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Title: Circle of Sirius
Post by: Tanatu on October 05, 2007, 11:42:16 am
On the cosmic and universal levels we are overlighted in our work by a group consciousness who term their energy the Circle of Sirius. One of the main groups overlighted on the galactic level in this sector by the Circle of Sirius in these moments is the Sirius A Alliance. The Sirius A Alliance is an aspect of the Universal Consciousness which exists within the purpose of providing genetic engineers for upgrading of the genetic codes for planetary races who are ready to ascend to the next level in their evolution. The genetic engineers for this sector of the galaxy are mostly Sirians who live on a planet named Eraf orbiting Digitaria which is one of the twin suns in the Sirius System. The Sirius System is the Headquarters in this sector of the galaxy for both the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Hierarchy. Although these beings are able to operate comfortably in the 3rd and 4th dimension they are fully conscious on the Co-Creator levels of the 7th – 9th dimensions. They are a very ancient race of Beings who are aligned very closely with the Creator Gods and the Universal Architects.
It is these beings who were the Master Teachers of Atlantis, Egypt, South America, Native America and Native Australia. Some of the names these beings are known by are Sekmet, Seshat and Atum Ra, Aton, faeries, guardians, ancients and spirit people.
They have interesting origins in that they were originally spirits of the land, part of the evolving angelic consciousness of this galaxy that long ago transferred from the angelic stream of evolution into the human stream out of the Creator Gods desire to experience life in its own creation. Over aeons of time this life wave of beings have dispatched aspects of their energy into form on many worlds and in many realms to fully understand the nuts and bolts of creation and so learn how to engineer better and better creations in future moments.
The energy termed Master R or St. Germain is indeed an aspect of this particular life wave. The Ascended Master Joysia Radn was chosen by his people to head the DNA Recoding program for Earth. In this capacity Joysia Radn oversees the work of all the genetic engineers involved with the recoding of Earth’s people. It is the Sirius A Alliance which encourage us to use crystals to align to the matrix grid of our Beloved Earth so that we can sustain higher frequencies which will aid us in our DNA Recoding.

Who are the Circle of Sirius?

The Circle is the group consciousness which is the higher aspects of many externalised groups such as the Sirius A Alliance, the Sirian Blue Lodge, and many of the Galactic Councils. They are free from fear and the ego and operate outside of time and space, gaining access to us here through the Stargate known as the Sirius Doorway.

In the Circle's own words:
We refer to ourselves as the Circle of Sirius because each of our 9 energies is equal and separate but when joined and aligned to the source of all, creates a more powerful force because of the combined wisdom and knowledge that we bring. If you were to describe our energy you would see it as a 'huge swirling mass of the most vibrant colours - so bright and united that it gives out the brightest light and hence the bright white light'. We are 'located' (your terms) so that we represent and can reach through the parts of your heavens known as Sirius because the energy vortex there is a little more direct and true than in some places in the heavens. However we are not really located there as you would realise and know because we are part of you and your energy and the combined energy of the planet and its peoples.

We are now at such a stage in our journey that our task is timeless. This is as it is for us. We have journeyed and we are now close to 'home'. Our final task before enlightenment or complete bliss is to help your Earth and other worlds to lighten their experience and its energies so that the light can enter and lift you to levels not previously known. We know it is difficult for you in an earthly form to accept us as an abstract concept, the linear human mind wishes to see us in a concrete form or with a particular presence. We can 'be' as you choose us to be, for we are ONE with all that 'IS', for if you can see all that ever is and will be, is a part of GOD then we are that. We can then communicate with all who are able and willing to listen as we are able to be what they wish us to be and what they would wish to see. However we are of great joy that you, our son, have given permission to speak through you in the language of a human to all souls. Know then in our communications that if the heart 'hears' and the feelings respond then these can make up the mind respond, and so open up to the new and perceive truth. Learning of the truth is therefore an emotional experience for the healing and feeling chakras need to be involved for real learning to occur. So make the message emotional, personal and reflect your joy and knowing - let people see that the spirit can soar without the judging brain.

