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Post by: DDDnD3D on November 30, 2008, 07:14:26 am
At least 10 Million Ukrainians died in a one year span from 1932-33 known as the GREAT FAMINE OF 1933 due to the Stalin Soviet Regime imposing a strict policy to seal the borders and confiscate all produce from the Ukrainian farmers and the Legendary Breadbasket of Europe. At least 3 Million children died in this short amount of time. The children that survived after their parents died formed gangs that roamed the countryside looking for food, some of them resorting to cannibalism until the harsh winters arrived and most of them perished. In following years discoveries of massive amounts of childrens remains, many huddled together were discovered in remote areas of the Ukraine, a solemn and sad reminder of the ruthlessness of the Stalinist Regime that the Western Media and particularly the United States of America ignored and to the shamefull embarassment of all american people didnt officially recognize and condemn this mass murder and genocide of at least 1/4 the Ukrainian population until 55 years later?