to Egypt reaffirmed that Solon's (Athenian statesman and lawgiver) manuscript Atlantikos, written some 200 years before, was a historical fact and not a myth.

It is proven that the Greeks were not a seafaring people. If there was any sort of conflict between the Athenians (east forces) and Atlanteans (west forces), which, ultimately, according to the Egyptian high priest Psonchis in Solon's manuscript Atlantikos, resulted in a military encounter between them on Atlantika soil, it was eventually followed by a catastrophic disaster that submerged this island under the sea.

Therefore, one can conclude that the island of Atlantis was not distant from Greece as presumed by many theories which identify it with the South American continent.

In 1854, Giorgio Grongnet, the renowned Maltese architect, claimed that the Maltese islands are the remnants of Atlantide. This assertion came after an intense research about this enigmatic island which seemed already a controversial subject at his time. One should add that this theory was brought to the fore again by Maltese authors Anton Mifsud (Echoes Of Ploto Island) and Frances Galea (Malta Fdal Atlantis) and through other interesting articles published on local papers and magazines by various writers.

Fortunately, the theory that the Maltese islands in ancient times formed part of a larger island known as Atlantide is gaining acceptance among world-renowned scholars and researchers on this subject. The fact that on the Maltese islands we find several ancient temples (Il-Ggantija, l-Imnajdra, Hagar Qim) and the Hypogeum at Tarxien, proves that these ancient remains are more than a mere evidence that an advanced technological civilisation settled in Malta about 8,000 years ago.

But more than that, the fact that Malta is not so distant from Greece and that the Maltese islands together with the volcanic islands of Pantalleria and Lampedusa fall exactly into the description given by Plato, shows that these islands are part of the skeleton of the country left floating in the central Mediterranean to bear witness of Atlantis.

There are those who think that if this theory is proved scientifically then Malta can surely be referred to as the cradle of civilisation. At the same time, however, it will be a great challenge to local historians to rewrite and update our prehistory.
Atlantis Found: A Journey to the Neolithic Stones of Malta

Malta lies ninety-eight kilometers south of Sicily and is an archipelago that covers 300 square kilometers, of which only three islands are inhabited. The capital, Valetta, has a population of 7,000 with many surrounding suburbs that meld into the city. I visited because I wanted to see their well-preserved neolithic temples that pre-date Stonehenge, the palace of Knossos, and the Egyptian pyramids.

But, of course, I found a treasure trove of so much more. The Greeks settled the island in 700 BC and called it Melite or honey-sweet due to its large population of bees. After the Greeks, Malta became part of the Roman Empire and, according to the Bible’s Acts of the Apostles, St. Paul was shipwrecked here for three months. The city of Rabat still preserves the catacombs where St. Paul purportedly stayed.

By 900 A.D. the Arabs ruled the island, from which the Maltese developed their language. Today, they speak a Semitic tongue and use a Latin script.

After the Arabs, Malta was ruled by a series of monarchs until the Knights of St. John received a perpetual lease in 1530. Now known as the Knights of Malta, this Order built the breathtaking limestone fortifications and watchtowers that still line the inner-harbor around Valetta and its suburbs.

Napoleon captured Malta and he was overthrown by the Maltese thanks to ammunition provided by the Kingdom of Naples, the Kingdom of Sicily, and Great Britain. Malta then came under British rule — the likely reason why the Maltese all speak English so well. They were granted independence in 1964 and today are part of the EU, using the Euro for their currency.

The Neolithic Temples of Malta, however, were the highlight of my visit. Archeologists believe settlers from Sicily first came to the island in 5,200 B.C. At that time, dwarf hippos and dwarf elephants still roamed the area. By about 3,500 B.C. these neolithic people built a myriad of temples (I counted at least seven the Maltese have preserved), but little is known about these ancient inhabitants, except for what we see in these stones.

Tarxien is located in the middle of a bustling city only a few kilometers from the Valetta harbor. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can walk to an inner temple where a hearth, an offering bowl, and columns give visual evidence that this must have once been an architectural wonder.

