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Title: The Atlanteans are the apostate Jews (by Leon Elshout)
Post by: knakker on February 13, 2020, 03:28:35 pm
Do not be deceived by the craziness of people who try to tell you that they had a former life on Atlantis. They are simply liars who are deceiving themselves. Be also not deceived by researchers who claim that they had found remnants of Atlantis under the ice of Antarctica or off the coast of Spain.

Atlantis is first of all a dualistic principle which was expressed by the mirroring principle of the Pillars of Hercules. If Atlantis was mirrored from the Greek underworld on the western horizon (Sura 53:7), then we have both End Times Jerusalem and rebuilt Babylon that were mixed by the mysterious Python Spirit in Acts 16:16 into one island.

Both Babylon and End Times Jerusalem will fall, both are surounded by a sea, while Jerusalem is metaphorically surrounded by the hostile sea of nations (Psalm 2). In Zacharia 5:11 we read that rebuilt Babylon is a Jewish experiment. To be precisely it will be an apostate Jewish experiment. For that Reason God will punish Endtimes Babylon that sits in the middle of all the world seas (Revelation 17:1-5) in the same way as Zeus punished Atlantis. But also apostate Jerusalem will be punished as we read in the tsaphon hour in Zacharia 14:6.

When the first part of Atlantis, - Endtimes Jerusalem -  is captured by the army of the antichrist, Jesus will return while the world is awiating the final part of the downfall of Babylon-Atlantis as we read in Revelation 18.

by leon elshout, NL.