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Title: Iowa clear lake
Post by: The Lyrian on August 12, 2011, 03:47:14 am
Hey , I'm new to this site so i just wanted to know if the admin got my picture of google I sent. I had found a disscussion on this site about google earth patterning in the Images and just wanted to say go and check out clear lake. I think that the bunk excuse of digital patterning can be put to rest. I was watching online about uwa ( under water anomlies) in lakes in south america near lake titicaca when I decided to look at lakes in North america to where i accidently stumbled on to something that was intresting. Clear lake Iowa has a very different type of patterning. The west side of the lake really shows an underwater city. before i even went to talk to somebody I googled the history about clear lake. To my surprise i found out that the souix indians use to visit there in the summer months when they lived there but nothing about a town being submerged or anything. When i contacted the Iowa archelogical soceity they said it was google paterning. Then I procedided to tell the state archelogist about other lakes that didn't have patterning like this and sent more pictures which he then told me in a fancy way that he really wasn't sure about the lake or that sediments would have washed up because of dredgeing. I still feel that he is wrong and would like a second look so when i came to this site i saw that somebody posted the same answer telling me this is not a concidence. Please  go to google earth and check out my findings. There is nothing about this new find anywhere on the net and since it doesn't require a passport to see clear lake i feel that evidence will be easy to find despite what the man said. If you look closely at the water you will see that underwater alege has grown in the patterning. It is my theory that north american souix Indians are decendants of the Ican tribes instead of the aztec and this underwater city was there either durring or before the last Ice age. Please give me feedback because this is really bothing me since my wife doesn't believe me now that the "scientist" told me this.

Title: Re: Iowa clear lake
Post by: Sumai4444 on August 31, 2011, 04:11:34 pm
   Many native tribes speak of places, where light, or visitors , from other places go into a lake, simply disappear, then reappear, and it is the thought of many, they are using interdimensional technology, or spirits who simply can travel between dimensions. Atlantis was the birth of this site, and some believe Atlantis used magick and/or technology  to travel from one body of the world to another body of water in the world. Extensive internet searches will help you look into this phenomenon and allow you to decide if this pertains to your questions into Iowa's clear lakes. i for one would urge you to look into modern day accounts of el Dorado, the City of Gold, in the South Americas. And you may quickly find information that helps you form your own hypothesis of what is going on in the worlds lakes. On an interesting sidenote, if any of this proves true, it may help explain why certain creatures can clearly be sighted in lakes, yet suddenly vanish when looked for at a later time, only to resurface again later.

Title: Re: Iowa clear lake
Post by: Redbird on August 31, 2011, 11:46:13 pm
Any idea how deep this underwater city is and are there any pictures?

Title: Re: Iowa clear lake
Post by: The Lyrian on September 22, 2011, 12:21:23 pm
it can't be more then 30 ft deep because I can see the bottom. Did you check the coordinates I have posted for google earth. John Doershuck says its a Google anmoly but below the square patterning are circles like at the city of the stars in Utah or New Mexico. i had searched for these Indian Legends and none of them mention anything about the lake other then they liked how beautyful it was which makes me think it's way older then them. There is a road that comes really close  to some of the patterning and I would start there. If you see this you will see that its not patterning at all. Corrds are lat=43 7'17.58"N lon=9327'56.83"W. The road is by the southwest conner of the lake. You know I live in Glendale AZ and I don't care who gets the credit of this discovery. I just wanted to know if I can leave my mark on the world. I tried to post a picture but this site said the upload folder was full.

Title: Re: Iowa clear lake
Post by: The Lyrian on September 22, 2011, 06:53:27 pm
Here is where conventional explations go awiry. If you look at these coords lat=Lat=43 6'48.56"N lon=9326'24.99"W you will see the explantion of google mapping patterns fails to explain little circles smaller then what would be the patterning which means that this is in the image rather then a program. I know what the patterning looks like and this seems different. I agree with graham that something happened to the earth a long time ago. What ever this is is older then the last Ice age. Please find the time to google earth my coords.