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Title: Vodka-infused Turkey, Klingon Babies, & Katie Couric's buzzed?
Post by: Keith Ranville on November 25, 2009, 02:53:36 pm

Chicago ponders the merits of Thanksgiving turkey drenched in vodka, babies dressed as Klingons, using a tank to shoot skeet and Katie Couric's sultry dancing skillz.   

Nothing Says Thanksgiving Like Vodka-Infused Turkey

If you’re not going home this Thanksgiving and starting to feel a little down about the situation, O’Casey’s Tavern on East 41st wants to take away the pain in one easy step: the vodka-infused turkey. Apparently, on some holidays, a two step plan for over-eating and over-drinking (1. eat, 2. drink) just won’t do, so flavored Georgi Vodka-injected birds are called in to simplify things.

125 of O’Casey’s patrons have already ordered the $29.95 drunk turkey meal, which comes with alcoholic gravy, various traditional Thankgiving food items and a taxi ride to anywhere in the city you want to go afterwards and cry alone.