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Title: Science Channel Interview with Rainer Kühne on Atlantis in Donana
Post by: Dr. Rainer W. Kühne on February 29, 2016, 08:10:20 am
Dear Readers,

Science Channel will air an interview with me on Atlantis in Donana National Park.

The interview will be aired for the first time on Tuesday, 1 March 2016 on Science Channel at 7 p. m. EST.

The name of the documentary film is:

Series: What on Earth?
Episode: Hidden Tomb of Genghis Khan
Season 2, Episode 6 ID tt4543056

Short summary:

A strange structure is discovered in Mongolia; bizarre rings in Spain could lead to the lost city of Atlantis; a large floating island is on a collision course with New Zealand.

Or, in my own words, as I remember the interview:

The interview started with who I am (Rainer Kühne, physicist, interested in Atlantis) and what I see in the satellite photo (nothing, and two rectangular forms). Then I was asked why Atlantis was in Donana (west of Gibraltar, within a rectangular plain, 50 stades distant from the coast) and why Plato's Atlantis is not real in the historic sense (triremes and hoplites occurred for the first time in the 7th century, Atlantis should have existed 9000 years before Plato and sank during the third flood before that of Deukalion's time). Then I was asked whether Atlantis was an Utopia (yes, I think so) and whether there is an analogy with Batman's Gotham City (Imagine an archaeologist who lives 10,000 years after us. He has no knowledge of our culture. The only thing he knows is from a Batman comic. There he learnes about Gotham City. It had skyscrapers and broad roads. It was situated between Hudson River and East River. Now the archaeologist digs there and finds remains of the skyscrapers and broad roads. Has he found Gotham City? He will think so, because he knows nothing of New York City and Manhattan. This may be similar with Atlantis. Dig where Plato said that there was Atlantis (or so) and you will find Tartessos.) Then I was asked about Tartessos and Tarshish (both rich in silver, 7th century before Christ). Tarshish is known for both silver and apes, both can be found in Europe only in Spain (Sierra Morena and Gibraltar). Circular harbours (Plato's description of Atlantis) can be found also at Carthage. Your team found pottery of the Middle Ages of the Muslim time (8th to 13th century), so 2000 years after the time of Tartessos-Tarshish. Your team and the team of Francisco Ruiz (I forgot to mention his name) found evidence of four tsunamis or storm floods, 2100 BC, 1600 BC, 1200 BC, 400 BC plus or minus 200 years. The last tsunami or storm flood could have something to do with the end of Tartessos-Tarshish. The book of Isaiah "Overflow the land as a river, o daughter of Tarshish, there is no girdle any more." could be interpreted as a tsunami that destroyed Tarshish, but many interpretations are possible.

Title: Re: Science Channel Interview with Rainer Kühne on Atlantis in Donana
Post by: Clim on February 29, 2016, 11:14:04 pm
Thanks for the heads up, it looks like a very interesting program.