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Title: Zeitgeist- The movie
Post by: HereForNow on May 08, 2008, 05:41:22 am
Watch it. It is worth to see every single second of this. Spread around.

I part: Very precise connection of astrology and religion, in facts.

II part: Another 9/11 truth, without government bull**** commission.

III part: Answer who is who in the political, military, economy of USA. Im not American, but i felt miserably after this one. Cant imagine how it would looks that I AM American.

Sadly, American government likes to interfere in other's country business. One of it is mine :( It would be much better if they turn their heads to personal problems of common American citizen.

For the movie-

Title: Re: Zeitgeist- The movie
Post by: Dark30 on May 31, 2008, 07:24:47 am
Zeitgeist-----I watched a part of this at a "friend's" house, last night. (He knows who he is!! :))  I agree with what I saw. For some reason, my computer doesn't want to play it. But, after seeing and hearing it, I still have questions about "Christianity" that I would LOVE to ask my neighbors.  ;D  But, since they don't want me around them, it would be hard to do so.
      1. WHY do ALL these churches want our money, REALLY???
      2. IS the bible REALLY GOD's words, or did someone just make it up a long time ago, and "CLAIM" that God said it ALL???
      3. What IF Jesus and one his Apostles went behind a huge rock, or tree, one night with no witnesses and performed some "gay sex"???
      4. If Adam and Eve WERE the FIRST people on Earth, THEN WHERE did ALL the rest of the people come from???
  So many questions. So little time.  But, I do continue to wonder about these.  :-X  Like---Who is the true "evil"?? And, Who is the true "good"???  God or Satan??????

Title: Re: Zeitgeist- The movie
Post by: Dark30 on May 31, 2008, 09:12:37 am
The last two parts of the Zeitgeist movie.....I could not finish watching!!!
 After I was FINALLY able to get my computer to work for me, I stared watching the last two parts. I had to fast forward, then just STOP watching it. It's obvious to me that Washington DC, and the WHOLE GOVERNMENT wants this country to be DESTROYED!!!!!!  >:(   That makes me MAD AS HELL!!!!!  Why bother having a government, or even a democracy, if ALL THEY WANT is to destroy a country??? 
 AND, the thing about the debt. I am in debt, up to my ears, with credit cards. I have NO JOB. I am on welfare. I am looking for a job. I have debt collectors calling me, CONSTANTLY, HARRASSING me. Why DID the credit card companies even PRE-APPROVE me in the first place????  This WHOLE country IS going straight to Hell, if it ain't there, yet!!!!!  I AM SO TEMPTED, AND READY, TO MOVE TO CANADA!!!!!!!  8)