In the southwest region of the island about a one-hour bus ride from Valetta, the Hagar Qim stands on a ridge overlooking the sea. Scientists have created a large tent that cover the stones in order to preserve them from the elements. A trilithon structure (two vertical stones supporting a third stone set horizontally on the top) leads to a passageway, in the middle of which a circular area seems to have been used for offerings and rituals.

A small walk down the hill leads to yet another temple, known as Mnajdra. Again protected by a tent, some of these mammoth stones have markings, which archeologists believe may have been a calendar. One passageway going through a trilithon leads to an inner sanctuary. Here, during the summer and winter solstice, the sun shines in a point at the center of the temple. During the equinoxes, the sun runs through the passageway in a perfect line.

Interestingly, this neolithic culture vanished in 2,500 B.C. and the island remained uninhabited by humans until the Greeks. Archeologists stipulate that the people disappeared due to famine or disease, rather than war because no weapons were found in the area. But who were these people that knew so much about architecture and astronomy? And what really happened to them? Some speculate that Plato’s account of lost Atlantis might have been this lost culture in Malta.,1103325

Atlantis in Malta
Author: Moira Eleven ()
Date: May 17, 2017 03:10PM
There is new fiction book on Atlantis in Malta. It is a novel but it presents the case for Atlantis in Malta.

Here is a customer review :

A fascinating journey guided by wise women from ancient matriarchal times to the present. This is much more than an adventure, although it is that too. In the search for understanding of the forces in our world and for the location of Atlantis, the heroine reveals her extensive knowledge of archaeology, art, culture, geology and the ancient temples of Malta, built before the pyramids. There are spiritual encounters which help the reader to understand the huge scope of elemental forces and the powers that shape our lives. Malta is an essential part of the story, but we visit Egypt, Mali, Libya and places of deep culture. It's both entertaining and informative.
Atlantis and The Legendary Blue Queen


Between the Atlantis of Plato and the version depicted in a 1970s American science-fiction series, Ben Russell weaves an eloquent structure of accounts and utopias. With a close relationship to his previous opus Let Us Persevere... as much from a structural point of view as in terms of the key question of happiness, Atlantis is a documentary portrait of the mythic island, imaginary or lost, found in the singular Malta. “Instead of trying to verify or undermine local Maltese claims to that island's existence as Atlantis, I decided that I'd believe that it was and work from there. What would utopia be in the present? How would it be limited by a vision of the past? This is where Plato and Thomas More came in.” (BR). The film takes inspiration from More’s position on utopia and on men as dominant creatures; moreover, it widely extends the spectre of its subject via its own form. Through a fragmented narrative that never gives up the intelligibility of his discourse, the filmmaker returns to another of his preferred research areas: trance; perhaps produced here by the magnetic beauty of the film.

Emilie Bujès


 on: Yesterday at 08:24:50 pm 
Started by Waldron - Last post by Waldron
Frozen lake sounds like a Star Wars battle
Posted on Tuesday, 12 December, 2017 |

This amazing footage of Gun Lake in Canada reveals the cacophony of strange sounds made by the ice.
The recording, which was uploaded on to the 'Mesmerizing Instruments and Sounds' Facebook page, captures the bizarre sounds of the 'singing ice' as it shifts due to temperature changes.

The noise is like nothing else on Earth - a strange combination of bursting bubbles, boiling water and the sounds made by blaster fire during a space battle in Star Wars.

While the phenomenon isn't new, it is quite unusual and is thought to be particularly audible when there is no snow on the lake's surface to absorb the sounds.

This particular example has so far been viewed over 160,000 times.

( If the audio in the video doesn't play, click the volume icon at the bottom right )

 on: Yesterday at 07:19:50 pm 
Started by In the Mouth of Madness - Last post by In the Mouth of Madness

 on: Yesterday at 07:19:03 pm 
Started by In the Mouth of Madness - Last post by In the Mouth of Madness
'Mystery creature' filmed by Sydney family
Posted on Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

Could this be a seal, a shark, or something else ? Image Credit: Fethi Ada
65-year-old Fethi Ada and his family had been out fishing when they encountered something rather unusual.
The unidentified creature, which surfaced unexpectedly near to their boat in the Hawkesbury River for around 10 seconds, has been described by the family as 'very strange'.

