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Title: List of people who have disappeared
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List of people who have disappeared

The following is a compilation of people who have mysteriously disappeared, whose death is not substantiated, whose remains have not been recovered, whose current whereabouts are unknown, and who (except for the most recent cases) may be presumed deceased.

c. 600–300 B.C.
•   Laozi, author of The Tao Te Ching, immediately after writing which at the Han Gu Pass he vanishes from contemporary accounts.
 210 B.C.
•   Xu Fu and his fleet of thousands never return from a quest for the elixir of life, on behalf of the ruler of Qin, Qin Shi Huang, from the immortals reported to live on the Penglai Mountain in the sea to the east of China. His non-return was almost certainly intentional and his fate remains unclear, although many legends exist.
 c. 30 AD
•   Religious leader Jesus; see Death and resurrection of Jesus and Ascension for analysis of the controversy surrounding the disappearance of the body of Jesus. His body is missing because he resurrected and ascensded to heaven according to biblical accounts.
•   K'inich K'an Joy Chitam (Kan Xul II) — king of Palenque — 711. Ruled until August 30, then disappeared from history. Probably taken prisoner by Tonina.
•   Topiltzin Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl, Toltec leader.
•   Muhammad al-Mahdī; According to Twelver Shi'as Imam Muhammad al-Mahdī (محمد المهدى) (or Muhammad ibn Hasan ibn Ali) is believed by followers of the Shi'ite sect of Islam to be the twelfth Imam and the Mahdi, the ultimate savior of mankind
•   Madoc — semi-mythological Welsh prince.
•   Owain Glyndŵr — Welsh rebel leader, went on the run
•   Franηois Villon — French poet and criminal — whereabouts unknown after banishment from the city of Paris.
•   Edward V of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York, the two young sons of King Edward IV of England (see Princes in the Tower).
•   John Cabot — Italian explorer. Disappeared, along with four other ships, during a voyage to find a western route from Europe to Asia.
•   Gaspar Corte-Real — Portuguese explorer — Disappeared on an expion to discover the Northwest Passage from Europe to Asia.
•   Miguel Corte-Real — Portuguese explorer. Disappeared while searching for his brother Gaspar.
 1587 or 1588
•   Virginia Dare — Born August 18, 1587, the first child of English parents to be born in the Americas, disappeared along with other Roanoke colonists in 1587 (or possibly 1588).
•   Henry Hudson — English explorer. Disappeared after a mutiny by his crew while exploring the Hudson Bay region.
•   Philip Christoph von Kφnigsmarck, Swedish count, lover of Sophia, Princess of Zelle (who was the wife of His Majesty King George I of Great Britain).
•   La Pιrouse and his scientific expion (two ships, La Boussole and l'Astrolabe, 220 crew members including 40 scientists) vanished near the island of Vanikoro in the Pacific Ocean.
•   Benjamin Bathurst a British diplomat vanished mysteriously at an inn in Perleberg
•   William Morgan of rural New York disappeared around the time his book critical of Freemasonry was published.
•   William Hare, Irish-Scots serial killer, avoided trial and eventual fate unknown
•   Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin FRGS and the entire crew on his last expion to chart and navigate the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic. Years later a letter was found stating the Admiral perished on June 11, 1847, but his body was never found.
•   Leopold Frankenberger, the possible father of Alois Hitler, disappears and is never seen again after he had been banished from his hometown of Graz, Austria in the 1860s.
•   Crew and passengers of the Mary Celeste.
•   John Wise and passenger, in a balloon that left East St. Louis, Illinois, over Lake Michigan.
•   Charles E. Bolles a.k.a. "Black Bart" — Old West outlaw. Disappeared shortly after his release from San Quentin State Prison in January 1888.
•   Boston Corbett- Army sergeant who fatally shot the escaping John Wilkes Booth. Believed to have perished in a forest fire, the Great Hinckley Fire, although his remains were never found.
•   On September 16th, Louis Aimι Augustin Le Prince disappeared after departing on a train at Dijon, France to return to Paris, France.
•   Albert Jennings Fountain — and his eight-year-old son Henry disappeared near Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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•   In December, three lighthouse keepers working on the Flannan Isles (off the northwestern coast of Scotland) disappeared.
