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Title: Recent activity in my home
Post by: Kendall Conway on November 24, 2019, 04:28:59 pm
 Recent activity in my home
Posted on 11-24-2019 | Comment icon 2 comments

By: KarenB14 | Location: Kansas City, MO USA


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Recently a door slammed in my little house. But the door was already closed. We live in a small house and there are only 3 doors besides the main entry. 2 open, one closed. They each have a distinct sound.

When I investigated 2 still open, 1 still closed but cat looking very startled in another room napping.

A few minutes later I was washing dishes, cat still behind gate in another room napping and something jiggled the doorknob hard and long on same door I'd heard shut. Again nothing out of ordinary, door still shut.
Tonight I was walking down hall toward the rooms and the door jiggled and a roll of tape I'd put on the doorknob to put away later was flipping around. Cat sleeping. It takes force to flip the tape around...I tried it repeatedly.

No air moving. No earthquake. No trucks going by anywhere near us. We're on a quiet little lake away from traffic on a one lane road. Other person in house was watching TV in basement. It seems paranormal.

We'd had an entity here before but I thought she'd moved on. I called her by name, Mary Helen, when the door slammed and reminded her she doesn't live here anymore, that's it's our home now.

Any ideas?