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ELIA – The last Prophet / Illuminatos

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Author Topic: ELIA – The last Prophet / Illuminatos  (Read 1697 times)
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« on: April 29, 2009, 09:04:15 pm »

ELIA – The last Prophet / Illuminatos

There are secret political networks the lay public doesn’t know anything about. These networks are called secret societies...Through superior power they influence money lending of secret money printing monopolies, through a capital dictatorship they determine everything by means of political action in all countries...They give bribes, influence presidential elections by means of biased electoral assistance and party donation. Through a pyramidal society structure and memberships of millions of men in industry, politics, military, educational system and bank hierarchy they are able to support and corrupt everything in this world...

Although all of us believe politics to happen by chance, every event is planned years in advance by the committee of the 300 big ones sitting on the round table. On top of these 300 chosen ones there is a committee of 33 heads coming from the so-called financial nobility like Rothschild, Rockefeller and many more...

Like the strings of a puppet they hold the rains of 20-30 networks in society. It is them who really do have the say. They influence legislation, rule over big industry, capital, politicians and have enough power and influence to be able to start a third world war.

Churchill once said:“ When the Clan of Rothschilds wanted to have a Napoleon, they got him, and if they want to have a first or second world war, they do also get it... If they don’t want to have it, there will be a war of mice...“

Of course, this power is hidden very well within our pseudo democracy. Neither shares nor big companies do identify their owners. However, we do know that these 30 families – through money lending - have been manipulating all governments through payment of interest on debts since Babylon.

Today, they have whole think tanks to manipulate countries that are not yet caught in their spiral of indeptedness. The thinking of money lending has been manipulated for generations... They used to be called „The Priests of Money“.

Nobody makes an effort to check the interrelations. If anybody would do so, they would realize that the big business of  6000 big companies and their owners are all connected by networks meeting at some of the big companies owned by those families. As real power can only maintain by means of invisibility, these families would wish to be invisible.

By means of their honorable ideas, which they have been setting in people’s minds for 2000 years, they determine everything. Because of their secret Freemason’s Lodges they reign over each city or bigger village. They are networks working as well on top as on bottom in everyday life.

Everybody is dependent on money lending and this superior power. Thus it is quite easy to get onto dangerous ground of loan and interest to remain silent.

When ELIA, an author, wrote about secret societies he got threatened.

His books were registered on the index  and one even tried to get rid of him.

As a consequence, a group of people gathered to support, safe and spread his work.

Of course, all kinds of media and big publishing companies are controlled by the Freemasons‘ and Illuminati’s censorship. Thus nothing will reach public attention without being arranged by them and their networks.

Even judges are members in each country and if there are hot potatoes to be dealt with the affected doesn’t have the slightest chance...

The illuminati are pyramidal networks that have penetrated each other from top to bottom. For centuries, they have been using secret services to infiltrate each other. Thus, Rosenkreutzer are members of the Freemasons and the church is interspersed with Freemasons and the Lodge Opus Dei.

However, people are neither aware of the fact that all information and power meet at the peak of this hierarchy, nor of the fact that this handful of supranational interests has turned the outer world into a theatre stage... In each everyday situation we are treated like unsuspecting sheep.

If there is anybody standing in their way it is like the facts written down in the Papers of the Wise of Zion which were only a copy of
Machiavelli’s papers or of the Illuminati of Weishaupt....

Today, there is no difference. Bribery, spying and ruin are going on... People are assassinated or extorted...

All powerful politicians of the last years like Barschel, Petra Kelly, Olaf Palme, Diana and even big ones like the Kennedies have been assassinated. They wanted to take away the money printing monopoly from Rothschild. As a consequence they were executed in public.

Politicians who found out that the Federal Reserve Bank and Federal Banks in each country are in private hands were sacked or silenced...

Therefore, those networks do not only rule over money, politics, health service, industry and religion, but also over the whole public life.