•   German scientists Walter von Knebel and Max Rudloff visited Askja in Iceland to study the caldera. While exploring Φskjuvatn in a small boat, they disappeared without a trace.
•   Etta Place — associate of Butch Cassidy and the girlfriend of the Sundance Kid.
•   Joshua Slocum — an American seaman and adventurer (the first man to sail single-handedly around the world) disappeared in November 1909 while aboard his sloop-rigged fishing boat that he had named Spray.
•   Passengers and crew of the Waratah (ship), which disappeared in the Indian Ocean on a voyage from South Africa.
•   Dorothy Arnold — Manhattan socialite and perfume heiress, last seen in New York City on December 12, 1910.
•   Ambrose Bierce — American author and journalist, disappeared without a trace during travels in Mexico. Last confirmed alive December 26, 1913 in Chihuahua.
•   F. Lewis Clark — Idaho businessman.
•   Georges Guynemer — French combat aviator.
•   Crew of USS Cyclops.
•   Jόri Vilms, Estonian statesman.
•   Although accounts of their execution emerged early on, the main members of the ruling Romanov royal family of Russia were officially missing from 1918 until 1991, when all but two of their bodies were found in a mass grave in the woods outside Yekaterinburg in Russia. Not present were the bodies of the Tsarevich Alexei and one of his older sisters (believed to be either Maria or Anastasia), and so they are still considered missing (although some Russian scientists dispute this). Anastasia's identity was claimed by Anna Anderson, but DNA testing disproved her claim.
•   Arthur Cravan, French proto-dadaist writer and art critic, disappeared near Salina Cruz, Mexico in November, 1918, most likely drowning during a sailing trip in the Pacific Ocean.
•   Victor Grayson — British socialist politician, probably murdered
•   Charles White Whittlesey — American soldier who received the Medal of Honor for commanding the Lost Battalion during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. He disappeared from a passenger ship bound for Havana, Cuba.
•   Andrew Irvine and his climbing partner George Mallory did not return from a two-man climb toward the summit of Mount Everest. After being missing for 75 years, Mallory's body was found in 1999. Irvine's body is still missing. A Chinese climber believed in 1975 that he had sighted it, but his own accidental death not long after meant the find was never confirmed. Some experts believe he had seen Mallory's body.
•   Percy Fawcett — British archaeologist and explorer. Disappeared with his son Jack while searching for a lost city believed to exist in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil
•   Charles Nungesser — French aviator who disappeared with his navigator, Francois Coli, on May 8, 1927 while attempting an east-to-west flight to North America, only two weeks before Lindbergh's successful flight from New York to Paris
•   Six members of Umberto Nobile's Italia expion to the North Pole, carried off by the remains of their airship after it crashed.
•   Roald Amundsen — Norwegian explorer — In 1928, his plane crashed in the Arctic Ocean while heading to join the Nobile rescue effort. His body was never found.
•   Glen and Bessie Hyde — Newlyweds who disappeared while attempting to raft the Colorado River rapids of the Grand Canyon.
•   Joseph F. Crater — Associate Justice of the New York Supreme Court, last seen August 6, 1930, entering a New York City taxi cab. His disappearance became the subject of widespread media attention and a grand jury investigation.
•   Emil Kauppi — Finnish composer, disappeared, last seen on October 1930.
•   Wallace D. Fard, founder of the Nation of Islam. In 1934, after conferring leadership of the Nation of Islam to his protegι Elijah Muhammad, he left Detroit, where he had been living, and disappeared without a trace while in the custody of the Chicago police department. The Nation of Islam maintained that he had returned to Mecca, but rumors persisted that he had been murdered by the Chicago police or by Elijah Muhammad.
•   Everett Ruess, American writer and artist known for his vagrant lifestyle and his statements on life and adventure. At the age of 20 he went into the Utah desert with two burros and never returned. His remains have never been found.
•   Joseph Rodriguez — 4-year-old child and resident of Spanish Harlem, New York City, who disappeared in 1936 while playing with friends. Although Rodriguez' aunt received a telegram informing her that her nephew had been injured and would return home shortly, Joseph never appeared. There was no further communication from the writer and no trace of Joseph's body was ever found.
