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Title: Thinking outside the Box.
Post by: 0_o on August 23, 2009, 12:34:35 pm
Aside for the things we learn through experience.
What knowledge of things do we have about our spirit?
Image a world that no one killed or lied. People who treated their neighbors as their brothers and sisters.
Could this have ever happened in our history at anytime?
What kinds of things inspire our imaginations?
Why do we have memories of things we have never experienced?
Are any of you other members one of those people?

Breaking the ice.....

Title: Re: Thinking outside the Box.
Post by: Bob137 on May 08, 2010, 07:02:16 pm
I ahven't been online here for quite sometime. Hello there. I personally believe from my studies of religions, ancient civilizations, myths, legends, theology, the dead sea scrolls, Joseph Campbell, (myths, and legends), Carl Jung, alchemical psychology, and numerous other studies, and my own personal experiences, that there is a GOD which is pure spirit consciousness, created the material universes and dimensions, and lesser Gods, and angels that dwell in the spiritual world, and they can assist within the realm of the material, but any and all beings that visit within the material realm that are of a material nature, are not Gods, or Angels, but actually just extra terrestrial beings either from another solar system, galaxy, time, and or another dimension. I also believe that there are ascended inter-dimensional beings that do visit from time to time, that may be believed as Gods or Angels, but are just ascended beings from another dimension. In regards to the Utopia you have described, it is quite possible that one once did exist for a time, and that once again another may come, but so far these are just myths and legends, but I can not rule them out. Anything is possible if it can be concieved.