The Prophet ELIA has written three books about secret societies and their networks.( “2011 ELIA’s prophecies on the last days” ) He gives us the chance to gain insight into interrelations we might be able to suspect, but which have, however, been kept invisible for the majority of humans for thousands of years.

As ELIA’s work and his video series in five parts is being persecuted we have chosen this way to inform you.

However, his work is an important contribution to the enlightenment of our next generations. Young people also do sometimes think about Illuminati, Freemasons, secret networks, financial dictatorship and pseudo democracy.

You can help us to spread information by ordering ELIA’s books and video tapes and making him a cult figure. Then, networks will lose power and new incorruptible ones will emerge.
You are also welcome to forward this information to others who might be interested in it.

On the 23rd of each month, at 23 hours,  the Illuminati  have executed their victims. The reason for that is the fact that in the Kaballa the number 23 means the day when God rests and doesn’t watch. Therefore, the Illuminati believe their victims to be lost forever. They believe they don’t have to take the blame, then. (Karma)

However, we start an act of enlightenment on each 23rd...

Of course, people might think that if everything in society is based on lies, there is no chance to do anything about it.

Nevertheless, we can help to give people knowledge about the Illuminati. As there cannot be found any literature in public libraries, no one can know anything about this topic, which is a secret topic.

In the Bible there is one prophecy saying that one day, when civilization has reached its peak, there will be a man rising up in order to attack the **** of Babylon and the Anti-Christ.

ELIA and his message are meant by that.

If this knowledge is spread, the monster will show us who it really is. These secret networks of the Illuminati are personified in the Anti-Christ. The money lending is personified in the **** of Babylon which has its headquarters in New York.

Of course, this is meant to be understood metaphorically. And also the second coming of Jesus Christ is meant to be the return of a new kind of consciousness in human beings.

So one can say that prophets were right. The only important thing to be mentioned is, that prophecies are not to be taken too literally but rather as examples at a point of transition into a new age.

ELIA’s message is a synthesis of real knowledge about the Illuminati and secret bonds. They are in contact with celestial forces which have been guiding us for thousands of years to build the pyramid of power. In the end, they seek for having everything under their control.

The books and videos will open a lot of people’s eyes. And then, after the year 2011 there will be beginning a new era...

However, before that many prophecies - that are not supposed to be taken literally - will come true.

Not without good reason did old prophets have the gift for foreseeing transitions into new eras...

It has been foreseen for a long time that if there will be a new world order in the 4th empire showing up as dictatorship of materialism, economy and money, there will be a celestial force to put an end to it. That is when the last days of the old world will start....

Is it coincidence or a conscious message?

Do the Freemasons in the Süddeutschen Zeitung of May 27/28 2000 signal that the old world order and the new path of peace will come to an end on July 31 2000?

It has been known for long that the lodge brothers communicate with each other in newspapers. So, I refer to the fact that Putin has pardoned 320 000 prisoners. Why?

Just to safe money? Or to have enough troops for a planned war?

In an advertisement on page 13 there is a picture showing a broken off street somewhere above the mountains. A slogan saying: WHO’S PERFECT? NEW respectively NEUSSER STREET . End on July 31 2000. Do those three demarcation stones look like urns or eggs?

The translation of this text says that the new world order hasn’t come to anything with the streets of world peace. The new street to build a new world government by means of peace will break down on July 31 2000 with the assassination of three politicians represented by the urns!

The sentence WHO’S PERFECT? means that the aim of building a world government in a peaceful way cannot be reached, because nobody in this world is perfect and everybody wants to make politics in their own favour.

What will come after July 31 2000 – war? Will the Russians invade Europe?

As my appearance and the fact that I will wake up as witness from the sleep of thousand years has been foretold to the lodges and Freemason’s bonds for thousands of years, we have now – as expected – reached a ban of information. Non of the 60 news agencies and 10 television transmitters have broadcast our video. That way the planned world government turns into a big capital dictatorship in the final spurt.

