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Title: Nobel Prize winning scientist endorses the Urantia book.
Post by: sevens on February 20, 2008, 01:31:53 pm
Kary Banks Mullis, Ph.D. (born December 28, 1944) is an American
biochemist and Nobel laureate.

Dr Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for his
development of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), a central technique
in biochemistry and molecular biology which allows the amplification of
specified DNA sequences. Dr Mullis subsequently was awarded the Japan
Prize that same year.

Kary Mullis has publicly endorsed the Urantia book for it's revelatory
and original scientific information connected to his field of study in
human DNA at his website.

The Urantia Book was purportedly written by extraterrestrials and
published in 1955. It has been freely available on the internet since
2001. Several scientific developments, unexpected in 1955, reported in
2005 in Science and Nature, and referenced below, were somehow,
described rather precisely already in the Urantia Book.

I thought that was incredible that a Nobel peace prize winner would admit that.  I believe it takes GUTS for such an estemmed man to come forward with his spiritual beliefs

All the best


Title: Re: Nobel Prize winning scientist endorses the Urantia book.
Post by: Norman Pounders on February 22, 2008, 01:47:44 am
That achievement might be more impresssive had Al Gore not just won it, too.  Clearly, the Nobel Prize is something that liberals give themselves when they want to feel important to one another.

Title: Re: Nobel Prize winning scientist endorses the Urantia book.
Post by: sevens on February 22, 2008, 02:06:47 pm
I was impressed by the fact that a scientist read the Urantia Book and wanted to prove the information with his own scientific calculation and research and was right and that is no different to what I do today in the journey to the ancient places. 

I suppose It will be sometime before I pick up my own Nobel peace prize.

ahahahahah   just joking having a laugh!

Just out of curiosity I phoned a major movie production company to see what response there would be concerning the journey. Apparently, I have to know some one in order to get any proposal on there desk.  Well that counted me out right from the word go.  I thought that was a shame that the industry is so locked up in that, it is who you know rather than something on its own merit regardless of the source.  It seems like a very closed industry for any thing new from an outsider.

There and then I gave up as I knew it was fruitless! I walking in a dead end being a complete outsider even when I believe the idea in this journey would be the biggest true Indiana Jones story ever but in truth, in the discovery and in the research.  I think all those movies are the type of this journey without the physical aggression and people dying in this journey being a peaceful journey.


Title: Re: Nobel Prize winning scientist endorses the Urantia book.
Post by: Norman Pounders on February 24, 2008, 03:17:44 pm
Well, don't be discouraged about the idea of getting a Nobel Peace prize, sevens. Since Al Gore, "Mr. Ozone" won one, apparently they are handing them out pretty cheaply these days. 

Did I hear you say that you're going to start an expedition someplace?  If so, when?

Title: Re: Nobel Prize winning scientist endorses the Urantia book.
Post by: sevens on February 24, 2008, 05:15:17 pm
AAAh I'm not interested in a Nobel peace prize, I am very happy with what I have been blessed with I couldn't ask for more from our great Father in heaven.

Just to be given an insight to this thread of truth is very satisfying for me.  There is nothing in the Babylon System that could satisfy me as Jesus our friend has blessed me with.  For what Jesus and the Sevenfold Seraphic mission  has blessed me with is just fantastic and I praise the Lord for that and is beyond all measure! and I have no fear at all but just increased love for him and one another and desire to define the truth better, wider and deeper.

In regards to an expedition,  Yes, its in the first stages of desire and I would love to go out to the Persian Gulf and verify the discovery and I would also love traditional Christianity to be on board to, even in the debate because I believe the proof will be in the discovery, in the physical that will verify all the information. I also would like some atheists to be on board to as this will prove something to them as well.

Personally, it would be worldwide contest of the truth of the matter.  Not that we have to prove Jesus or God because we know that within ourselves but there are many people on the planet that would require that evidence, it would an exciting time for all of us as I believe that we have entered into the dispensation of the Messiah and the discovery of the ancient places inaugurates the beginning of this period.  I even opened the office of the Messiah in celebration of this event so in faith I walk having complete trust in the Father of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I would love yourself and Calvin to be on this boat even though we have different thoughts it would be most exciting for us all and it would be of benefit to the congregation, the body of Jesus.

At the end of the day, the way I see things Christianity in new light and truth will be the most expanded and best religion to be involved in and will outstrip anything on the planet because it can be demonstrated and all the arguments of the atheists will fall in a heap of rubble!  It will be total decimation of there logic.  complete devastation and I believe that is the reckoning of all things inconsistent and untrue also that includes certain aspects of doctrine to, its a correction for all and its our attitude that is looked upon in light of greater but embracing truth.

And I want you and Calvin to be there so you can investigate the truth of the matter in the light of verification and I know the Father and Jesus desire this to.

Coming back to the expedition, I have no money nor influence to finance such an effort, I wrote to President Bush and informed him of my efforts and all the information of the ancient cities and even suggested that the US Navy go there and check it out, I even wrote to the Supreme Leader of Iran and told him and his President about the places and that he should check it out as i believe it is for the future with warning attached in the attitude.

I phoned a Hollywood production company responsible for Indiana Jones and I didn't even get to first base as I know no one and I am not part of the closed and locked family of Hollywood.  Ive tried to compel Christianity to finance an expedition but I never any get responses to that either.

All I can do is put up the information on a daily basis on behalf of the Sevenfold Seraphic Mission so that one day a person who can do things will pick up on it and run with this project on the next level/phase in the process of verification.

There is nothing I can do apart from writing relying totally on the Father and Jesus and the Sevenfold seraphic mission headed by the Ancient of Days.  It really is their hands including man.