•   Amelia Earhart — Famous American aviator, missing since July 2, 1937, while in flight in the South Pacific (along with her navigator) while attempting to circumnavigate the globe. There are various theories, rumours, and legends regarding her disappearance.
•   Fred Noonan — Also missing since July 2, 1937; was Earhart's navigator.
•   Sigizmund Levanevsky, a famous Soviet aviator, missing since about Aug. 13, 1937. He and a six-man crew attempted to make a historic flight from Moscow to the United States by way of the North Pole. They did not reach their destination, and their last radio message mentioned weather problems.
•   Ettore Majorana, Italian physicist. Disappeared during a boat trip from Naples to Palermo.
•   Andrew Carnegie Whitfield — nephew of steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, disappeared while piloting a small airplane over Long Island, New York.
•   Richard Halliburton, author and adventurer. On March 3, 1939, Halliburton set off from Hong Kong aboard a custom-built Chinese junk, intending to sail to San Francisco in time for the World's Fair. On March 24, a typhoon overtook the ship, and neither the ship nor Halliburton were ever recovered.
•   Lloyd L. Gaines, central figure in the Civil Rights Movement. He successfully sued for admission the Law School at the University of Missouri in 1938. He left his fraternity house to buy stamps and disappeared

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•   Eleanor Jarman was a convicted robber, one of the more violent female criminals of her time, who escaped from jail in 1940 and became a fugitive from justice. Although she was placed on the FBI ten most wanted fugitives list, she was not caught. In 1975, in an incident that was not disclosed for years, she secretly visited relatives. She refused to turn herself in or reveal how she had been living. She would now be well over 100, and is presumed to have died under an alias.
•   Antoine de Saint-Exupιry, French author and aviator. Apparently died when his Lockheed P-38 Lightning crashed off the coast of Marseille. Though the aircraft was recovered in 2003, his body was never found.
•   Glenn Miller — popular American jazz musician and bandleader. Disappeared on December 15, 1944, en route from England to Paris to play for troops in the recently liberated city. Neither his remains nor the aircraft in which he was riding were ever recovered.
•   On 6 August 1944, a ship named the Island Queen vanished completely from Grenada. A second ship, the Providence Mark, which made the same journey on the same night arrived safely with no hint of trouble. Not a trace of the Island Queen or the people on board was ever found.
•   Raoul Wallenberg — Swedish diplomat who is cred with saving tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.
•   Charles Carroll Taylor — leader of Flight 19.
•   Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose — one of the most prominent leaders of the Indian Independence Movement; he disappeared after his plane crashed on August 18, 1945 (and is believed to have died), but this conclusion is the subject of great dispute.
•   Hans Kammler — SS general and perhaps the third-ranking member of the Nazi hierarchy during the last months of World War II. There are at least four differing accounts of his death, but his remains have never been located.
•   The passengers and crew of the Avro Tudor IV aircraft the Star Tiger disappeared on January 30, 1948 enroute from the Azores to Bermuda in an area of the Atlantic Ocean referred to as the Bermuda Triangle.
•   Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham — prominent passenger aboard the Star Tiger at the time of its disappearance.
•   The passengers and crew of the Avro Tudor IV aircraft Star Ariel disappeared while enroute to Kingston, Jamaica, in the Bermuda Triangle. Passengers Margeret Elsie Meade and Mark Marshall Meade
•   Richard Colvin Cox — a second-year military cadet who disappeared from the United States Military Academy at West Point.
•   Felix Moncla disappeared while hunting an unidentified flying object
•   Curtis Chillingworth was a Florida state judge who (together with his wife, Marjorie Chillingworth) disappeared from his Manapalan, Florida, home in June 1955. Authorities later learned that the couple were abducted, taken offshore and killed as part of a Murder-for-hire plot.
•   The crew and passengers of the Joyita, which disappeared in the South Pacific ocean; five weeks later, the Joyita re-appeared with no one on board.
•   Weldon Kees, poet. On July 19, 1955, Kees's Plymouth Savoy was found on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge with the keys in the ignition. He left no note and his body was never found, but he was known to have talked about picking up and moving to Mexico.
•   Lionel "Buster" Crabb — British frogman who disappeared during an MI6 mission investigating the Soviet cruiser Ordzhonikidze in Portsmouth Harbour. A decapitated body was found some months later but never positively identified.
