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Title: Girl takes a "ghostly" picture at hotel
Post by: Kolchak, the Night Stalker on January 21, 2018, 11:30:22 pm
 Good lord..this is my third attempt at trying to figure out how to post pictures on Reddit and apparently I have bird brains, so I'm just gonna copy and paste the imgur links to the text here. (original photo) Soo my mom, sister and I took a trip to Thailand and my sister took a picture of my mom and me in the lobby of our hotel in Chiang Mai. None of us noticed anything strange about the photo until I went to frame it for my mom and saw a "apparition" or lady in a very strange place in the background. My sister took this photo with her Google phone and none of us remember there being anyone else in the lobby when this photo was taken. Has anyone else had glitches with their Google phone camera? Or is this Caucasian woman riding out eternity in a hotel lobby in Thailand? If you're curious to see what the lobby looks like without the lady crammed into the tiny corner for was the Pingviman Hotel. zoomed in photo even more zoomed in photo

Here's the picture:



One of the /paranormal members pointed out:

    If the smartphone has an HDR mode (most do) the picture will be actually 3 pictures stitched together. One over exposed, one at normal exposure, and one underexposed. It uses the normally exposed picture as a base layer. Then it tries to find the dark areas in the image, and stitches the overexposed photo to that portion. It also tries to find areas too bright, and stitches the underexposed areas to that portion.

    I used the Photo Forensics app ( but I didn't find anything unusual.

    Source: reddit.