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Title: Economic Royalism
Post by: Lars Worthington III on October 27, 2008, 01:09:02 pm
Economic Royalism

What is Economic Royalism, you might well ask?  It is the over-riding theory of economics that what is good for the wealthy is not just the thing that counts most in terms of economic theory, but the only thing that counts at all in this economy. 

When the wealthy sneeze, it is America that gets the cold.  When stocks go up, it is because we are buying them, when they go down, it is because we are not.  When we decide to free up our money, Americans get their loans, when we decide not to, credit markets are frozen. Our wants, desires and needs amount to priority number one in this land, while yours are, at best, secondary. I know this will be a bitter truth for some of you to swallow, but we, the wealthy, are entitled to special priviliges, tax breaks and, if needed, government assistance in times of economic distress that the rest of you are NOT entitled to. That is the kind of clout we have, we are the upper class, all others belong in the realms of the lower classes. It certainly has to be that way in order for America to be considered prosperous at all. 

Government exists for the greater enrichment of the wealthy and the priviliged and that is it's sole function! One example:  When George W. Bush cut taxes for the wealthy in 2004, the family that owns Wal-Mart increased their wealth by $91,500 per hour.  That is government knowing it's duty and ably going about it's business. Mission Accomplished, Number 2.

That is the principle of economic royalism, it is a time-tested principle, spanning many generations, many thousands of years, monarchies, economic systems and different types of governments, and it would serve each one of you well to support economic royalism as well.

Why, you may well ask..?

Well, in every society, the wealthy have always been the aristocracy of their countries, it is the same here now, in America.  That is the way that it always has been, that is the way that it always will be.  It it is our wealth that makes America rich and our decisions shape not only America, but the world.  We are the economic royalty of America, your nobility, if you will.  I know that some of you will be tempted to feel jealousy towards us, but you shouldn't don't do that, you should admire us instead! 

We should be looked to, for advice, for leadership and, above all things, with admiration. You shouldn't hate us, you should want to be us.  You should pattern your lives on ours and compare yourselves to us, realizing, of course, that you don't measure up, and never will. We should be your role models in troubled times like these, and you should pay heed when we offer our opinions on things. 

I am proud to say that the Republican Party is the party of economic royalists, and that is why the Republican Party tends to always be on the winning team. They have our considerable wealth supporting it.

Economic Royalism!  It's about the future as well as the past. 

Title: Re: Economic Royalism
Post by: Lars Worthington III on October 27, 2008, 01:12:06 pm

Now then, what does the topic of ecnomic royalism have to do with the Presidential campaign?  Well, I am proud to say that John McCain realizes the inherent value of the wealthy, is quite rich himself, and also happens to be an economic royalist.  His policies please us more than Senator Obama's and will be the ones that make us the most happy. He knows the value of a wealthy man  and his important place is in the world economy.  He is a man that appreciates status, and certainly respects it. So, vote for John McCain, knowing that a vote for him will also be a vote for your upper classes as well.  Who knows?  If we are happy with our financial situation, we might allow our wealth to trickle down to the rest of you and you might well benefit from greater job creation.