"It looked human the way it lifted its head up," said Ada. "It looked over towards us like 'who are these people ?' My brother threw some bait in and then it just got scared off."

Despite the family's concerns however, the sighting may have a rather mundane explanation.

"It's rare you actually get to see many (animals) as they stay below the surface," said Secretary of Hawkesbury River Rescue, Felicity Brownrigg. "My guess would be that it is a seal."

 on: Yesterday at 05:59:50 pm 
Started by Medium of the Damned - Last post by Medium of the Damned
Massive, distant black hole 'shouldn't exist'
Posted on Thursday, 7 December, 2017

How such a large black hole formed so early remains a total mystery. Image Credit: NASA / Alain Riazuelo
A newly discovered supermassive black hole is challenging what scientists know of the early universe.
The cosmic behemoth, which appears as it did a mere 690 million years after the Big Bang, is around 800 million times the mass of our Sun - much larger than it should be for its relatively young age.

"This is the only object we have observed from this era," said Prof Robert Simcoe of MIT. "It has an extremely high mass, and yet the universe is so young that this thing shouldn't exist."

"The universe was just not old enough to make a black hole that big. It's very puzzling."

The find suggests that some other, completely unknown, process must have been at work.

"If you start with a seed like a big star, and let it grow at the maximum possible rate, and start at the moment of the Big Bang, you could never make something with 800 million solar masses - it's unrealistic," said Professor Simcoe.

"So there must be another way that it formed. And how exactly that happens, nobody knows."

 on: Yesterday at 04:32:45 pm 
Started by HereForNow - Last post by HereForNow
I appplaud your efforts but if Venusians, Martians, Saturnians and other Lyran civilizations can't speed up Mars' habitation rate what makes you think anyone living on Earth can ?
      Well old friend. It's the progression of my predictions in the changes we apply using natural forces.

 on: Yesterday at 04:30:03 pm 
Started by Stellarpax - Last post by Stellarpax
Man spontaneously combusts on London street
Posted on Friday, 15 December, 2017 |

Authorities have been unable to explain how the man caught fire. Image Credit:
Police are appealing for information after a pensioner inexplicably burst in to flames in broad daylight.
The bizarre incident, which occurred in the London Borough of Haringey on September 17th, involved 70-year-old John Nolan, a retired construction worker, who somehow caught fire just after 1pm.

Members of the public were quick to offer assistance in putting out the fire but unfortunately the burns he had sustained from the blaze were too severe and he died from his injuries.

An investigation later failed to find anything on his person that could explain how he had caught fire.

"We have spoken with a number of witnesses who saw Mr Nolan ablaze, but we have yet to establish how the fire started," said PC Damien Ait-Amer.

"Mr Nolan was a well-liked member of the community and none of our enquiries so far have indicated that he had been involved in a dispute of any sort. Nor does any account given by witnesses suggest that he had been in contact with another person at the time of the fire."

Investigations in to the incident, which has been classed as 'unexplained', are still ongoing.

 on: December 15, 2017, 01:35:09 pm 
Started by Abomination, in the Eyes of God - Last post by Abomination, in the Eyes of God

Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Biggest Spoilers and Reveals
By Sarah Moran 
 5 hours ago

Star Wars The Last Jedi Movie Review





Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Last Jedi ahead!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now in theaters and fans are losing their minds over some of its biggest and most shocking moments and spoilers. It’s a film that certainly leaves its mark on a galaxy far, far away, altering our perception of what’s possible in some major ways. The Last Jedi also takes its characters’ arcs in surprising and unexpected directions, dotting the film with genuine twists and turns.

All that being said, if you haven’t already seen The Last Jedi and don’t want to learn what happens, we suggest you stop here and don’t read any further until you have. Unless you don’t mind being spoiled for what are by far some of the most exciting reveals since Darth Vader told Luke he was his father, turn back now.