We are 9 because of the unity of that number. Three times the triad and three times a trio of energy sources from the various sources that constitute life. The first triad is a melding of the life streams of the dual creative aspects of the 'heartlanders', those beings from other galaxies within your local universe whom have spiritually attained plus the life essence of other outer universes. The second triad melds the essences of the dimensions which are invisible on the concrete form of existence and the third triad melds the hierarchies of those who have evolved through earthly mortal creature upliftment.

Our three from the heartlands and outer universes bring such knowledge and wisdom on places not yet reached by others in terms of technology and adaption to environments. We know of thought transference and even spiritual transference for we have recently experienced these learnings. We can understand true and dissolute spirituality and are able to see what many have yet to learn from their experiences. We provide inspiration as to the way to bliss, and are able to demonstrate and teach spirituality away from the grounded trappings of other existences. The second of the triads have lived in such dimensions that we understand as formless life. We have not needed to exist in concrete ways, nor will we ever, and we bring the conglomerate of experiences and knowledge for we have access to the divine consciousness of all knowledge and truths from all worlds.

We have been personified under many names including spirit people, elves, faeries, spirit guides, doorkeepers, guardian spirits, spirits of the land, archangels and many more. Our third group have lived Earthly concrete lives and we have collectively experienced all that is 'human'. We have been the masters, teachers, mystics, wizards, composers, artists, musicians, authors, in deed all occupations and for the most part our lives have been lived simply without recognition of any kind. We contribute all we have learnt on our journey to date, we are the translators of the Circle, bringing the knowing through the many lenses available to us from our lives upon many, many planets in the universes. For the truth lives and is alive and is part of all you are. And so the Circle of Sirius is the way to the 'IS'. We can be in any 'form' but are always and in all ways, glowing, unique, humble, grateful but with a mission to support, help, love, care, reduce fear and bring you 'home'.

As many of us have lived earthly lives since time began we may talk of 'great' events in your history from the perspective of those who were there. We have lived lives beyond any group who have lived and do live on your planet. We have also 'lived on countless other planets in different galaxies and in different dimensions so we have been blessed with those experiences and knowledge that your brain may find difficult to grasp in the same way that it finds infinity or space to grasp - endless, beginningless but eternal. And for this work we call ourselves the Circle of Sirius because we wish to make the point that we are a group spirit rather than a single entity. And of our mission, and from our reflected knowledge we see that your original relationship with the land and with all that is, which was based upon a natural affinity and identity of love and divine and natural law has been polluted by fear into a different kind of ownership concept. We know no judgement here, it simply is, and we simply choose to restore the balance. With the association with others of our outer Circle, such as you our beloved son who balance their experiences with ours, so then may we bring truth, wisdom and love to all we influence
   For we have loved
   In all possible forms
   And of every possible thing, being or event.

   And have lived our love
   And have drawn love
   From every source.
   To be what we are
   And to bring what we know
   To all that live
   Have lived
   And will live..
   To eternity and bliss,
   May LOVE Restore the Balance..
Rest in our LOVE, the Circle of Sirius

Wisdom from the Circle!

Welcome and we rejoice in the opportunity to present such knowledge and knowing into conscious reality. There are many paths to the knowing, to Mastery and to the reigniting of who you are and thereby clarifying a purpose and a WAY TO TRUTH. There are ways of choosing a means of expression and there are ways then of choosing how these will be implemented into the moments of living and the journey you have chosen through eternity. Attunement to all that is, is easy to say and write but more difficult to be when lifetimes of experiences, present aspects to living and egos create new universes of reality in each moment.

As the spirit and soul ascend they move to new levels. For the finite human mind this is described as a heirarchy but in reality it is a heirarchy of equality, of sameness, yet differences. Can you but see that in the 'is,' sameness and difference are one. Each can exist and does but all encompasses each one seperately but united. For you see whatever has or will be chosen, is the same although it is different.

