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Title: True Fairy Stories?
Post by: Theodorich on May 14, 2018, 08:06:35 pm
True Fairy Stories?

    (i) Introduction
    Let us start, as we mean to go on, with a  true Irish fairy tale. A man in Tipperary, Ireland, is  kidnapped by the fairies, who leave a fake body in his place. His family are oblivious, believing that he has died. After the body is buried, the father has a dream. The son appears and explains that he has in fact been  taken by the Sidhe (the Irish fairies).
    To rescue him the father must come to the cross of Glendalough (Co. Tipperary, not Co. Wicklow) at midnight  on Midsummer Night’s Eve with some whisky,a black-hafted knife and a number of trusted companions. He is to wait till he sees his son mounted on a passing fairy horse. Then, the  father and his friends are to surround the son’s horse, cut off the enchanted horse’s right ear, and only then will the father
    be able to rescue his boy from an eternity in fairyland. The
    father and companions gather, but the spell does not work: one of the father’s companions had, unbeknownst to the father, murdered three men. This cursed individual prevents the rescue party from seeing the fairies as they pass, and the son is lost forever.
    Irish fairy tales rarely end well…