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Title: CA-40 Fuel Additive
Post by: Psycho on May 23, 2007, 02:01:00 pm
This is one fuel additive guaranteed to increase fuel efficiency by 10%, and has been proven to work. The Ed Schultz show just had a segment on it!

CMH Industries Inc. Presents:

CA-40 Fuel Additive 

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We now recommend a treat rate of
1 ounce to 15-20 gallons of fuel!!

What does CA-40 fuel additive do? 

It saves you money by:

- Increasing Fuel Efficiency

- Improving Lubricity

- Reducing Harmful Emissions


CA– 40 has been tested in fuels including:

- Gasoline
- Bio-Diesel
- Diesel
- Ethanol Fuels (E-85)


Regardless of the fuel type, the test results indicated increased fuel efficiency, increased lubricity, and a decrease in harmful emissions.

 *** See WDAY TV News report on CA-40g (click here) ***

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