It is the 'innerness' that is the true reality. And so as you move through livings, you express the truth 'differently' but to us and to your deepest 'innerness' it is the same yet different as a way of expression.

A role, as chosen, if it is within and from that 'innerness' where all is equal but different, is the same but different as a way of expression. It is not easy making such distinction or choices from the myriads that exist but these can be limited by your awareness, growth, vision and being. We would see from the 'mist of unclarity' that pervades those totally attuned as having the following components. However, we should say that the less physical the existance, the greater the mists, for the opportunities increase tenfold in each aspect of knowing and choosing. The more physical is the living, the clearer is the way ahead. The more spiritual and 'evolved' is the living the less clear it can be simply because the choices for loving and serving are so many.

On Spiritual Awakening

Welcome, This communication is from 'unity' consciousness, we speak as 'ONE' for we know no separation in the work. This is a time of new beginnings and tonight I/we speak of new beginnings. The new beginnings are in terms of the growth of the spirit. As you move through lifetimes there is always the beginning of the new life itself. But overlaying that there are the new beginnings that do not correspond with the beginnings of the new life. In other words, you could have a new beginning at a given age of say 60 or 40 in a particular life and this beginning could herald growth over more than the next lifetime. Picture, if you will a line that reaches to infinity in each direction. Picture marks on the line that correspond to the years of a life. Imagine over that marks that leap across more than one life and there are regular loops of a life but overlaying a number of those lives are larger loops. This is why some people as we speak of those on your planet, become aware or spiritual at a different age. Some are aware before and from birth, some are not away until a given age say 30 earthly years and some are never aware in a particular life. This is because the overlaying levels have not corresponded with a particular life. The new beginning is like a spiritual birth that occurs. You can often see it with those you know. It is almost as if a spark ignites their consciousness and they suddenly awaken to a new serious of experiences and growth. When this occurred for you it was joyful and your every cell was filled with a new awareness, a new outlook that has led to where you are now! We must say that the preparation for that beginning had lasted many previous earthly lifetimes. And so you, like all, will carry this range of experiences beyond the veil of matter and into the next experience, when somewhere there, there will be a new awakening and experiences at a different level.

We use this as just an example, but what we say is that our words and your work to all of those who listen and speak will help to trigger the spark of awareness in others. It is sometimes just a small word, it is sometimes just a gesture, and it is sometimes the reading or discussion and so can you see that if we and you are to help people reach their new beginning we must constantly live, speak and project the wisdom and truth. And such a beautiful thing it is to see and to know that you have helped another make a new beginning. In some people the beginning makes dramatic change in the way they live, in others it is a subtle change in the way they live and in yet others it is something that nobody but they themselves would be aware.

And so, what happens? The spirit, which contains the soul, vibrates at a different level and so the entity with all its levels and energies is actually new. In some the newness may seem at a lower level and this is all right for we must remember that each entity lives through all the experiences that it needs for its learning and journey to bliss. When there is a new moon the energy levels on your planet also vibrate differently. In some, this alone, can trigger a new beginning and so it is always important at the time of the new moon to open yourself to the changing energies. This is not to say that it cannot happen at other times for it can and does. But, strangely, it does not often happen at the full moon for the energies there are powerful and if anything can trigger minor regression. At the full moon we would say that it is the giving out of love and a healing energy will enable the balance to be normalised.