New Force Powers (This Page)

An Old Message & Kylo Ren's Origin


Rey's Parents Revealed & Holdo's Sacrifice

The Blue Lightsaber Destroyed & The Final Fight

Luke's Death & The Jedi's Future

Leia Saves Herself From Space Using The Force

First Order General Leia Star Wars: The Last Jedis Biggest Spoilers and Reveals



Ever since Yoda first mentioned there being “another“, fans have been waiting for then-Princess, now-General Leia Organa to more fully explore her connection with The Force. Like her father and brother, Leia is a Force-sensitive individual though she never received any formal training (even Yoda thought she was better suited to become a Jedi than Luke). Still, she remains incredibly strong with the Force, demonstrating that she can sense others through, as she did when Luke was stranded on Cloud City and when Han was killed by Kylo Ren.

Related: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review – The Saga Continues In Epic Fashion

But in The Last Jedi, Leia finally has the chance to exhibit a power beyond “gut feelings“, fully embracing her Force-abilities. The moment in question comes early on in the film as the Resistance is desperately outrunning the First Order’s fleet. During the escape, the bridge of Leia’s cruiser is shot out and those present are launched into space. All are killed – including longtime rebel leaders, like Admiral Ackbar – but not Leia. She manages to survive against all odds thanks to the Force, tapping into that powerful energy to pull herself safely back to the ship (though her time in the vacuum of space does take its toll and she winds up in a coma). It’s a breath-taking sequence as the self-rescuing princess manages to do just that again, reminding us she won’t be so easily defeated.

Rey And Kylo Share A Force Connection

Star Wars The Last Jedi Posters Kylo Ren and Rey Star Wars: The Last Jedis Biggest Spoilers and Reveals



While The Force Awakens introduced Rey as this trilogy’s new hero and protagonist, it also made sure to give ample screen time to Kylo Ren, depicting the film’s antagonist as both her opposite and equal. Though their roles in the film place them in conflict, there’s a bond that forms between them thanks to their strong ties to the light and dark sides of The Force. In The Last Jedi, that bond is explored more fully, with their connection becoming a link between them – a sharing of minds through The Force.

It’s a new gimmick never before seen in a Star Wars movie, allowing for Rey and Kylo to communicate directly. At several points throughout the film, they speak to one another as if they are in the same room while actually being light years apart and can occasionally physically interact, at one point even touching hands. It’s during these interactions that Rey becomes aware of the conflict raging within Kylo, believing there is still good in him. Only later is it revealed to have all been a ploy of Snoke’s to manipulate Rey, explaining it was he who linked their minds and stoked Kylo’s guilt in the hopes that Rey would seek him out in an attempt to turn him.

But whether a trick or not, there’s no denying that Rey and Kylo grew closer because of this link, sharing thoughts and feelings with each other that they wouldn’t have dared to under different circumstances. What this might mean for their next confrontation isn’t exactly clear, but this shared link, even if it’s now severed, is certain to have made an impact.



Page 2: An Old Message & Kylo Ren's Origin

«PREVIOUS 1 2 3 4 5 6NEXT»

Key Release Dates
◾Star Wars 8/Star Wars: The Last Jedi release date: Dec 15, 2017
◾Solo: A Star Wars Story release date: May 25, 2018
◾Star Wars 9 / Star Wars: Episode IX release date: Dec 20, 2019

TAGS: star wars, star wars 8

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Disney/Fox Deal Includes Fantastic Four

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 on: December 14, 2017, 10:13:56 am 
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BREAKING: Disney Buys 20th Century Fox and 20th Century Fox Television

SuperHeroHypeDec 14, 2017


BREAKING: Disney Buys 20th Century Fox and 20th Century Fox Television

Disney Buys 20th Century Fox and 20th Century Fox Television

It’s official! The Walt Disney Company has purchased 21st Century Fox, including the 20th Century Fox Film and Television studios, along with cable and international TV businesses. The deal includes 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox 2000, 20th Century Fox Television, FX Productions, Fox21, FX Networks, National Geographic Partners, Fox Sports Regional Networks, Fox Networks Group International, Star India and Fox’s interests in Hulu, Sky, and Endemol Shine Group.

