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Title: notes on a scale that cross unusual topics
Post by: TWGilbert on March 22, 2014, 02:03:22 pm
The Big Ben clock in England has the following tones: The pitches are B3, E4, F♯4 and G♯4

The communication tones on the movie Close Encounters on the Third Kind are: To get the spaceships' attention prior to their arrival at Devil's Tower, the five notes the scientists play are G, A, F, (octave lower) F, C. When they arrive at the tower and are attempting communication, the notes they play are B flat, C, A flat, (octave lower) A flat, E flat.

What is perhaps unusual is that the actual tones of both Big Ben and the movie (Close Encounters), regardless of what scale is being used, are: DO, FA, SOL, LA, and DO.

My question is, "Are there significant esoteric reasons that these particular notes are used that have never been explained to the general public?"

Any guesses....... or is it just a weird coincidence?