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Title: The Second Ragnarök
Post by: Tina Walter on February 02, 2007, 09:02:04 am
The Second Ragnarök
The second Ragnarök , the second destruction of Aser, occurred 10,011 years ago as of this writing. The ice cap had been melting northward during 4 major stages that are considered today to be distinct “ice ages”. Foreseeing a major, rapid and radical shifting of the polar ice cap as the melting proceeding northward from the Baltic Sea (between Sweden and Finland) and the west coast of Norway today, would reach a certain point, the Aser constructed what boats they could, filled them with arctical plants and animals they had been developing “under the ice” and pushed them over forbidding glacial mass to the treacherous open waters where 30 Aser - Raphael and Sara, their 7 sons, 7 daughters, and tors -- succeeded in sailing to the tiny island of Bockland. Following their epic and perilous journey to the sea and a tumultuous voyage, they lived for 1,000 years in chalk caves of what is at present called Göttland (sometimes Gothland, pronounced “goatland” today in Helsinki; a bock is a goat, recall). Rampaging ice churned up the east coast of what is today called Sweden and the west coast of what became Vinland, and later Finland, destroying the site of Hel. It polished both coastlines to a remarkable smoothness, such that the effects of this Ragnarök are still clearly visible today. The glacial icebergs, however, breaking off and floating southward, passed on either side of this island haven of Bockland to the south and a bit east of what is today Stockholm, fortuitously and quite remarkably leaving the Aser taking refuge there unharmed.
9,014 years ago as of this writing, an advance party of Aser returned from Bockland /Göttland to Tuna to begin reconstructing Ra C po ri Cas tel, placing its new fundament upon the site of the original, which the second Ragnarök had destroyed.

9,011 years ago, some of the Aser returned to the original site of Hel to rebuild the breeding and information system with, once again, Bock and Svan creating 12 sons and 7 daughters, Bock and Disas creating rabi, nar, disa, and sienere, with Piroet and Roset inside Odenma and Rabi becoming Alfader to Jarlet, Karlet and Trelet in the ringlands again being populated outside of Odenma, but this time with blond, white, blue- and green-eyed arctical As pipol -- Aser -- and blond white blue- and green-eyed arctical Van pipol -- Vaner.

A group at the same time moved south from Bockland to England where the climate and conditions were more favorable for propagation of the arctic animals bred and arctic plant life developed during Altlandis. Concurrently, two noteworthy individuals -- Dan and Sven -- two of the more-than-twelve sons of Bock and Svan, rebelled against the system in Hel and, to the west, went their separate ways to create two independent systems -- Danmark -- the mark of Dan - and Svenskara - the Land of Sven, today Denmark and Sweden. Part of Sven’s system eventually broke off and established its own Norwegian system and, in time, also produced another offshoot, the Icelandic. These developments can now, for the first time, be traced and verified using the Systematic Key, Alphernas Beten.

It is also well worthy of note that beginning 9,011 years ago, in each generation, one Han Odens Man -- a Han O (say “uuu”) Man -- today we know them as Hanuman – would be sent from the recreated system at the original site of Hel to each of the centers of the 10 king systems that had evolved since the beginning of Altlandis during the next 9,000 years until 1984, Our recent 1984. The objective and goal of each Han Odens Man was not to make any attempt to correct or direct these 10 original king/qvena systems but rather to simply reconnect them, regardless of the state into which they would be found to have transformed and perhaps disintegrated over 50,000,000 years, with the source of information and guidance of Oden which it had originally been the role of Aser to transmit and convey to Vaner during Pa ra dis et, which it had been the role of Aser to preserve, for the entire race, throughout the period of Altlandis, and which it became the responsibility of Aser to follow, to the best of their ability, in guiding the 9,000 year Han o man program projected until but eleven years ago, the Gregorian calendar year 1984.