The deal doesn’t include the Fox Broadcasting network and stations, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, FS1, FS2 and Big Ten Network. Those will be spun off into a newly-listed company.

It has also been revealed that The Walt Disney Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger has agreed to continue in the position through the end of calendar year 2021.

You can read the full press release below:

The Walt Disney Company and Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement for Disney to acquire 21st Century Fox, including the Twentieth Century Fox Film and Television studios, along with cable and international TV businesses, for approximately $52.4 billion in stock (subject to adjustment). Building on Disney’s commitment to deliver the highest quality branded entertainment, the acquisition of these complementary assets would allow Disney to create more appealing content, build more direct relationships with consumers around the world and deliver a more compelling entertainment experience to consumers wherever and however they choose. Immediately prior to the acquisition, 21st Century Fox will separate the Fox Broadcasting network and stations, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, FS1, FS2 and Big Ten Network into a newly listed company that will be spun off to its shareholders.

Under the terms of the agreement, shareholders of 21st Century Fox will receive 0.2745 Disney shares for each 21st Century Fox share they hold (subject to adjustment for certain tax liabilities as described below). The exchange ratio was set based on a 30-day volume weighted average price of Disney stock. Disney will also assume approximately $13.7 billion of net debt of 21st Century Fox. The acquisition price implies a total equity value of approximately $52.4 billion and a total transaction value of approximately $66.1 billion (in each case based on the stated exchange ratio assuming no adjustment) for the business to be acquired by Disney, which includes consolidated assets along with a number of equity investments.

Popular Entertainment Properties to Join Disney Family

Combining with Disney are 21st Century Fox’s critically acclaimed film production businesses, including Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures and Fox 2000, which together offer diverse and compelling storytelling businesses and are the homes of Avatar, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool, as well as The Grand Budapest Hotel, Hidden Figures, Gone Girl, The Shape of Water and The Martian—and its storied television creative units, Twentieth Century Fox Television, FX Productions and Fox21, which have brought The Americans, This Is Us, Modern Family, The Simpsons and so many more hit TV series to viewers across the globe. Disney will also acquire FX Networks, National Geographic Partners, Fox Sports Regional Networks, Fox Networks Group International, Star India and Fox’s interests in Hulu, Sky plc, Tata Sky and Endemol Shine Group.

“The acquisition of this stellar collection of businesses from 21st Century Fox reflects the increasing consumer demand for a rich diversity of entertainment experiences that are more compelling, accessible and convenient than ever before,” said Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company. “We’re honored and grateful that Rupert Murdoch has entrusted us with the future of businesses he spent a lifetime building, and we’re excited about this extraordinary opportunity to significantly increase our portfolio of well-loved franchises and branded content to greatly enhance our growing direct-to-consumer offerings. The deal will also substantially expand our international reach, allowing us to offer world-class storytelling and innovative distribution platforms to more consumers in key markets around the world.”

“We are extremely proud of all that we have built at 21st Century Fox, and I firmly believe that this combination with Disney will unlock even more value for shareholders as the new Disney continues to set the pace in what is an exciting and dynamic industry,” said Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman of 21st Century Fox. “Furthermore, I’m convinced that this combination, under Bob Iger’s leadership, will be one of the greatest companies in the world. I’m grateful and encouraged that Bob has agreed to stay on, and is committed to succeeding with a combined team that is second to none.”

At the request of both 21st Century Fox and the Disney Board of Directors, Mr. Iger has agreed to continue as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company through the end of calendar year 2021.

“When considering this strategic acquisition, it was important to the Board that Bob remain as Chairman and CEO through 2021 to provide the vision and proven leadership required to successfully complete and integrate such a massive, complex undertaking,” said Orin C. Smith, Lead Independent Director of the Disney Board. “We share the belief of our counterparts at 21st Century Fox that extending his tenure is in the best interests of our company and our shareholders, and will be critical to Disney’s ability to effectively drive long-term value from this extraordinary acquisition.”