States and countries are blackmailed through dependence on interest and debts to help to build this new world order.

Political parties are infiltrated by these members of lodges and there is always a secret arrangement to decide on e.g. who will be president next, who really does have power through donations given to the preferred party and its presidential candidate.

How to control the power?

What has to be done is:

A)    put a lodge brother up as a candidate

B)     donate some hundreds of millions more to the party you prefer (through companies or anonymous donators)

The one who will be able to advertise most by means of this money will gain the power.

That’s why we live in a pseudo democracy which is imbued with these invisible financial powers.

The German Constitution supplement ”Überblick für die EU” Punkt V Abs.2 says: “Taking the Federal Bank of Germany as an example, the European Central Bank is supposed to be politically independent and not to have any instructions from the body of the EU or from governments of the member countries.”

So, from whom then?

Banks and big companies are in the hands of 30 families deciding in each country on what will happen next and on who will have the power. Of course, they seek to prevent the long foreseen deprivation of  power, which I have precisely described on 900 pages in my book “Secret societies and the myth in the 21st century”.

How these networks work...

Why Mr. Kohl has to keep his mouth shut if he doesn’t want to be removed like Barschel, Palme or Diana...who had talked about the grey eminence ... Are there also two great politicians silenced, now?

If circumstantial evidence is getting so frequent that there will be no need for further evidence, we hope that there will be some people in this country willing to stand up and talk about the truth!

Authors have always been persecuted by the networks of power that believe people to be stupid because of sex, crime and lowmindpress.

Today, they already take control over the press.

Their brothers are everywhere and they decide on what to talk about.

It used to be the church index, but today it is the media.

The planetary consciousness of Christ  and the new world order will , however, be born in a new consciousness and not in an organization. It always starts with ourselves, and then we’ll all be brothers without brotherhood...

Thus, old religions and secret societies, high-grade Freemasons, financial magnates and politicians, who are the puppets on the string  of those authorities, will lose their role of leader.

On May 5th 2000, there was the official date of birth of mother earth which is followed by the 7th sign. Planetary birth pangs in the form of severe seismic shocks get this birth started.

The child that will be born by 2011 is the new mankind, the chosen seed of Christ. The old world is entering the last days, now. A new world, born through the dying of the old, is emerging.

The first birth pangs may arrive from May 5th 2000...

In this case, time is not exactly determinable, because measurement of time in micro cosmos differs from measurement of time in macro cosmos. One minute on earth is an estimated 18 days for human beings, whereas it is about 3 months for a mayfly...

After the angel had opened the 7th seal, heaven was silent and a time full of silence followed. But then the trombones of the seven divine judgements descended upon mankind. Now, everybody knows that we are in our last days.

Then we will be in the tunnel of birth and events will happen in a rush.

As ambassador of the second coming I am leaving a guide – the prophecies of ELIA – for the human kind....see below...

A message making the differences between truth and lie.

The 7th sign is the beginning of a divine judgement in seven parts.

After May 5th 2000-2011 it will be obviously visible for the human kind that we are in our last days...there will be falling both an asteroid and fire down from heaven producing a tidal wave...

It will take place before, after or during a war... it will be the beginning of great changes.

First, there will be a tremendous world-wide visible earthquake that will be different from all others. Then, there might be an economic breakdown or a stock market crash in this country.

Neither insurance nor banks will be able to prevent this crash from being.

If the earthquake takes place in the United States, Europe will be on its own and new tensions will come up.

An asteroid is expected to appear shortly before or after a war in Europe. It may strike the sea, water will turn into yellow or red and floods will be produced. A tidal wave that will reach many coasts.

If the asteroid hits the ground, fire will fall down from heaven (mini-asteroid shower). In Europe there will be a short third big war that will cause a lot of suffering. In the end it will be stopped by divine judgement with A-B-C-weapons or invisible microwave-weapons triggered by satellites.