•   Jesϊs de Galνndez, a professor at Columbia University, the Spanish national, a critic of the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, disappeared in March 1956 in New York City and was never seen again. Many theorists believed that he was kidnapped from his apartment (15F) at 30 Fifth Avenue in the borough of Manhattan at the request of Trujillo, transported secretly back to Santo Domingo and tortured to death. The 2002 film Galindez discusses the investigation of his disappearance.1
•   Moira McCall Anderson was an 11-year-old schoolgirl who disappeared while on an errand for her grandmother in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland. She has never been found and it is surmised that she was abducted for child sexual abuse. The Moira Anderson Foundation has been established in memory of her.
•   Camilo Cienfuegos was a Cuban revolutionary born in Calabazar de Sagua, Las Villas Cuba. He disappeared and presumably died on October 28, 1959, in a Cessna accident due to bad weather while flying over the sea. However, neither his plane nor his body were ever recovered despite Cuban government efforts.
•   Emile Desportes — composer, inventor, painter and explorer — 1960s?
•   Masanobu Tsuji — Japanese soldier and politician.
•   David Kenyon Webster — American soldier, journalist and author, was a member of Easy Company during WW2 & portrayed in the HBO miniseries Band Of Brothers. An avid interest in sharks led to a popular book about them. He subsequently set sail alone from Santa Monica, California on Sept 9, 1961 to go shark fishing when he disappeared at sea. His boat was found 5 miles offshore with no trace of him.
•   Michael Rockefeller — son of Nelson Rockefeller, disappeared during an expion in the Asmat region of southwestern New Guinea.
•   Frank Morris and brothers John and Clarence Anglin escaped from Alcatraz prison on June 11, 1962, and disappeared; authorities have presumed that they drowned, but no bodies were ever recovered.
•   The Beaumont children — Jane (9), Arnna (7) and Grant (4), all disappeared from an Adelaide, Australia beach on 26 January.
•   Harold Holt — Australian Prime Minister — disappeared while at the beach out on a swim.
•   Jim Thompson — a former U.S. military intelligence officer who once worked for the Office of Strategic Services and a designer famous for Thai silks, disappeared while out on a walk, in Malaysia.

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•   Sean Flynn, American photojournalist and son of Errol Flynn and Lili Damita; believed captured by factions of Viet Cong and/or Khmer Rouge in 1970; believed killed 1971, Bei Met, Cambodia
•   Donna Lass, a nurse working in Stateline, Nevada, disappeared after her shift ended on 6 September 1970. A mysterious postcard mailed to the San Francisco Chronicle on 22 March 1971 suggests she was a victim of the Zodiac Killer.
•   D. B. Cooper — skyjacker, true identity unknown — Jumped from a hijacked Boeing 727 over the Pacific Northwest on November 21, 1971.
•   Nicholas Begich and Hale Boggs — American Congressmen who both disappeared October 16, 1972, when the Cessna 310 in which they were riding went missing en route to Juneau, Alaska, from Anchorage.
•   Roberto Clemente — Puerto Rican baseball player who died in a plane crash off the coast of Puerto Rico. Body was never found.
•   Oscar Zeta Acosta — American attorney and Chicano activist — 1974. Most famous for portrayal as "Dr. Gonzo" in Hunter S. Thompson's book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
•   Lord Lucan (Richard John Bingham) — British high-society figure and murder suspect.
•   Malcolm ("Mac") Graham — An avid yachting enthusiast from San Diego, California, disappeared along with his wife from Palmyra Atoll sometime between August 28 and August 30, 1974. Although he is believed to have been murdered, and his wife's remains were found in 1981, his own remains have never been located.
•   Bas Jan Ader — Dutch artist who disappeared while attempting to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.
•   Jimmy Hoffa — president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
•   Lyon Sisters — two pre-teen girls who disappeared on their way home from a neighborhood mall
•   Bradford Bishop — bludgeoned his spouse, three children and mother to death in 1976. He was indicted for the murders and is still at large as a fugitive from justice.
•   Eddie Aikau — famous Hawaiian surfer and life-guard.
•   John Brisker — former ABA and NBA player, disappeared after flying to Uganda.