Benefits to Consumers

The acquisition will enable Disney to accelerate its use of innovative technologies, including its BAMTECH platform, to create more ways for its storytellers to entertain and connect directly with audiences while providing more choices for how they consume content. The complementary offerings of each company enhance Disney’s development of films, television programming and related products to provide consumers with a more enjoyable and immersive entertainment experience.

Bringing on board 21st Century Fox’s entertainment content and capabilities, along with its broad international footprint and a world-class team of managers and storytellers, will allow Disney to further its efforts to provide a more compelling entertainment experience through its direct-to-consumer (DTC) offerings. This transaction will enable Disney’s recently announced Disney and ESPN-branded DTC offerings, as well as Hulu, to create more appealing and engaging experiences, delivering content, entertainment and sports to consumers around the world wherever and however they want to enjoy it.

The agreement also provides Disney with the opportunity to reunite the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool with the Marvel family under one roof and create richer, more complex worlds of inter-related characters and stories that audiences have shown they love. The addition of Avatar to its family of films also promises expanded opportunities for consumers to watch and experience storytelling within these extraordinary fantasy worlds. Already, guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort can experience the magic of Pandora—The World of Avatar, a new land inspired by the Fox film franchise that opened earlier this year. And through the incredible storytelling of National Geographic—whose mission is to explore and protect our planet and inspire new generations through education initiatives and resources—Disney will be able to offer more ways than ever before to bring kids and families the world and all that is in it.

Enhancing Disney’s Worldwide Offerings

Adding 21st Century Fox’s premier international properties enhances Disney’s position as a truly global entertainment company with authentic local production and consumer services across high-growth regions, including a richer array of local, national and global sporting events that ESPN can make available to fans around the world. The transaction boosts Disney’s international revenue mix and exposure.

Disney’s international reach would greatly expand through the addition of Sky, which serves nearly 23 million households in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy; Fox Networks International, with more than 350 channels in 170 countries; and Star India, which operates 69 channels reaching 720 million viewers a month across India and more than 100 other countries.

Prior to the close of the transaction, it is anticipated that 21st Century Fox will seek to complete its planned acquisition of the 61% of Sky it doesn’t already own. Sky is one of Europe’s most successful pay television and creative enterprises with innovative and high-quality direct-to-consumer platforms, resonant brands and a strong and respected leadership team. 21st Century Fox remains fully committed to completing the current Sky offer and anticipates that, subject to the necessary regulatory consents, the transaction will close by June 30, 2018. Assuming 21st Century Fox completes its acquisition of Sky prior to closing of the transaction, The Walt Disney Company would assume full ownership of Sky, including the assumption of its outstanding debt, upon closing.

Transaction Highlights

The acquisition is expected to yield at least $2 billion in cost savings from efficiencies realized through the combination of businesses, and to be accretive to earnings before the impact of purchase accounting for the second fiscal year after the close of the transaction.

Terms of the transaction call for Disney to issue approximately 515 million new shares to 21st Century Fox shareholders, representing approximately a 25% stake in Disney on a pro forma basis. The per share consideration is subject to adjustment for certain tax liabilities arising from the spinoff and other transactions related to the acquisition. The initial exchange ratio of 0.2745 Disney shares for each 21st Century Fox share was set based on an estimate of such tax liabilities to be covered by an $8.5 billion cash dividend to 21st Century Fox from the company to be spun off. The exchange ratio will be adjusted immediately prior to closing of the acquisition based on an updated estimate of such tax liabilities. Such adjustment could increase or decrease the exchange ratio, depending upon whether the final estimate is lower or higher, respectively, than the initial estimate. However, if the final estimate of the tax liabilities is lower than the initial estimate, the first $2 billion of that adjustment will instead be made by net reduction in the amount of the cash dividend to 21st Century Fox from the company to be spun off. The amount of such tax liabilities will depend upon several factors, including tax rates in effect at the time of closing as well as the value of the company to be spun off.

The Boards of Directors of Disney and 21st Century Fox have approved the transaction, which is subject to shareholder approval by 21st Century Fox and Disney shareholders, clearance under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act, a number of other non-United States merger and other regulatory reviews, and other customary closing conditions.

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