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Title: "PANNIKIN" cafe
Post by: DDDnD3D on April 22, 2007, 03:02:01 am
*** Hey *** speaking of coffeeshops does anybody know of THE PANNIKIN in La Jolla California? I first discovered it in 1984 & last visited there in 1995. I'd spent many memorable hours there sipping coffee mocas of columbia. . . java. . . kona combinations. Some of my finest research. . . feedback & debate was inspired in this quaint beachtown setting. This place was an excellent mix of professionals of many fields. . . researchers. . . students. . . artists. . . musicians. . . models. . . actors. . . surfers. . . etc. Would love to hear from anybody that knows of this place. I know THE PANNIKIN expanded to downtown San Diego. . . Del Mar/ Leucadia? . . & the Cove of La Jolla. But the ORiGONAL I experienced was on Girard at Pearl. Would love to know if its still there? ***nD3*

Title: Re: "PANNIKIN" cafe
Post by: Trevor Proffitt on April 24, 2007, 02:37:44 am
I wish!  Sounds like a really cool place. So when is the last time you've been there, DDDnD3D, I take it you're out of the states now..?

Title: Re: "PANNIKIN" cafe
Post by: DDDnD3D on April 27, 2007, 04:07:46 am
***Hi Trevor*** This was a very cool place. . . im currently in a travelling mode working my way back to california . . .one of my dreams has been to drive down the West Coast on the Pacific Coast Highway from Vancouver to La Jolla . Its exactly 12 years About Now since i left there! Looking forward to seeing the Ole Place & catching up with some ancient friends.   D****3D