•   Mel Lyman — cult leader — 1978. Claimed by cult members to have died 1978, but no body, death certificate, or other proof were ever produced. The date of death and burial place are unknown outside the "Lyman Family".
•   Frederick Valentich disappeared while flying across Bass Strait, in what has been claimed by some people as a UFO encounter.
•   Genette Tate — 13-year-old girl who disappeared whilst doing a newpaper round in Devon, UK in August 1978.
•   Etan Patz — schoolboy, disappeared while walking to New York City bus stop.
•   Louis Cafora — An armed robber from New York
•   Joanna Cafora — The wife of armed robber Louis Cafora
•   Ian Mackintosh — Scottish naval officer, novelist and screenwriter; disappeared with two companions in a light aircraft over the Gulf of Alaska.
•   Azaria Chamberlain, presumed to have been taken by a dingo near Uluru. Some clothing items were later recovered, but her remains have never been found
•   Rosemary Tonks — poet, about 1980.
•   Paul America — Actor. After a failed attempt to reach Andy Warhol by telephone, he disappeared without a trace.
•   Johnny Gosch — Paperboy in Des Moines, Iowa, abducted while delivering papers. His image was one of the first national missing children notices to appear on milk cartons, and later the cover of Newsweek.
•   Emanuela Orlandi — a citizen of Vatican City.
•   Kevin Andrew Collins San Francisco youth
•   Naomi Uemura Japanese adventurer
•   Andrew Fluegelman — programmer, considered the father of shareware business.
•   Suzy Lamplugh, a British estate agent who disappeared on 28 July 1986 in Fulham, West London.
•   Licorice McKechnie, a.k.a. 'Likky Lambert', singer-songwriter from the Incredible String Band, disappeared from L.A..
•   Glen Stewart Godwin — escaped from Folsom Prison in California (in 1987) where he had been serving a 25-year-to-life sentence. He is presently number two on the list of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. The FBI has offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to his capture. 2
•   Jacob Wetterling, kidnapped on October 22 in St Joseph, Minnesota, USA. Was never found.
•   Teddy Wang, Hong Kong billionaire kidnapped in April and never seen again. Declared presumed-dead and his estate was inherited by his wife Nina Wang.
•   Sarah MacDiarmid — young female, disappeared from Kananook station in Melbourne, Australia.
•   Ben Needham — 21 months old male, disappeared from the island of Kos in Greece, 24th of July. He has never been found. It was believed Ben was abducted and several suspects in Kos and Veria, Northern Greece were suggested as being responsible, no-one was ever charged with abduction. The British media claimed the Greek police did not handle the case correctly.
•   Michael Dunahee — (born May 12, 1986) is a missing child from Victoria, British Columbia who disappeared when he was five years old, presumed to be abducted, and has never been found. He disappeared from the playground at Blanshard Park Elementary School, also known as the Blanshard Street Playground, in Victoria, British Columbia on March 24, 1991. Michael was last seen around 12:30 P.M. playing at the school playground as his mother, Crystal Dunahee, was participating in a softball tournament and father was a spectator. Michael was abducted meters from his mom and dad. No witnesses to Michael's disappearance ever came forward.

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•   Michael Anthony Hughes has been missing since his abduction from Indian Meridian Elementary School in Choctaw, Oklahoma by Franklin Delano Floyd (who claimed to be his father) on September 12th of that year. Floyd has claimed that Hughes is still alive somewhere in the U.S., but has not disclosed his location.
•   Whitey Bulger — leader of the Winter Hill Gang organised crime group. Fled FBI prosecution in 1995, included in the Ten Most Wanted list.
•   Richey James Edwards — member of Welsh rock band the Manic Street Preachers. His car was found abandoned next to a bridge notorious for suicides. He was suffering from an array of mental health problems up to his disappearance, but was never considered suicidal.
•   Jodi Huisentruit — Early on the morning of June 27, 1995, KIMT news anchor Jodi Huisentruit was abducted outside her apartment while on her way to work. Huisentruit was never found and the case was never solved.
•   Kristen Denise Smart — a student at California Polytechnic State University who disappeared after leaving a party.
•   Kristen Modafferi - an 18-year-old college student whose disappearance resulted in her parents to establish the National Center for Missing Adults.