And as to whether these beginnings are a matter of choice or are they planned? There is always choice but there is also a type of plan that the spirit needs as it journeys onwards and upwards. Things can change and do change in many ways and there must always be such dynamic opportunities and stages. It is like a plan that has many, many roads and pathways leading in all directions and in all dimensions but gradually still moving forward. Whatever the path you choose will therefore reach towards the destination and there is in truth just a shorter or a longer journey home. Different paths to journey will create different impacts from the experiences imprinted upon the soul map, and so each path will see the individual aspect of the creative being arrive home in a different state and condition which then will create the possibilities of choice from that point on. However we note that some choices to not awaken when the time is 'right', will create a much, much longer journey home, for some choices are only presented on a cycle of many, many lives. We also see that with the respatialisation of your Universe, that there will be those who through not choosing will miss the opportunity to return from whence they came, by this we mean that they will pass out of your Universe through a different portal than the one of entry, and this will impact greatly upon who they are when they arrive home, and this is their choice and so it is and will be 'right' for them and their learning. You are also experiencing a major planetary system upgrade, which includes new software or patterns and archetypes. Some may choose to not 'upgrade' their programming so that they are able to resonate with and operate out of the new streams of reality on your planet, and so in a sense they will be left behind. This is also 'right' for them, their choosing, and their learning. Many of these will and would choose to exercise their right to choose to return home now by the way they came, if they knew of such a choice, felt worthy, and could have the damage from the impacts of the living repaired. These aspects of GOD are different to those high level entities who are choosing to experience the depths of human dysfunction for very different and complex reasons which have nothing to do with damage and unknowingness. Our work on the ground includes making this choice available, and some will and are drawn, and some we will seek out.

We will finish with a comment.

When you view your world and when you view your lives it is often easy to notice that in some lives there are great changes to the world. It is almost like the new beginning we mentioned before. By this we mean your world too has phases of new beginnings. There are times when the planet is dense and its matter is heavy, there are other times when the planet and its matter are lighter. At such times it is almost like a reformation, a time when those that reside there and the natural worlds re-attune to the land.

Your world is at the start of a new beginning, the dawning of the industrial age plunged the world into dense levels and gradually the world began to turn upon itself and man turned upon the world to the extent that it reached a stage in your 1970's and 80's that was almost a point of no return.

Fortunately, with the dawning of the new age, with the new beginning of spirituality, with the awareness raising and the joining of consciousness the world has been saved as you would understand it. As this has begun and as you are at the stage of the new beginning and the world and its peoples will be able to draw to it the wisdom and the divinity of the ancients, those beings and spirits that are awakening at this time and over the next two decades, have the opportunity to restore the world to the way it was in the time of the very, very early Pharaohs. But now with the awareness of technology along with the opening of the wonderful untapped talents of the mind, we have such faith and such hopes and such love for the planet as it raises its level of vibration of the land itself and all that live on it. A world of interconnected love and communal consciousness that will support - nurture all and everything, can be a reality, not just the dream. We therefore leave with love and hope. Be in our love, for you are our love. Sirius

Balancing the Energies of the planet in 'space'

And now we wish to speak of something new. Across the earth, the planet earth, is moving a shadow of unlike energies, unlike because they can conflict with the energies that are there. It does come as a result of interference in wave lengths of energies and thoughts moving from planet to planet, sun to sun, and universe to universe. Within the area you call space near to the earth is such carbon particles and organic and chemical particles from man's reach to the stars. We are not critical but we would say that to balance or rather rebalance is important. This can be done by thought, by astral travel, by calling in the powers of those from other galaxies and worlds and by simply loving the planet. It is not gloom and doom, it is not a catastrophe, but is does require some work. For when these clouds (for want of a better word) are there, the static they produce deflects and reflects those who may wish to visit. Not little green men by the way, but supra intelligent beings and entities.

Tension Between Nations

And secondly we would speak of the tensions between nations and groups within nations. We have spoken of this before but would wish to add: Mankind is resisting it's spirituality and when this occurs there is no balance and therefore there is fear which leads to conflict wish leads to responses that lose sight of what life is for and about. Man is on a moving footpath, it is harder to get off than to keep going on a moving footpath and so the momentum tends to increase. And how can you help? Study the daily news and where there are reports of such events transfer your thoughts to the place, using an atlas if necessary, and place there a glowing white ball of energy. In the centre of the ball of energy place our symbol (at the top of this page).

