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Title: Witches
Post by: Ashotep on December 25, 2015, 07:29:47 pm
A good friend of mine says that certain things happened to me and that I could do things, but I can remember none of them. The friend says that something or someone must've deleted my memory in some sort of way.Now I have found a package containing information about my ancestor. It regards a family member that has died and in some way left a file containing documents which would prove that this person and others had certain powers.This package explains that I descend from a line of witches. It spoke about demons and dangers that are coming and powers that I would possess.It also spoke of elders and guardians of people. Now I need help on the topic of witches. What are they exactly. What do they do? What are elders? What could these guardians possibly do? How does anything of this all make sense or work? I really need help fast!