•   Tom and Eileen Lonergan — American couple stranded while SCUBA diving with a group of divers off Australia's Great Barrier Reef due to a faulty head count. Left to fend for themselves in shark-infested waters. They are presumed to have perished. Alternate theories surrounding their disappearance include suicide, murder-suicide, or staging their disappearance. The film Open Water is based on their story.
•   Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar, Patricia Partin, Kylie Lundahl and Amalia Marquez, known as Carlos Castaneda's witches, disappeared soon after Castaneda's death in April 1998. Patricia Partin's skeleton was identified in Feb. 2006. The rest remain missing. The people still at Castaneda's compound say that the women "are traveling."
•   Mikelle Biggs — child from Mesa, Arizona.
•   Bruno Manser — Swiss born activist who fervently campaigned for the preservation of rainforests in Sarawak.
•   Peter Falconio — A British man, thought to have been shot in Australian outback. Body never found. Bradley John Murdoch was arrested and found guilty of Falconio's murder and received life imprisonment. Falconio's fiance was the main witness in the trial. The case is being appealed by Murdoch and his lawyers.
•   Bison Dele (aka Brian Williams) — former NBA player, thought to have been murdered in the Pacific Ocean by his brother, body never found.
•   Ben Charles Padilla — a small-aircraft pilot and a jet-aircraft mechanic, disappeared on May 25, 2003 while in-flight aboard a Boeing 727 which took off from Luanda, Angola without permission.
•   Dominick Arduin — a French-born explorer in Finland. Disappeared while trying to reach the North Pole by skiing.
•   Tooker Gomberg — Canadian politician and activist.
•   Maura Murray — an American college student from Massachusetts, who disappeared after a one-car accident in New Hampshire
•   Staff Sergeant Keith Maupin — Captured by insurgents in Iraq on 16th April.
•   Natalee Holloway — U.S. teenager, disappeared in Aruba.
•   Ray Gricar — District Attorney in Pennsylvania, United States
•   Charles Rutherford Jr. — Attorney who disappeared with his girlfriend in Lake Huron, her body was later found.
•   Patrick McDermott — partner of Olivia Newton-John; disappeared on return from a fishing cruise off San Pedro

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•   Actor Joe Pichler has been missing since January 5, 2006.3 His car was found January 9, 2006 in Bremerton, WA, at the Manette Bridge adjacent to the Port Washington Narrows. Inside it was a note in which he said he was sorry that he hadn't been a better role model for his younger brother and asked that his belongings go to (then 17-year-old) A.J. However, he was not reported as officially missing by his family until 16 January. At or around that date, the aforementioned note from the car was reported as explicitly suggesting that Joe may have been suicidal.
•   Richard Lee McNair escaped from a federal maximum-security prison facility in April 2006 (located in Pollock, Louisiana) and is a fugitive from justice. His current location is unknown; McNair had been serving two life sentences for murder, attempted murder, and burglary.4
•   On 8 December 2006, 25 year-old Laura Gainey, daughter of Montreal Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey went missing when she was swept overboard while sailing in the North Atlantic. Gainey temporarily passed his GM duties on to assistant manager Pierre Gauthier while awaiting word on Laura. She was sailing on the barque Picton Castle, a sail-training ship based out of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada destined for Grenada. Gainey, a professional crew member with the rank of leading seaman, was swept off the boat during a storm around 9:30 p.m. and is presumed drowned. On 11 December, 2006 at 6pm EST the United States Coast Guard held a press conference in Portsmouth, Virginia to confirm that the search for Laura Gainey has been halted.
•   Jim Gray, a Microsoft research scientist, Turing Award winner and a database pioneer; went on a sailing ship and was presumed lost at sea on 28 January 2007.
•   Between 15 April and 18 April 2007, Derek Batten, and brothers Peter and James Tunstead were lost at sea off the coast of Queensland, northeast Australia. Their ship, the Kaz II, a 12-metre catamaran, was discovered unmanned near the outer Great Barrier Reef. See Ghost ship
•   Madeleine McCann, abducted from her apartment bedroom in Portugal aged 3, whilst her parents were in a nearby building.
•   Andrew McAuley, Australian adventurer who disappeared while attempting to be the first person to kayak across the Tasman Sea.