The stated vision and objective in the Bock Family 10,011 years ago (at the time of the second Ragnarök) was that in 1984, the entire human race, by virtue of its formal reconnection with its roots in Hel and the source of understanding found only in the -- our -- common Rot language and system of thought (kela sparked by saga) would now, in our present time, have become elevated to a state of health, well-being, understanding and wisdom, matching that of the Aser as they were coming out from the ice, guaranteeing that any woman on Earth could choose any man to father her next child and be assured of producing an inwardly good and outwardly good person or perdaughtar, equipped to live in peace and harmony with the laws of nature. These laws, inherent and explicit in the Sound System of our common root, Rot language, were to become accessible to humanity directly, via Alphernas Beten, for the first time beginning in the spring of 1984.

The revival of original Hiden (perverted to “heathen”) culture envisioned and undertaken at the original site of Hel 10,011 years ago, did not ultimately succeed as planned. It was a shock, following 50,000,000 years of evolution, for various brown, yellow, red and black Vaner to 9,011 years ago begin meeting distinctly arctical blonde, white-skinned, blue- or green-eyed Vaner coming from the north, often leading strange domesticated arctical animals, which had also evolved under the ice i.e. within Odenma during Atlandis,and had never before been seen by tropicals. Some additional white Aser and later Vaner were breaking with the reconstructed system in Hel and, taking their supporters with them, going their separate ways, creating systems of leaders and followers (abandoning the guidance of a shared system wherein all are equal) in playing a variety of parts and establishing very different roles and agenda concerning human harmonization with – or abandonment of -- Nature’s Law and the guidance of Oden, which became mispronounced and misunderstood as Odin, Woden, and other degenerations of the original, and even virtually worshipped as some kind of “god”.

For nearly eight millenia a number of individuals bearing only partial knowledge and understanding of the original system otherwise being regenerated, turned their backs upon it. Using what knowledge they had acquired they sought to create systems of their own rather than follow in the Bock family plan i.e. as part of the plan et. Seriously and radically reforming any and all cultural institutions they usurped, they based their edicts upon existing conditions and partial, incomplete knowledge and understanding, often replacing understanding with belief and force. In some cases their inspiration was seriously degenerated by a new malaise and disease that spread wherever they went: personal ambition, greed, and an ego-centric Oden-ignorant urge to wield un-na tor al powers over others.

On noteworthy occasions, a few of these, under faulty guidance, allowed themselves to become worshipped as “superior” or “divine” beings, “demi-gods” or “gods”, a concept foreign to the Vaïnämoïnen system but ones that humans will kill and die for to this day.

The Hiden pipol, those living in Hiden time, Paradiset, had neither need nor reason for any system of belief. The human family as a whole, while it was composed of its five et or branches, was given means of understanding the workings of universal laws in nature upon and through all life-forms sharing this bal. They could be understood in kela of life processes within the one human family culture, based upon, nurtured by and distinguished as processes rooted in Alphernas Beten, the ring of 23 sounds, invested as they are with meaning that unfolds and imparts to the entire species -- with impeccable logic, honesty, and truth -- the plan for human existence. (Plan means plan, recall, and Et means branch or family. Hence planet, the plan for the human et, which included all co-existing life forms upon Earth, naturally, as perceived and experienced by this one As Van speaking human family system.)

The ho man – human -- family during Paradiset was neither a lofty, impractical, unattainable ideal nor a merely intellectual abstraction but a living, daily and lifetime, social/cultural entity – organism – in which every person and every perdaughter could play a particular role and become a living example of one facet of the whole. Each would have the opportunity to become exemplar to all the others – the entire family – in cultural position understood in the ring – in the sounds – Alphernas Beten. At any given time, Aka and Ok -- Matar and Alfader -- were either mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, great grandmother and great grandfather, or great-greats, to every human being alive. That is, theirs was a real family.

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What a tremendous story....I get so amazed every time I read about it!

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Hi Rockessence, it should look familiar, as I ripped it off of you!

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Well, I merely posted it elsewhere...I believe the author was Stuart Rice who's website that is...