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Title: Moon blast a dud for spectators
Post by: Keith Ranville on October 09, 2009, 06:41:25 pm
Posted by Rachel Folz - email

(NBC) - The spectacular show that many expected as an unmanned rocket slammed into the surface of the moon Friday morning never really made it to the big screen.

The experiment was designed to look for water believed to be present in the form of ice on the moon's south pole.

Hundreds had waited up all night expecting a cosmic fireworks show which turned out to be a dud.

NASA's perspective is much different.

"Everything really worked out well," said LCROSS principal investigator Anthony Colaprete. "The space craft flew perfectly, the instruments performed honestly better than expected."

While the plume of dust, rocks and possibly ice was almost impossible to see, instruments on the trailing LCROSS satellite indicate it was there.

NASA scientists say it will take at least two of months of analyzing the data from the mission before they can determine wether there is water on the moon.