You may not see any result but it will help. Do it also with your own country, either separate or together. The time is not so important except that it should be a time when you are feeling refreshed. And finally for this meeting our gift of love and your gifts of love are part of the work. Let each person feel and receive such love that fills them with awe and remember every tiny thought directed to help another is like a cord that reaches to eternity. If all such cords were utilised wouldn't your world be paradise? For this is how we would define heaven - where all thoughts are directed to helping others. There is much to do - there is much that has been done and we love company as we work together.
Be love and loved

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What is your mission on Earth ?
Are you having difficulties in remembering ?

Don't blame yourself for falling asleep, keep smiling as most of us are having the same difficulties. Upon arrival on the Earth plane, our instructions were to completely fall asleep - just like the local population. We agreed to totally forget our true identity and everything we knew. Since most of us entered as babies, this was not so difficult. Every institution in the culture supported this memory loss, and it became easier as the years went on. Any slips on our part most likely occurred during our childhood and were easily dismissed as the result of an over-active imagination. Since imagination threatens the dysfunctionality of this world, it was probably drummed out of us as soon as possibly by the adults inhabitants of the planet. What our parents were unable to suppress, the school and medical system likely made short and excellent work of, as this is their specialty. In this manner, the local planetary inhabitants unwittingly assisted in maintaining in the secrecy of our presence and the security of our mission. In short, we must be able to pass for a local, and we are not allowed to fake it. Total dysfunctionality must be achieved before we can commence. When we as incarnates have truly become dysfunctional Earthlings only then we are then allowed to take the next step of our mission.

Once we have completely fallen asleep and become totally dysfunctional we then proceed to wake up to our true identity and forget everything we learned up until this point so that we can remember what we actually knew before we got here. We must scrap our entire identity we just spent a lifetime laboriously creating. We have to disengage ourselves from our old identity and disassociate from a declining civilisation. After falling asleep profoundly, we are now expected to wake up, equally profoundly. Now it is the time to forget that which has been learned in preference to that which is deeply known. Now begins the awesome process of altering human history!

Some of us are probably wondering why such a torturous route was chosen to get to the desired destination? Keep in mind that this planet is no model for rational thought, and that which passes for sanity here is sending chills down the spine of the reminder of the universe. The need to absorb the dysfunctionality of this planet is in order to legitimately disarm its patterns. In accordance with Universal Law, we earn the right to disarm the fear based patterns of a system only by first fully living them. Any other method would constitute an invasion, and we do not invade! We alter by earning the right to do so. No one is permitted to enter an alien world and disarm its dysfunctional patterns without having lived them. That is in compliance with Universal Law, which we represent.

Although the Intergalactic Confederation are receiving requests like; "Invade already, just get me out of here" you are reminded that this is not what you signed up for.
Getting out of here is not the point!
Getting more light into here is!
We that comprise this mission were pre-encoded to awaken at this time. That means that our DNA structures were genetically designed to go off, like time bombs, at a designated moment in order to accommodate more light than the current human model was prepared to entertain.
The time for genetic detonation is now.

THE MESSIAH COMPLEX - The burden of Spiritual Significance, like the Messiah Complex, is a trap better not to get caught in. The problem with Spiritual Significance is that it is a by-product of spiritual ambition and, as such, it would best be our spiritual ambition to avoid. Acts of spiritual ambition are, by their nature, devoid of Spirit. They will only result in separating us from Spirit and, therefore, our mission. This is not to say that we don't do anything of any spiritual consequence while visiting this planet. It is our job to have here a spiritual impact, otherwise we would have better stayed home. However, becoming entangled in the "importance" of our acts will lead us into an identity that is less than who we really are.

