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Title: Strange occurrences
Post by: Kendall Conway on November 16, 2017, 11:35:15 pm
Strange occurrences
Posted on 11-15-2017

By: Charles Thomas | Location: Fife

Hi, I've been a follower of this site for a few years and have had some odd experiences in the house I have lived in for the past 10 years. I have dismissed most of them as imagination or natural occurrences but there's been a couple of recent ones that I can't really explain.

In the past I've heard knocking noises, voices and shadows out of the corner of my eye but thought it was just either noises from neighbours or the street outside or my imagination. Since my daughter was born 5 years ago there have been other odd things happening.

The lady who lives in the flat downstairs once asked me who was in our house when we had gone out for the afternoon. No one, I told her. She said she thought we had builders in as there was so much noise coming from upstairs. Another time she asked me if I had been dancing at 6am as there was again a lot of noise coming from upstairs. I said no, I didn't get up until 7am and hadn't heard a thing.

My wife also asked me one day when she was feeding my daughter as a baby in the bedroom what I had been doing in the attic as she heard me walking around and moving things. I had been in the sitting room all the time and hadn't been in the attic.

Anyway, the two recent things that have happened are 1.a few weeks ago my daughter told me she heard a young girls voice say "hello" to her when she was in the bath and I had gone to get her a drink of water from the kitchen and 2. I went to the bathroom today and closed the door when it flew open again about 10 seconds later.

There were no windows or doors open anywhere else in the house to cause this and hardly any wind outside anyway. I really am beginning to think that maybe something weird is going on after all. Thanks for reading.