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Title: 'Monsters' Director Gareth Edwards Has Captured 'Godzilla'!
Post by: Sedarian on January 08, 2011, 02:45:40 am
By Scott Weinberg (Subscribe to Scott Weinberg's posts)
Posted Jan 4th 2011 8:40PM
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Last year there were a few Godzilla-related rumblings when the free-spending Legendary Pictures signed a deal with Toho, but until now we only knew a few cool tidbits about the reboot. Until NOW! (cue massive monster screech)

Seems that Gareth Edwards, director of the festival favorite 'Monsters,' is about to sign a deal that would put him in the chair for a brand-new 'Godzilla' resurrection. According to THR, they've been working from a Dave Callaham screenplay, but now they're open to reading some new drafts.

The infamously massive fire-breathing lizard made his American debut back in 1954, and has suffered all sorts of goofy sequels and ill-advised remakes. (Anyone remember 'Godzilla 1985'? Yeesh. And the Roland Emmerich 'Godzilla' is just too obviously stupid to mention. Oops, I just did.) Still, this sounds like great news for monster movie fanatics, because 'Monsters' was proof of a filmmaker who values character over carnage.
Congrats to Mr. Edwards, who sort of hit the monster movie lottery after only one fine film. As for this new Godzilla flick, we have our fingers crossed. At least they went with someone young and enthusiastic, right? That bodes pretty well.