Title: Re: Nobel Prize winning scientist endorses the Urantia book.
Post by: Norman Pounders on February 26, 2008, 01:13:53 pm
sevens, I believe in the rapture and hope to be one of the many good Christians that God brings to heaven before the tribulation begins.

However, I'm just wondering if we may be getting ahead of ourselves with all of this.  Is there any proof to back up what you say, that Jesus has come back?

Title: Re: Nobel Prize winning scientist endorses the Urantia book.
Post by: sevens on February 26, 2008, 02:56:27 pm
Hi Norman

Thanks for your post, Yes I have to contemplated Rapture many times and I have searched for the truth of it.  I even made all kinds of predictions on Rapture as I felt rapture could be related to the ancient places as the focal point.

Here is a link where I attempted to accumulate scriptures that I came across that I felt was related to rapture.

Perhaps I'm ahead of myself on this subject but I feel rapture in essence is a great learning and correction experience for man in his faith and will be the reckoning of false attitude brought about by Doctrine which is inconsistent.  This covers all religion not just one religion.

I sense that rapture is related to the end at the beginning (the former things) and is where the end shall be at the heritage of the ages.

I feel that if man or even his church of the Jesus rejects the final presentation of the Father at the beginning, the Father will rapture the ones that have faith and the rest that are left behind will have to think about things for a while.  I believe this is the learning experience for man and this is where doctrine will be corrected and many will murmur about that and will be greatly disappointed that there doctrine failed them in there attitude which is the ultimate display of current leadership.

Rapture is to me is the correction Rod for the Church and this will be the reckoning of doctrine that is inconsistent with the ultimate truth and attitude of Jesus.

I believe Jesus is here and if he is not here the Holy Spirit represents him and Jesus knows exactly what is happening and is guiding everything.

It could very well be that Jesus may visit Iran and its leadership at the point of rapture to open up the places for exploration there after.  In these days no one is going to lift a finger over here because of gross slothfulness and disbelief even though we have all the resources to this.  This could be the learning experience of the people and leadership in Iran and for Christianity together.  I believe it is quite possible that Jesus himself will open the door and stimulate government to explore the places in light of this devastation where everyone is corrected and will learn something.  This could be the lessons for Islam in the unification of all religion and serves as a correction for everyone.

In this part it is speculation but to me it makes total sense that all will see the truth where all pride and prejudice and false notions will be smashed to pieces.

This would destroy the division that divides us all.  Its is prophesied in the Quran that Jesus will come and slay the last rebel or Dajjal at Babeludd.  Not unlike in Christian prophecy and I believe it would be directly related to the beginning where the end is.  Where the great correction begins!  Where there is still unfinished business of the places relating to the fallen Sons of the Father.

I believe rapture is the reckoning of all false notions and inconsistency but more over it is completely related to attitude and stiff necked prejudice filled words and attitude that ultimately leads to death and destruction as we see today without a doubt.

Everyone will learn a great lesson and will be humbled totally but in that man will arise perfected through the trials of his faith in the experience. 

At this time the last rebel is restrained to a degree but post rapture the rebel will be unrestrained for a time because the elect wont be here to subdue the mischievousness of the rebel and that's when many things will fall apart.

If man, at the end of rapture fails to see this and whitewashes the whole thing to some pheonomena then there is no alternative to a severe judgment of all mankind and that's when the Ancient of Days arrive physically committed to judgment.  Post rapture/pre judgment could also mark the the beginning of the rise of the beast who may be represented as an individual who may very well hijack the places for his own benefit.

However the corrected faithful ones in this period will be protected and will be looked after but  could mark real devastation for many people in the failure of the doctrine which is displayed in there ultimate attitude in the post rapture period.

The dead sea scrolls and information written by the last teacher of righteousness is completely relevant to this time and by faith, the Office of the Messiah has been opened and fulfilled as according the words of the last teacher of righteousness.

As to the timing I have no idea but I feel the timing its is related to the attitude of man in this time right now!  Where I am ahead of myself I have no idea all I can do is write for the Sevenfold Seraphic teaching corp in this mission of Earth.

Personally, I don't think there will be many raptured as that will mark the failure of leadership to pick up on these things and reluctance to share with the congregation.  This time is a time of faith and if the watchtower falls asleep whilst on duty failing to warn and prepare the congregation then it will be evident of the failure of leadership and the congregation will not be happy even though its a individual thing in the attitude in the failure!

Its a catch 22, your damned if you don't act and your damned by your peers if you are ahead of yourself ahahahah.

What a scenario and it will take great boldness and faith for a real leader to warn the congregation in faith.

Personally, If I was a leader of a great church I would be upfront and honest in the assessment and I would keep nothing away or even suppress it because the proof will be in the evidence.  That's why I say that it is Christianity's responsibility to explore these places with a true heart and with sincerity to explore and search to truth of these places.  The truth of the matter!  Its for the congregation sake not for personal standing or anything like that.  All pride will be taken out of man when he realizes he missed the boat because of attitude!

Somehow I think the talk is over and now its in the action battle stations for the survival of Christianity and all its people in the whole body!  So I would grab the check book and go out there and verify the  and check out everything related to this grand adventure that will have consequences.  Its is time for re evaluation in the search for the truth in the physical! in the verification.
Its is time for re evaluation in the search for the truth in the physical! in the verification whilst there is time in the beforehand!

I cant do a thing except to write, that's all I can do.

Here is another thread I started sometime ago relating to rapture which may be beholden to further clues in the great Seventh mystery.;f=20;t=000162

All the best Norman