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Title: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Horus on June 18, 2009, 05:42:32 pm
The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza

In 1945, the Egyptian archaeologist Abdel Moneim Abu Bakr came across a water-filled shaft inside a small tunnel that runs north-south under the causeway of Khafre at Giza. He explored it sufficiently to learn that it incorporated a number of chambers, but he never excavated or published it. For many years, the shaft had served as a swimming hole and as a source of drinking water for local workmen - it was filled with groundwater to such a high level that no archaeologist was able to excavate it.

The shaft's purpose remained a mystery, although many New Age enthusiasts learned of the it and spread rumors that it hid a secret network of tunnels leading to the Great Pyramid or perhaps to the Sphinx. In the summer of 1999, I decided that it was time to take on the challenge of excavating this shaft to determine its true function and put the speculation to rest.

Dr. Hawass and his team within the Osiris shaft.

It was a great challenge to reduce the water level in the shaft to a point where we could work inside. The high water table in the area was the source of the problem. We asked an engineer named Esmail Osman to bring in the machinery needed to pump the water out. Working inside the shaft while the equipment was running was one of the greatest challenges of my life as an archaeologist. The constant noise made it difficult to think, and the machinery was so loud that I almost lost my hearing! We were very worried that pumping out the water would destabilize the shaft, possibly causing it to collapse. I insisted that plaster strips marked with the date be placed across even the smallest crack in the walls. If the cracks began to expand, the plaster would break, and we would know to begin structural interventions right away.

Looking up the Osiris shaft.

What we discovered as we pumped out the water and excavated the shaft was truly amazing. We found that the first segment of the shaft, almost 10 meters deep, leads to a single chamber about 8.6 by 3.6 meters in size. When we entered this chamber, it was empty. A second vertical shaft in the northern part of the chamber leads down for another 13.25 meters, ending in a 6.8 by 3.5 meter chamber, surrounded by six smaller side-chambers and a recess from which yet another shaft descended. Three of the side-chambers contained stone sarcophagi in the style of the 26th Dynasty, and two of the sarcophagi contained human bones. We also found shabtis and fragments of Late Period pottery in this level. In addition to the side-chambers, there is a recess in the southeastern corner of the main chamber, from which a third vertical shaft descends. After about 8 meters, this last shaft ends in a chamber about 9 meters square.
The final chamber is the most interesting of all. Much of it is taken up by a rectangular emplacement in the center, carved from the living rock with the remains of a square pillar at each corner. The space left between the walls of the chamber and the emplacement in the center forms a kind of channel. The channel is broken at the entrance to the chamber, where the floor has been left at a higher level to connect it with the emplacement. This gives the channel the shape of the hieroglyphic sign pr, meaning “house.” In the center of the emplacement, there is a large sarcophagus made of black basalt. The sarcophagus contained the remains of a skeleton, along with several amulets dating to the Late Period. We were surprised to find that there was also some red polished pottery with traces of white paint, which probably dates to the 6th Dynasty.

Dr. Hawass on the third level of the Osiris shaft.

There is no evidence that the shaft was ever used for a royal burial. It is my belief that it was intended as a symbolic tomb for Osiris, the god of the underworld. The channel surrounding the emplacement in the lowest level seems to have been deliberately designed so that groundwater would fill it, making the emplacement in the center into a sort of island. This configuration could represent the primeval waters of Nun, which covered the world at the time of creation, with the island in the center representing the first mound of earth to emerge. The water further symbolizes the connection of Osiris to fertility and rebirth. The emplacement with a large sarcophagus in the center and a pillar at each corner (perhaps representing the four sacred legs of the god as described in later texts) is very similar to the configuration of the Osireion of Seti I at Abydos, another symbolic tomb for Osiris. The burials dating to the Late Period probably reflect the desire of the Egyptians to be close to the god of the underworld in death.
I believe that the Osiris Shaft is what the Greek author Herodotus, the “father of history,” was talking about when he said that Khufu was buried on an island in an underground chamber, located in the shadow of the Great Pyramid and fed by a canal from the Nile. Herodotus must have been describing the Osiris Shaft, although he was incorrect about its date and function. The Osiris Shaft seems to be a good deal later than the reign of Khufu, as the earliest artifacts found inside date to Dynasty 6, with most of the finds of a much later date. As I have noted, through my excavations I was able to determine that it probably represents a symbolic tomb for the god Osiris, not a royal tomb as Herodotus maintained.