It must be presumed that planet Wehrmut – which reaches our system every 26 000 years – will fly by and that the earth’s axis will tilt respectively trigger off the magnetic pole jump. Thus the war will be stopped at once. Figuratively speaking, one could compare this to a bunch of children not willing to stop quarrelling and to God father knocking their heads together to finish their dispute.

It might happen that the earth shifts its orbit causing three days of darkness as a result.

Then, the planet will cleanse itself by means of storm, earthquakes, volcanic eruption and gases. Clearly speaking: it vomits out.

After this the sun will rise oppositely and a period of peace will start.

With great effort did an author called “ELIA- the last prophet” draw up a message.

A 6 minute TV clip was given to big German TV companies’ disposal to warn mankind of this catastrophe.

In this message he talks about an extraordinary constellation of planets: nine planets standing behind one another – the great conjunction.

From this day on, mankind will enter the last days.

Great events are often foreshadowed...

The total eclipse on August 11th 1999 was the beginning of an event which was confirmed exactly nine months later on May 5th 2000. It seems like the birth of a child.

The 7th sign means that mother earth goes into labor to bear mankind into a new paradigm, a new age...

From this point of time events will happen in a rush, because we will be in the tunnel of birth, unable to stick to anything from the old world.

The new world will be totally different from the one we are perceiving at the moment.

The second coming of Jesus Christ will be a collective event during which human beings will be reborn in spirit/mind.

An event that will take place in every human being, so that god won’t be any longer belief but experience.

By 2011, there will be born a new race which will be again in divine order, because it will be reborn from the inside in all races...

I am only the messenger to announce this event...

We have given a 6 minute TV message named “ELIA the last prophet” to seven television transmitters and the mother lodge. Non of them nor of the 50 international press agencies said a word about ELIA’s message, about the date of May 5th 2000, about the constellation of planets or about the announcement of the 7th sign. This shows us that the whole media landscape is controlled by lodges and their secret networks.

Is it coincidence or conscious suppression of secret power networks?

Referring to the Oracle of Solon one can say that if there are nine planets standing behind one another in a constellation called the great conjunction, it means that the gods are gathering to hold talks about mankind’s destiny....

This kind of planet constellation appeared in the night from May 4th to May 5th 2000. That is the date of birth of mother earth. From this time, birth pangs are to be expected...

A mother doesn’t go into labor exactly on time (earthquake)... One hour in macro cosmos means a much greater time span for us in micro cosmos.

So we can start from the assumption that the birth of mankind into a conscious age, with the 7th sign and heavy birth pangs (earthquakes) will start abruptly and unexpectedly...

The exact day and hour of the beginning is known by God only. However, after May 5th 2000 is the official timeof birth on which all nations will wake up.

Mankind believes that the existing world is already the real one... I tell you that it is not even born, yet.... Mankind is like a child in its 9th month in a womb. It is dependent on its mother’s vital sources, but believes his world to be the only one existing...

However, when birth is starting, the child (mankind) is in a state of birth shock not knowing what is going on... The first birth pangs of the great earthquakes caused by the opening of the 7th seal, which goes together with the 7th sign, will shake up everything...

The earth’s 7th seal is the Southern Gate which is equivalent to the South Pole. In Tasmania, years ago, I’ve already dreamed of huge water waves surrounding the earth...

The new mankind’s birth and the second coming of Christ will have reached its peak by the year 2011, and nobody can imagine us to be born into a totally new world, the ether which is the fifth element...

Wheat will be separated from straw which is the expulsion of the afterbirth. However, the afterbirth itself believes to be born, and I tell you Jesus Christ has already chosen his seed for the new world by May 5th 2000...

So, I am seeing myself as the assistant at a birth of nations announcing the arrival of Jesus Christ....


Click Here to see Elia's Legend of Atlantis series.

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