We are here with one primary directive: to embody the Spirit we serve. If we allow ourselves to become side-tracked by our "spiritual significance" and lose ourselves in the "grandeur" of who we are, we will simultaneously lose track of our real significance and fall short of this mission's goal. Remember that we are here to become a living expression of spirit. No amount of justifying or vain illusionary passtimes is an acceptable substitute for becoming who we really are.

You cannot be a Master by just thinking about it!
You have to behave like a Master!

At this time of transition, let us be very careful about who and what we are following. In fact, if we are following at all, that is the first indication that we are off track. For those of you who are still the students of gurus, it is recommended to use discernment. This is no longer the time of great spiritual teachers. It is now the time of great spirits instead. The shift from master/student to just plain master may cause a temporary unemployment in India and elsewhere, but don't be alarmed as we have a retraining program underway. We are here to transform this planet from being fear based to being love based. Transmutation is not to be confused with transformation. This world had to go through thousands of years of transforming before it was in a position to transmute. That cycle of transformation is now complete, and the transmutative cycle has begun. Transmutation is a genetic change at the cellular level, which is now in process for all life forms on this planet. The Earth, who is a living conscious being, has made her decision and begun her dimensional shift. Subsequently, all planetary life is being prepared for this event through the cellular transmutational process. This is a birth process which will deliver this planet and all participating life forms into the fifth dimension. Cellular transmutation is not something you may choose to do if it interests you, like taking up golf. It is something that is happening and something that you chose to do before you got here; otherwise you wouldn't be here. Although you have no genetic option in this matter, you still have free will. You can choose to willingly assist this procedure and transmute this planetary sphere, or you can choose to resist the procedure in which case you will suffer immensely and experience the consequences of failing in your mission. Therefore it is better to think twice before you change your mind and we remind you that choosing to assist and completing you mission will look much better on your Cosmic Resume!

Spirit is the driving force behind this mission as well as its designer. It is the reason our great forces are now assembled here. It is also the reason you, our mission members, willingly chose to incarnate on this seemingly hostile and backward planet. We all came at Spirit's call. Everything and everyone in every universe rightfully belongs to Spirit. Spirit is the power that breathes life in all created form. Spirit is life's true identity, as well as its long-awaited beloved.
Spirit is the source, it is love, it is all.
Love is all, All is Love,
Beyond all is Love, and Loving All is the Beyond!

And, although Spirit has always resided here, it has now chosen to lift the veils that have kept its presence on this plane from being fully known. It is out of love of Spirit that vast forces of Light are now infiltrating every earthly system. We were summoned here to participate in this transfiguration into the glorified home of Spirit it is destined to be and we are under the direction of Spirit Intelligence. We have noticed however that your idea of intelligence and our idea of intelligence are very different. For instance, you call yourselves an intelligent species, yet you are dangerously close to making your planet uninhabitable by anything other than mutant pond scum. You have also managed to place yourselves at the top of the endangered-species list. This is not what a Master calls INTELLIGENT!

Some of you are in such a state of shock from finding yourselves in the third dimension that, in protest, you have refused to land. Mission control would like to point out that you are useless to the mission if you are still circling the planet in a holding pattern. We would also like to point out that it was your choice to sign up for this mission, not ours. From your frantic transmissions, we have gathered that you are nervous about catching whatever it is "they" seem to have on this planet. Although we understand your anxiety, we would prefer to discuss your imminent danger after you have made your landing.. Technically, Mission Control cannot interfere with your free will; however, we can reassign you if you refuse to follow through with your service commitments here. Or you may be transferred, if you so wish, to another dysfunctional planet. Unfortunately, most of the positions we have open right now actually make this place look good. The mere mention of the possibility of moving you to Planet X is usually enough to coax most of you out of the skies and on with the mission. However, if you are still unwilling to make your approach, please contact Flight Control. Hopefully they can talk you through a landing. The work here is happening on the ground, not in your head. There are cellular transmutations that are necessary to accommodate your evolutionary leap into Light, but since this process is physical, it has some attendant symptoms that you might as well get acquainted with. There will be probably be moments of exaltation as you feel the rush of incoming light entering your systems. However, these are often followed by suddenly crashes of energy crashes that can be felt by the body, the emotions, and the mind as you temporary swing back into the old reality. Do not mistake this for manic depression. It is only a simple case of ecstasy followed by your negative ego’s insistence on returning to the pits it knows and loves so well. As the transmutative process kicks into full gear, the accompanying physical symptoms will differ from person to person, but any combination of aches and pains is possible including the discomforts of nervous disorders, and fatigue may set in. Mission Control does not suggest you rush to every doctor in town trying to figure out what you have got, unless you have unlimited funds.Our advise is simple and about as good you'll get. Be kind to yourself, clear the fear based ego, eat well, drink lots of pure water and get regular exercise.