A boy explores the narrow tunnel at the lowest level of the Osiris shaft.

One interesting feature of the Osiris Shaft is a narrow tunnel that extends from the northwest corner of the lowest level. This tunnel is only large enough to admit a young child at its entrance, and further along, it becomes filled with mud. In 1999, I sent a boy into the tunnel to explore it. He was able to go only 5 meters before it became too narrow for even his slight frame. In the November of 2008, television producer Richard Reisz supplied the SCA with an endoscopic camera to continue the exploration of this small tunnel. The team who carried out this effort were able to insert the endoscope only 10 meters into the tunnel before the mud inside made it impossible to go further. In December, the team returned with two self-propelled “rovers” equipped with cameras, which were able to travel further into the tunnel. At about 6.5 meters, the team discovered a branch that split off the tunnel. They were able to send the camera 10.5 meters into this branch before it became too narrow and muddy for the rovers to go any further. The team also found that the main tunnel continues to a total length of about 21 meters, where it seems to end, although it was impossible to determine this with certainty. I have been in touch with a Japanese team who plan to bring in an even more advanced robot, which should be able to continue past the points where the earlier machines were forced to stop. On Thursday, June 9th, 2009, we will begin the work of sending the new robot into the tunnel in the hope of finding out where it leads. Hopefully, we will be able to find out why it was carved out of the rock so deep underground. Solving this mystery will truly be an amazing adventure, and I hope that you will enjoy learning the answer to the secret of the Osiris shaft along with me and my team!   


Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Horus on June 18, 2009, 05:53:26 pm
It's important to note that Hawass' claim that it does not connect to the Sphinx as rumored by "New Age enthusiasts" is utterly false.  Ground-penetrating radar done by the Schor/FSU team in 1996-97 and again by the Polish University of Wroclaw in 2006 confirm that there is in fact an unexcavated tunnel which connects to an alleged chamber beneath the rump of the Sphinx as well as to another deep chamber near the Khafre Causeway !!  [The latter is documented here] (,17650.msg141688.html#msg141688)

What's astonishing in this article is that it has (supposedly) taken TEN YEARS for the Egyptians to start investigations of a blocked tunnel at the bottom of this well-shaft! This was televised by FOX at the very end of a 1999 special called "Opening the Lost Tombs LIVE from Egypt!" in which the narrator asked "Could the legendary Hall of Records lay beyond this tunnel"?   Then nothing happened -until now? C'mon! 

Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Bianca on June 18, 2009, 06:21:29 pm


I don't think Hawass is quite the culprit I used to believe he was for one simple reason:

If the Hall of Records is discovered, what is going to happen to the three Abramic religions?

Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Qoais on June 18, 2009, 09:35:15 pm
I think Christians would stay Christians since Jesus came "after" all the rest.  In other words, he's the last of the prophets.

The thing is, even Cayce talked about the Creator, who to me, is the God everyone believes in.  If there is only one God, and he/she is the ultimate Creator, then the only thing that will be hard to contend with is the Christian belief in J.C.

Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Qoais on June 18, 2009, 09:38:28 pm
Ok, now here's the link to Ananda in the Hallways of Osiris.  In other words, we knew of Hawass' "discovery" a long time ago:

Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Horus on June 18, 2009, 10:29:56 pm
Ok, now here's the link to Ananda in the Hallways of Osiris.  In other words, we knew of Hawass' "discovery" a long time ago:

Of course, no one implied that the shaft was a new discovery.  What is new (supposedly) is the attempt to open a sealed tunnel in its base.  Few people remember that blocked tunnel which was depicted so dramatically and hyped in that FOX special, but I've been tracking all Giza work for 20 years so that nothing slips past me.   That's why I'm calling them on their bulls**t now!

That was ten years ago -add that to this list:

It's been 16 years since a rectangular cavity was detected under the Sphinx's paw.
It's been 13 years since a larger chamber was detected under the Sphinx's rump.
It's been 15 years since German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink's robot found the little "door" that plugs the southern shaft of the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.
Eight friggin' years later they got around to drilling through it only to find another "door" behind it.  They planned to drill through that right away but nothing happened and that was seven years ago!!!!  

These are the most famous, mysterious, ancient monuments in the world and and those leads listed above got lots of publicity and interest, so why do things move so slowly (or not at all) at Giza?!?!?!?

I think it's time to start the Giza Conspiracy thread.  I certainly have enough material for one!  

Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Bianca on June 18, 2009, 10:36:55 pm

There is an Archaeology Conspiracy thread already started.

It's pretty long, LOL.....

You could add it there, so we can keep all the SINS of Archaeologists in ONE PLACE, easy to find
when the time comes to confront the likes of PeterV.

Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Bianca on June 18, 2009, 10:39:38 pm

Here is the link:,1772.0.html

Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Horus on June 18, 2009, 11:09:15 pm
Bianca, it will be here (and there are good reasons for that) but you are certainly welcome to copy whatever I post here over to there. However, my disclosure isn't going to appear any time soon at all (could be a year away) as I have other projects with higher priority -HINT: Atlantis!

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Post by: Qoais on June 19, 2009, 12:13:48 am
Way to go Horus!! 8) Awesome.  You watch those buggars!  Since that wall went up around Giza, I think there's been tons of stuff that has been moved and hidden away.  Possibly even sold to private collectors on the side, to get some cash flow. 

Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Bianca on June 19, 2009, 06:31:14 am

"Bianca, it will be here (and there are good reasons for that) but you are certainly welcome to copy whatever I post here over to there."

Will do that!!!

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Post by: Horus on June 19, 2009, 11:50:43 am
Has anyone here read Secret Chamber: The Quest For the Hall of Records ( by Robert Bauval?  It was published in 1999 in the UK and only distributed to certain Commonwealth countries.  This is odd since Bauval was the co-author of the best-selling Orion Mystery as well as The Message of the Sphinx (The Keeper of Genesis in the UK) -books that did well in the U.S.  Though I have an intense dislike for Bauval, and this book is full of biased, inflamatory and defamatory  half-truths and lies, (LOL), there is lot of very important information about conspiracies pertaining to Giza, and well as Ancient Egyptian and Hermetic traditions of hidden wisdom at the site.  It just takes some "sifting" to separate the wheat from the chaff!  ;)

Here's a sample chapter on Zahi Hawass, Mark Lehner and the involvment of the Edgar Cayce Foundation at Giza 1957-1998

Why did the Egyptians cancel the most dramatic ceremony of the Millennium?

Title: Tomb of Osiris/Watershaft Latest
Post by: Horus on August 12, 2009, 01:54:08 pm
Tomb of Osiris/Watershaft Latest

This message was posted by Nigel Skinner-Simpson to Graham Hancock's board:

'The last we heard from Dr. Hawass about the "tunnel" leading away from the third level of the Tomb of Osiris was that a japanese team would use a more advanced robot to continue the exploration starting on 9th June 2009. This has happened and Dr. Hawass spoke to a Mr. Keith Payne about the outcome during an interview on Friday 7th August. The interview covered many other areas and Mr. Payne has posted a complete transcript - see link at the end of this item.

"Regarding the 'Osiris shaft', Dr. Hawass was asked "Back in June there was supposed to be further exploration of the tunnel leading out of the third level of the Osiris shaft, under Khafre’s causeway. So has the Japanese robot already done its part there? What comes next?"

"to which he replied

'We did go over one hundred and fifty now into the shaft but we did not go to the end of it, we need maybe a snake robot because of the mud, the problem of the mud.'

"The obvious question is, one hundred and fifty what? I have emailed Mr. Payne in the hope it is an omission from the transcript rather than Dr. Hawass forgetting to say and will post an update if I get an answer.

"Mr. Payne's full transcript of the interview can be found at:

Nigel Skinner-Simpson

 It's important to note that the trajectory of the tunnel intersects with a large rectangular anomally detected by ground penetrating radar in the Dr. Abbas surveys of 1996.  That's why they are going through the trouble of  excavating in that direction.

There is something so snarky going on with Hawass as usual.

Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Horus on August 15, 2009, 12:57:28 am
With regard to the question of one hundred and fifty what?, Mr. Payne has posted the following clarification at the end of his interview transcript:

"In his lecture, Dr. Hawass stated that two months prior he had brought in a Chinese researcher who had a 150-foot tube-fed camera, but they had only managed to get 100 feet due to the mud. After some adjustments, they returned last month and were able to get the full 150 feet without reaching the end. The next step is to use a snake robot, and he is already in contact with a Japanese research team for that purpose."

Nigel Skinner-Simpson

Title: Re: The Mysterious Osiris Shaft of Giza
Post by: Qoais on August 15, 2009, 09:37:43 am
Here's hoping nothing else goes wrong!!