Mission Control acknowledges that the process of waking up is a little tricky. Even though you are genetically encoded to do so, by the time you reach the point of activation, you will be totally convinced that you are a 2D Earthling. You will most likely be exhibiting their worst characteristics plus wearing any number of their scary disguises. You may find yourself in the middle class, a self-made man, a self denying woman terminally confused, completely content, following a guru, joining gun clubs, sweating your mortgage, watching TV, defending your nationality, owned by your corporations, taking care of your lawn, a telly shopper, a "victim" of religion, seeing a shrink, jogging in circles, doing lunch, an attorney and so on. This is, of course, a very partial list of the weird possibilities.

Fear, in any of its many forms, will probably have managed to topple you in one way or another. In addition, many of you will be in the forties and over the hill. This means that you have had many medals, awards, bowling trophies, and degrees bestowed upon you (depending on the level of slavery you bought into), plus all the power, position, and credit cards that were held out like carrots to further buy you off. The old world's systems are in collapse. Those who wish to continue in those systems will be graciously asked to leave, because their motivator, fear and greed, is being relocated to another planet where its subdivisions are still welcome.


Because we do not have a millennium to spare, Mission Control has not left the process of reawakening solely in your hands. The Planetary Hierarchy have sent in teams to facilitate your awakening and help you to snap you out of your coma. You will be able to identify the genuine members of the Planetary Hierarchy primarily by your inner response to them which was pre-encoded into your DNA structure before you entered Earth Service. No matter how "rational" you believe yourself to be, you will find yourself strangely interested in the unbelievable things they are saying without knowing why. The Hierarchy are distinguishable from 3D Earth-based organisations in that we do not lie, are not wimpy, and don't want followers. We will not allow you to use us to replace worn-out, fear based, disempowering religious belief systems. We will insist on your sovereignty, refuse to be outside authorities, and will not allow you to dump your responsibility or power at our feet.

Our purpose is clear and simple:
We are here to assist you into your full presence so you can then aid in co-creating a new reality with your peers. Another characteristic feature of the Hierarchy is a well developed sense of humor, also distinguishing them from most other "spiritual" groups. We will use whatever we can to circumvent your linear, two dimensional systems. We are experts in the transmutative process and use other dimensional technologies to break through dysfunctional patterning.
Our primary goal is to assist you to successfully complete your missions with as little fuss as possible. You will come to be known as the honored guests of the Spirit you came to serve. You must come clothed in your full I AM Presence, dressed in the spiritual light of the Christs that you are.

Clothe yourselves in the finery that befits Spirit's messengers to this plane. Come out of your hiding and come fully attired as the distinguished members of Spirit's Divine delivery system of the higher planes. Come, in short, as you truly are. We bless you for all your courage and your commitment and we honor you for your accomplishments on this plane. Take heart in the knowledge that your task is almost over. The Golden Age has begun, right here and now. This carbon-based planet will shortly burst into a diamond, a gem in the crown of this solar system skies. The celebration will then begin.

This is Mission Control Over and Out.

Inspired by the book
"ET 101” by Dianna Luppi